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Hounddog 08:18

Aramoco float Hi allWith the proposed float of Aramoco this year and the potential inflated price of oil due to this, does anyone thing this may effect the prospect of progress with sealion? I only have a small holding but losing a b***** fortune for me at the moment!

Gadams 02:32

Re: BlueHouse is Borgo Worst post i’ve seen this year!No thanks,Gadams

he-waits 25 May 2018

Mr Blue Horse I am going to tick you up on that last post, it must have taken you twenty minutes without the thought process to write ! I am as you know not a fan, that said I’ve been on a very long lunch within the construction industry, I’m on the train reading today’s events and it tickled me like you wouldn’t believe. This is sincere by the way before you throw anything out the pram. Yes I’ve had a few bottles of the grape (Rothschild’s no ) can’t afford it not just yet !However the lastest on-going cryptic dialog within the book was truly funny 🤣, either that or I’m absolutely smashed and my humour levels are off the scales.I am not able to trade as I’m clueless and openly admit it, that said I’ve managed to secure a substantial holding since the days of past and hope for a good outcome. Good luck to all whatever your strategy!Here comes the sun 😎That’s a joke by the way’ nothing to do with BH I assure you.

Muchaboutmoney 25 May 2018

Technicals - Cup & Handle Good to see support around the 38 p area today which represented a level of resistance on the way down years ago and having burst through it in the recent breakout, is looks to be an area of support.Looks like it may be creating a classic cup and handle pattern which would suggest some further consolidation around this level before a break out to 60p. Harts only represent what is going on in the real world however the impenetrable news of the appointment for a lead bank and the Uk Export Finance confirmation would be just what is neeeded for the next leg.Interesting times....... trade this and you could be out and miss a big leg up when the announcement comes. Go short at your peril.......

labongus 25 May 2018

Re: A furore! medusas still feeding?.....disinfectant anybody?

Rack Back The Kelly 25 May 2018

Re: BlueHouse is Borgo My thoughts exactly!

Blue Horseshoe loves chip fat 25 May 2018

Re: BlueHouse is Borgo The blue boy is skilled in the stoking the fires of the boiler room department but alas I am not him. He is in Sharkeys tonight tho.Blue boy was in the lounge at lunchtime watching master Shanus play pocket billiards with a pair of dungarees he burnt a hole in the pocket of when his shorts got burnt at the 12p aburger BBQ. Rosie had put JPMD (widowmaker) to bed after he’d mistaken two bottles of buckfast for Shateaux du Bogschild and gotten too amorous with Marlon’s Monkey. She used a soda syphon to cool him down after he had gotten oil over his shakers and his elastic band had snapped back and caused quite a bit of damage to his whipstock. Marlon realised he wasn’t gonna be draining his still brewing sandstone ale casked below the bar floor fans for some time yet and left suitably refreshed for when they would be. Meantime down in the cellar one brain cell Pete had managed to burn his eyes when he mistook Sam (Keegan) Moody’s perm lotion for eye drops. He tried to south it with some Italian olive oil but it was locked in the litigating cupboard. Subsequently he had knocked over the Premium Mulled Orange and it had to be diluted to satisfy some bankers who wanted him to subsequently pay some cash towards their bill. Of course this upset Pete who threw a bit of a fit and had to be restrained by Chris Oil. Who distracted him with his scalectrix set full of wee motors all crashing, “ just like the ones in your head darling” as his mother had told him when she gifted it to him for kicking his crayon eating habit. Chris Oil explained to Pete that all was going to be ok as a bigger boy who visited him in his nursery from the big city had explained to him that BP ale company were going to buy everyone a drink and everyone should take all their pennies and bet on the puggy. Of course this made Chris immediately jump off of his wet nurse’s teet and empty his piggy bank and tell all his friends in bongoland to do the same. Some funds that grow Privets for privacy in gardens has gotten wind of this however and decided to play the fruit machine next to the disabled ramp at the exit with just enough cash to bump up the advertised jackpot. In order to make the other punters in Sharkey’s pile in for a shot too to win big again. Of course the Privet growers fund waited till they all got drunk on the BP ale and sneaked in at the right moment and emptied the fruit machine before they all knew what had happened. The jackpot dropped sharply after that. But the punters waited around to see what happened in the lock in. The Privet growers decided not to stay for the lock in and went instead to the bank to deposit their lootAs the lock in went on some familiar faces appeared in the bar to maybe suggest some of the locals had had enough and maybe they should call last orders until a new fruit machine was delivered from bongland. However instead the locals fuelled by pennyless-punter dancing on the table cranked up the jukebox and listened to The Beat goes on by here comes the Sonny and don’t Cher. GC Trader appeared at the window shouting at penniless-punter to take something off the table. But unfettered he shouted back in retort to say after 21 years of professional fruity gambling he wasn’t leaving unti Oilbrats “by an order of magnitude more” was in his account and not a penny-less. GC shrugged his shoulders laughed and took his most recent pile of FIVORS to the actual bank too. That’s when it really kicked off and in stormed oilbrat looking for the orange and cherry schnapps that was kept dangling from a shelf under the bar only to be told by one balled Pete that Air Vice Marshall had traded the lower hanging fruit alcohol elsewhere and had made a tidy sum doing so. He scowled and promised Pete that scnapps would have been worth £200 a bottle one day and his followers had rejected £5.40 a bottle on that promise. Oilbrat took a bottle of Shateaux du Bogschild and rammed it up Pete’s 6” drillpipe. Meantime back in

pennypunter 25 May 2018

I’m Spartacus Errrr wait a minute didn’t he get crucified in the end.....Enjoy the weekend ....whoever you all are!PP

Faulks 25 May 2018

Re: BlueHouse is Borgo "If you are looking for a cosy and relaxing bar and restaurant in County Durham you can visit The BlueHouse. Book your meal with us on 0191 526 0307. The special dish todays is toasted beefborgo served on a long wooden dresser."---------- ---------Always check the TripWolf reviews before booking.

catwoman100 25 May 2018

Re: BlueHouse is Borgo I'm Master Shanus' cat ......I see some Friday afternoon fun is underway.Good weekend all. Cat

videodawn 25 May 2018

Re: BlueHouse is Borgo If you are looking for a cosy and relaxing bar and restaurant in County Durham you can visit The BlueHouse. Book your meal with us on 0191 526 0307. The special dish todays is toasted beefborgo served on a long wooden dresser.

highbury_bazil 25 May 2018

Re: BlueHouse is Borgo I’m Brian and so’s my wife

dkg1960 25 May 2018

Re: BlueHouse is Borgo I remember in by gone days when bluehorselovesfatchips challenged someone to a fight, typical keyboard warrior.I agree with you pennypunter in real life he probably has no friends, and lives in this fantasy world where he makes up these pseudonyms and multiple characters to support his point of view.Sad really you have to sympathise with these folks.

ianbeej 25 May 2018

Re: BlueHouse is Borgo Good to see you're still around Chopper. Hope all is well with you! Going to get exciting around here again soon?

Sigma Seven 25 May 2018

Re: BlueHouse is Borgo I'm BH.Garbled