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Carefully Does It 22 Mar 2018

Re: Why the jump? Just narrowing the discount from NAV.Some thinking the discount offers an opportunity and in hope of future higher NAV.Some recent portfolio news has help alay some fears.

Davala 22 Mar 2018

Why the jump? Im confused, The NAV is the same but suddenly the price has jumped up. Anyone explain?

Ripley94 22 Mar 2018

Re: Got a few. That was a lucky buy Monday now 81p ( up 11% 15% on Monday ) not so lucky to see its due to Prothena having a big rise had that on a buy limit for last month that will teach be to be so tight lol

Davala 21 Mar 2018

Re: Price rise So willthe NAV show a big up tomorrow?

Roger Baron 21 Mar 2018

Re: Price rise ...and very relieved to see that the Buy trade I placed last night with Fidelity went through this morning at 72.67p!

Roger Baron 21 Mar 2018

Re: Price rise Yes I think you are correct Prof. Since my last post I saw this citywire announcement.[link]

Professor Prince Paul 21 Mar 2018

Re: Price rise I'm pretty sure it's because of the big price rise in Prothena after hours in the US last night. The company announced a tie-in and bick cash injection from Celgene. Shares were up 22% after hours. [link]

Roger Baron 21 Mar 2018

Re: Price rise Probably because of the announcement from Oxford Nanopore. (Although apparently Tom Winnifrith thinks the announcement highlights that N.W. has been fraudulently overstating the valuation of the holding! Not seen the article myself.)DYO

reaist 21 Mar 2018

Price rise It appears that these can actually go up as well as down. No idea why.

Ripley94 19 Mar 2018

Re: Got a few. Picked some more up @ 71p went through in five small buys between 11am and midday.

richard599 16 Mar 2018

Re: NEW ARTICLE: Neil Woodford picks househo... "Could you remind us where the concept behind Patient Capital came from?"Yeah, Neil Woodford. He invests our money until there is none left. Nice one.R.

Ripley94 15 Mar 2018

Re: Got a few. Had a limit buy on for a few weeks lifted today @ 73p didnt expect that .February 8th good way behind us .

powerexpert 05 Sep 2015

It is also interesting to see ALM,IPO & IG fall behind WPCT since launch and Neil's ~10% improved performance against Invesco since departing

powerexpert 05 Sep 2015

The risk appears worth it to me as there is value in the new interesting investment areas as opposed to just investing in safer established Companies.