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roco200 24 May 2018

Presentation S&U present at our London seminar on the 13th June which may be of interest to shareholders or potential investors, limited places available: [link]

Boring Bernie 18 May 2018

Re: Trading update due... In the end, it was pretty much as expected.the sounds of it, profits are likely to be growing somewhere around, or just above 15% per annum, so, in many ways, we're still cheap on a measure like PE/growth, but we'll probably remain cheap for the foreseeable.If we get a 15% sp rise over the next 12 months, and a 5% divi, then I'll be happy enough.

dandigirl 11 May 2018

Trading update due... ....on May 18. Fingers crossed.

Boring Bernie 04 May 2018

Re: 2700p and rising Yea, the outperformance over the last six months or so has been nice to see, and hopefully, this is the market waking up to how the business has been performing and how it appears to be immune from some of the issues in similar parts of the industry.Admittedly, since I bought in ( three or four years ago ? ), the outperformance hasn't been as significantt, but the divi's been nice in the meantime !

dandigirl 04 May 2018

2700p and rising Have held SUS for a good while now along with PCF.L. Both share prices have shown good gains in recent months and it is to be hoped that this will continue.

TX2 28 Nov 2017

Re: sp rise LOL!As I put in my post here on 13/07/07 Page 5 of these posts as the share is fairly illiquid quite modest sales or purchases seem to cause quite large movements in share price.Actually I am quite surprised the share has risen as car finance is not supposed to be flavour of the month perhaps "the powers that be" do not require an Advantage Loan to buy a 2012 Ford Focus. So much increase in share price;so few posts here over the years........Let's hope it continues(the share price at least).

Boring Bernie 25 Nov 2017

sp rise I'm not complaining, far from it, but the recent sp rise seems to have come from nowhere. A quick google threw nothing up, apart from a few comments on momentum and trader signals.Have I missed something, or is this just one of those things which happen occasionally ?

Ripley94 03 Oct 2017

Re: Daily Chart link Tipped again on ACTA this morning.... This time by a "DangerHarry"

Ripley94 03 Sep 2017

Re: Daily Chart link I read the company states its subsidiary "Advantage" is not involved in personal contracts .PCP Market . So how is what they do different can someone please explain .FT... reported wheels might be falling of this market.Majority of new cars sales done this way, and now second hand market ( which has lost value due to the finance for new cars )Reported exactly the same problems as the mortgage market which crashed and caused the financial crisis.

Ripley94 02 Sep 2017

Re: Daily Chart link Roco link started 05/08/2017 on ACTA.He referred to "proactive interview "

penhome 05 Aug 2017

Re: Daily Chart link Sorry - this is the link to the daily chart:[link]

penhome 05 Aug 2017

Chart Roco mentioned this on the ACTA board so I had a look at SUS's charts.Its long term rising phase petered out in late 2015 at around 2600. From then until late 2016 it was in a flattening topping phase unable to break through 2600 despite three main attempts. Since late 2016 it has been declining and consistently below its 30 week average. It's now fallen from its most recent attempt to break 2600 last autumn to its current level of 1900ish: that's a drop of around 25%. This is the weekly chart:[link] at the recent past in more detail on the daily chart, the current down trend got under way in early 2017. So far, there is nothing on the chart to suggest that this is about to change:[link] is just my own opinion but the message in these charts is pretty unambiguous and will only need revising if price breaks above the 2017 down trend line. For transparency, I have never held any position (short or long) in SUS. If I did, I should have sold early in 2016.Pen

Ripley94 04 Jun 2017

Re: Today's Trading Update Interesting .

Boring Bernie 18 May 2017

Today's Trading Update So, yet another strong update, and the market pretty much goes "meh". I suppose the headlines in the news recently about motor finance and the fact that the FCA are going to take a look at it doesn't help, but with everything growing and with impairment, though slightly up, under control, it's tempting to take an even more contrarian stance than just holding and add a few more here in the hope that sentiment turns.In the meantime, there's an anticipated forward yield of ~5% to pocket

roco200 28 Mar 2017

Re: Results on Tues. Well there they are - pretty well faultless.What a surprise!Exceptional Co. that just keeps on delivering , year in year out.Nice uplift in dividend as well.