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Ripley94 07 Oct 2019

Got a few. WPCT… XXXXX New lows of 39p today .

Ripley94 28 Sep 2019

Got a few. Another i followed Woodford into Sphere went into admin this week. He had pumped a lot of money in . As did i to a much smaller scale but about half of my investment in this one. So these comments on the Sphere ADVIN forum . Before this news. 2/9/2019 12:10 Woodford has valued Sphere at £25k in WEIF accounts for period ending 06/19, He owns 11.75m shares through WEIF. Don’t know how many through WPCT cc2014 Read Full Thread Reply 31/8/2019 10:37 I was listening to Simon Cawkwell aka ‘Evil Knievil’ the other day and he is of the opinion that WPCT is effectively bust. johnlewis79 Read Full Thread Reply 27/8/2019 13:14 All sales were suspended bar for feed back purposes. So would not imagine any sales just development placements… del44 Read Full Thread Reply 27/8/2019 073 I can’t remember the highest value Sphere attained but it was in the 10s of millions prior to gaining CE certification (it went downhill fast following that). Total spend must be £70m + for the latest model of P ex costs associated for US regulatory approval which may or may not happen. Whatever a ton of money has been raised to get this far and while I tend to agree that little value can be ascribed to P it must have ‘some’ value on WPCT books. For sure the opportunity cost/loss is huge and unlikely to be recovered now we have no interest in selling P. Are we still supplying P to Europe and are our distributors in place or have they given up the ghost as well? As a job lot W & continuing holders might be lucky in recovering some of our outlay but considering all the delays of getting P into circulation…not a lot. johnlewis79 Read Full Thread Reply 25/8/2019 21:35 It cant really have value at this stage JL.

San_Jaime 27 Sep 2019

Got a few. Got a few today myself to add to my initial purchase when the fund was launched This brings my average down to the NAV value Hoping that changes will be made soon to justify my patience SJ

Ripley94 07 Sep 2019

Got a few. nded fund buys in the month saw index funds take up half of the top 10 spots – something that was also achieved in June and February this year. All of the five bestselling index funds listed in August are from Vanguard, with four coming from the firm’s popular LifeStrategy range. However, the ever popular actively managed Fundsmith Equity and Lindsell Train Global Equity remained rooted at the top of the table in first and second positions respectively. It was a similar story in the investment trust sector. Scottish Mortgage (LSE:SMT) secured the number one spot on the bestseller table in August – maintaining its record as the most-bought investment trust on the interactive investor platform month in, month out since February 2014, except once. City of London (LSE:CTY) came in second, with Allianz Technology Trust (LSE:ATT) completing the top three. In addition, discount opportunists flocked to Woodford Patient Capital Trust (LSE:WPCT), helping it to sixth position on the bestsellers table. The trust trades at a discount of around 42% as at 3 September 2019 (source: Morningstar) following a torrid period. When it comes to equities, Vodafone (LSE:VOD) is top of the class, ahead of National Grid (LSE:NG.) and Lloyds Banking Group (LSE:LLOY). Interestingly, Burford Capital (LSE:BUR) which shed over 50% of its value in August after US short seller Muddy Water’s allegations about its accounting methods, was the fourth most bought share. Rebecca O’Keeffe, Head of Investment, interactive investor, says: "August is typically a fairly quiet month for markets as investors are more focused on enjoying the summer holidays. However, this was a particularly animated month, with the political demonstrations in Hong Kong, the escalating US-China trade war and latterly, the prorogation Parliament. “Against an uncertain backdrop for global markets, investors increasingly favour passives while also sticking with household names. The inclusion of Investec Global Gold fund is somewhat reflective of a growing appetite for perceived ‘safe havens’ amid concerns over the global economy and fears of a recession.” Keith Bowman, investment analyst, interactive investor, says: "In the shadow of the US central bank’s first cut in interest rates since the financial crisis, investors’ hunt for income yield during August remained evident. The second-quarter/half year results season would have given investors opportunity to assess prospects for blue chip companies such as Lloyds, BP (LSE:BP.) and Vodafone. “Consumers’ eye for a potential bargain, now so evident across UK high streets, has clearly shaped the bestsellers table in August. A sell-off following uninspiring results from high-yielding insurers Aviva and Legal & General attracted bargain hunters. Investors were tempted to have a nibble at company shares down over 20% across the month such as Sirius Minerals, while volatility at Thomas Cook proved attractive to those investors comfortable with extra risk.” Most popular funds, investment trusts and shares in August 2019 Funds Investment Trusts Equities Fundsmith Equity Scottish Mortgage (LSE:SMT) Vodafone (LSE:VOD) Lindsell Train Global Equity City of London (LSE:CTY) National Grid (LSE:NG.) Vanguard LifeStrategy 80% Equity Allianz Technology Trust (LSE:ATT) Lloyds (LSE:LLOY) LF Lindsell Train UK Equity Finsbury Growth & Income (LSE:FGT) Burford Capital (LSE:BUR) Vanguard LifeStrategy 60% Equity Smithson (LSE:SSON) Sirius Minerals (LSE:SXX) Vanguard US Equity Index Woodford Patient Capital Trust (LSE:WPCT) Thomas Cook (LSE:TCG) Investec Global Gold Murray International (LSE:MYI) Legal & General (LSE:LGEN) AXA Framlington Global Technology Monks (LSE:MNKS) BP (LSE:BP.) Vanguard LifeStrategy 100% Equity F&C Investment Trust (LSE:FCIT) Aviva (LSE:AV.) Vanguard LifeStrategy 20% Equity Polar Capital Technology (LSECT) Royal Dutch Shell (LSE:RDSB) These articles are provided for information purposes only. Occasionally, an opinion about whether to buy or sell a specific investment may be provided by third parties. The content is not intended to be a personal recommendation to buy or sell any financial instrument or product, or to adopt any investment strategy as it is not provided based on an assessment of your investing knowledge and experience, your financial situation or your investment objectives. The value of your investments, and the income derived from them, may go down as well as up. You may not get back all the money that you invest. The investments referred to in this article may not be suitable for all investors, and if in doubt, an investor should seek advice from a qualified investment adviser. Full performance can be found on the company or index summary page on the interactive investor website. Simply click on the company’s or index name highlighted in the article. Funds & TrustsUK Shares Editor’s picks 1. The bull case for Dart looks pretty clear to me 2. How I’m repositioning my income funds for tougher times 3. The Week Ahead: AB Foods, JD Sports, Wm Morrison 4. Stockwatch: Reassessing an old favourite 5. Podcast: Investment trust bargains and a simple investing strategy 6. Most-bought funds, trusts and shares in August 2019 7. Brexit blues: Finding neglected UK domestic stocks 8. 10 high-quality stocks that Warren Buffett might approve of 9. End of an era for these FTSE 100 stocks?

Uncle_Doug 05 Sep 2019

Got a few. Absolute bargain. 48p by Year End - that’s an easy 10% rise. Fill yer boots IMO. I’ll be back on Dec 31st to confirm.

Uncle_Doug 02 Sep 2019

Got a few. OK, time for an update on WPCT … the downtrend is now being reversed and these are trading at a massive 56% discount to NAV. It’s risky of course but that’s why you’re getting such a discount to its actual value. You know it makes sense so tuck some away at these ridiculous prices and you can thank me in a few months time.

Eadwig 22 Aug 2019

T/A "Head & Shoulders " Bottom - bullish signs LifeInPlastic: Ordinarily I’d be very tempted to dive into a fund trading at such a heavy discount. I’ve not braved this one yet though. I wouldn’t risk it either given the trouble associated funds are in. And i do mean associated. Many of the holdings are replcated, which means there is a lot of downward pressure on the stopck prices because the market knows that at some point sales will be required to raise the cash investors want to redeem. This was one of the factors that allowed Muddy Waters to manipulate their short raid on Burford Capital, a previous fave of Woodford who still owns 5% I believe (via one of the funds). A scandal that should see legal action, imho, against Muddy Waters that is. The most obvious case of share price manipulation I’ve ever seen. If it turns out all to have been within the law then the law needs to change.

LifeInPlastic 07 Aug 2019

T/A "Head & Shoulders " Bottom - bullish signs Ordinarily I’d be very tempted to dive into a fund trading at such a heavy discount. I’ve not braved this one yet though.

devonplay 07 Aug 2019

Got a few. Ripley94: VSL gained 17% On top of the 11% income VSL provides. I’ve been in the stock for a long time. Have a full holding, so didn’t pick up any at the low 70p mark. I’m thinking of feeding some of the “income” into IPF2.L or VTA.L VTA is on my watchlist at the moment. The management is wouking hard to push the price up, roadshows etc. I’m waiting for a market wide shock to maybe pick then up.

Ripley94 07 Aug 2019

Got a few. WPTC … ( G ) Was correct on Friday trade war Trump news would drop market for many days . This has dropped to around 41p, just a little below Friday . Interesting that one he was forced to sell which he did in May 2019… VSL gained 17% to August 2019 good 3 month return for the buyers of it .

Eadwig 07 Aug 2019

T/A "Head & Shoulders " Bottom - bullish signs Yes, this one certainly didn’t play out over the 21 trading days - unless I missed some intraday spike somewhere!

LifeInPlastic 06 Aug 2019

T/A "Head & Shoulders " Bottom - bullish signs “bullish” pattern? Nearly the right word…

Ripley94 02 Aug 2019

Got a few. WPTC… XXXXX Picked up another traunch @ 44.9 on 45 limit .Firsts 15 min of open.

Ripley94 30 Jul 2019

Got a few. WPCT… XXXX MLC … Sale lifted spare cash . Went for more of these went strait through @ 49p . Not sure when MLC offer moneys paid , be interesting to see were this is then .

devonplay 29 Jul 2019

Got a few. We did, I like LBOW, and ICG in general. ICG are big: We manage €38.6bn* of assets in third party funds and proprietary capital, principally in closed-end funds. Our strategy is to grow our specialist asset management activities to deliver increased shareholder value. Our goal is to generate income and consistently high returns whilst protecting against investment downside for our fund investors. We seek to achieve this through our expertise in investing across the capital structure. [link] I like BNC above most other banks. European banks anyway. I’m just starting to think about August’s “adds”.