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Robmann 03 Apr 2019

Please do not believe this boiler room scam as there asking for thousands of pounds from you to release your share money!!

Robmann 03 Apr 2019

Hi, has anybody out there heard of a hostile takeover of Torotrak offering over £10.00 per share?

Norman Barrington 07 Jun 2018

Re: Lights StoneyB I have cancelled the milk. Good night all.

StonyB 07 Jun 2018

Re: Lights Looks as though these discussion boards will disappear next weekend.If so, then goodbye to all on this Torotrak board.Thanks for all your contributions, technical and otherwise, over the years, and for the good humour.It was fun while it lasted.StonyB~

WSM 02 May 2018

Invaluable analysis... [link]

johnymccarthy 02 May 2018

Lights Who left the lights on?

Shimrod 21 Apr 2018

Re: Flybrid IP sold Administrators final report: [link] up of the company started on 17th April.Overall a painful lesson in buying into in a company that never actually had a product for sale.

clones 12 Apr 2018

Re: OT Alternative gambles fyos,Yes I follow that avidly, probably the best research for an AIM share I have come across.

fyoz 12 Apr 2018

Re: OT Alternative gambles Very glad to hear that clonesSo much more to come with BMN. If you haven't found it already the LSE site is excellent for BMN research:-[link]

clones 11 Apr 2018

Re: OT Alternative gambles fyoz, thanks for suggesting this little gem, now recovered TRK losses in 3 months!

johnymccarthy 28 Mar 2018

Re: Delisting? De-listing?Yes - my thoughts, they have been De-ceiveing for a number of years.Torotrak knew that the game was up on the variator and got involved with Flybrid in order to avert the unwary, and it worked for a time by raising enough money to carry on paying lots of money to the directors.Fortunately I did not get hooked in to the last few money raising scams and sold out a few years ago at a large loss (which would have been much larger had I not lost faith)I have no regrets - had the variator been taken up and developed further by a manufacturer we could all have made some money, but that should have happened ten or fifteen years ago and it did not.C'est la vie.

1trk 27 Mar 2018

Delisting? It appears that TRK are delisting?Any one else have thoughts?

pseudosphere 28 Feb 2018

Re: Flybrid IP sold & administrator upda... Has any shareholder (or former TPSA officials) contacted Deloitte LLP and and RSM Restructuring Advisory LLP ?It appears that:1. Flybrid Automotive LLP was 100% owned by Torotrak - otherwise the last 3 fundraisings would have been fraudulent, on the part of the directors.2. There is the issue of the Flybrid loan note worth approximately £1.7m3. There is substantial cash and the pile is actually growing as assets are sold, although being depleted at a lesser rate than the administrators fees.4. It seems that there should be a distributable dividend, albeit small. available for shareholders after the claims by preferential creditors have been setttled - contrary t o the statement by Deloitte!5. The sale of the Flybrid asseets and IP rshould offset the amount owed on the Flybrid loan note but Deloiitte may not be accounting for this as bizarrely Flybrid Automotive LLP is outside their control (despite being 100% owned by Torotrak - unless a fraud is being perpetrated).Rob

John of Groats 26 Feb 2018

Re: Flybrid IP sold & administrator update I can only wish Guido Dumarey the best of luck. He has a huge advantage over Torotrak's management - he is an entrepreneur, with an established, profitable business in the motor industry. In contrast , TRK's management never established a regular income stream; they seemed to expect other companies would do the dirty work of making and selling. The big question is how many of the opportunities mentioned in the report are still active.I liked the description of Torotrak's current position as the company "seems to be in financial trouble" and I am still puzzling over how a 20 cm diameter flywheel is squeezed into 15 cm.

Shimrod 25 Feb 2018

Flybrid IP sold & administrator update For anyone still watching...The Flybrid IP was sold for £438,000 to punch corporation - Belgium on 31st January. Cross and Hilton can expect to get 20-30p in the pound distribution from the sale.Brief news article here: [link] further updates on the Deloitte website posted earlier, summary of which unlikely to be any payout to shareholders.