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What a total Shambles What a total shambles this place i

eagle51 14 Dec 2017

Re: Reality is the oil is too expensive ... Hey, Mogger. How are you?Have you considered Jogging?

Mogger73 14 Dec 2017

Re: Reality is the oil is too expensive ... MS,I presume you are aware of the difference between an EIA and an EIS?The EIA has been completed. The attached gives you an idea as to when the process started.The committee are looking for permission to go to public consultation.[link]

oneday2soon 14 Dec 2017

Re: Reality is the oil is too expensive ... Im with Shanus. We all need to wake up and smell the coffee. This is a dormant company with a BoD stringing us along on false hope and false timelines.No chance of FId in 2018 or 2019 and the BoD know it. Come back in 2021. Problem is at some point oil demand will go into decline and the price is unlikely to rise much from here so unless something unexpected happens I fear this will never be developed. I'm here moaning because I cant bring myself to crystalise the 80% odd loss and the remaining value is trivial to me. I view it as a heavily out of the money option

master shanus 14 Dec 2017

Re: Reality is the oil is too expensive ... Clown? Moi?Hate to break it to you corriedog if they are only thinking about the tender process for the EIS and not actually even doing it they are waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy more behind than even I thought they would be. FID 2019-2020?First oil 2030?

corriedog 14 Dec 2017

Re: Reality is the oil is too expensive to e... Either sell your shares or ignore this Board and come back in six months.Why bother to post all of this negative stuff if you don't believe in oil, falklands, board, etc?Perfectly entitled to your view but I wonder why you are on the board or own the shares - if you do.Same as the clown Shanus who disappeared for a few weeks

oneday2soon 14 Dec 2017

Re: Barely on topic: Austria and Italy if I were accused of doing nothing and investing nothing in a company that I was taking home large salaries from which ostensibly was dormant Id make sure that the shareholders were clear on the significant progress made behind the sense to a) justify the salaries b) give the current shareholders some hope. Clearly the BoD disagree

oneday2soon 14 Dec 2017

Reality is the oil is too expensive to extract At what point are the bod going to admit that Sealion isnt ever going to get developed. It is just too expensive to extract and transport the oil. Tugging on our heartstrings with false hope is just cruel. Then again curtailing the hope would bring to an end the moster bod salaries. Turkies voting for Xmas.

happypills 13 Dec 2017

Re: Portfolio button? Bertie20Many thanks that works but what a very strange title.Happy

johnnie-fp 13 Dec 2017

Re: Rockhopper vs Crypto currency RKH is nothing like Crypto currency.With Bitcoin (or other) there is a risk that you can watch your investment fall buy as much as 95%...hang on...let me go away and think of a better argument.

markednmbr1 13 Dec 2017

Re: Rockhopper vs Crypto currency Oh my... Was that master shanus and Ovets agreeing on something? never thought I would see the day..Crypto is not snake oil. It will be around for a long time. Yes many people are going to be burnt and lose alot of money, but that happens daily on "traditional" markets too.I agree that manipulation is rife at the moment, but that is only going to be fixed with regulation which will happen eventually.

master shanus 13 Dec 2017

Re: Barely on topic 2 Let me guess Ovets, you sold at 26p, rebought at 20.5 p...and bought BTC at 2 quid... you geniuswhat was it 10k quid per p? That's 60k in lost profit... for what proving a point?

Ovets47 13 Dec 2017

Re: Barely on topic 2 Oh look chaps, the ray of sunshine has just popped back to brighten our lives!Nice to have someone on this BB who not only knows everything, but can predict the future too.

master shanus 13 Dec 2017

Re: Barely on topic 2 Well, thats mainly a bad sign just how far they are behind.Min 1 month prepare tenderMin 3 months tender processMax 3 months negotiated start dateMin 12 months EIS preparationMax 3 months public commentMin 6 months back and forth for reviewMax 3 months for decisionAnd this is before any decision to procure a rig, unless they wangle a MOU with the EIS as a caveat.Meanwhile kicking the can down the road for burning, feel the flames, don't get too close sam, your hairspray might igni