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01 Jan 2015
11:34 19/06/2015

The shares will only increase in value and hold in price when the company demonstrates inreasing earnings,no debt and future earnings in excess of expenditure and not before.

16:04 18/06/2015

News will arrive at some time in the future however, remember the company directors in Africa appear to misunderstand the word imminent as they should state in the near future.

11:15 18/06/2015

Expect comments from the company with their results about their new technologies and an expanding order book. They will most likely be announcing a share placing at the same time and, as I see it the shares should see an improvement.

15:33 17/06/2015

No matter how good things look one should still keep a well balanced portfolio and this is the method that I employ, the stratedgy carries me through the bull and bear markets.

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