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ABLE 19 Jun 2015

The shares will only increase in value and hold in price when the company demonstrates inreasing earnings,no debt and future earnings in excess of expenditure and not before.

Duffer 18 Jun 2015

Something funny going on here! Why no comment from Foo.

Duffer 17 Jun 2015

Strongly suspect an imminent buy-out which will involve Foo and Grim making many millions.

Duffer 14 Jun 2015

Foo couldn't care less what the share price is, he's very happy with his astronomic two salaries and royalties

Duffer 11 Jun 2015

Settling debt with shares indicates the company is desperately strapped for cash.

Duffer 11 Jun 2015

At least the BOD are happy with their salaries bonuses and royalties, regular dilution is needed for them.

Duffer 11 Jun 2015

Where is all this dilution going to end? Once again Foo is caught out lying.

Duffer 11 Jun 2015

Foo starting the dilution antics again, these shares could have been bought on the market.

Duffer 07 Jun 2015

rouseranger knows what he is talking about, expect good news imminently.

Duffer 07 Jun 2015

Are we due another staged and well rehearsed interview, where Foo drives the share price even lower with his unbelievable drivel?

Duffer 04 Jun 2015

Time Foo took a back seat, his bumbling ways are holding new investors back.

Duffer 30 May 2015

My chart suggests a return to 80p+ is imminent, almost there, strap in!

Duffer 26 May 2015

Whisper is BP and RDS may be interested.

Duffer 26 May 2015

RNS, very soon. Over 18 scuffs achieved, and rising!

Duffer 22 May 2015

I'm sure Foo and President Biya will sort the licence out to their mutual satisfaction.