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evenlongershot 10 Nov 2017

Re: Any tax wizards out there? Base cost... exactly my query too. If the effective date was 1 November do you think it was the closing price on 1 Nov i.e. £11.77, or the closing price on 31 Oct?? Hmmmm not sure. is the company itself, or their registrars obliged to publish/give us this information? Or is it already out there somewhere for us to read?

alioua 07 Nov 2017

Re: Any tax wizards out there? Base cost Cli... what is the book /purchase price we are supposed to get for tyhe clinigen shares as my broker has not entered it - please anyone!

evenlongershot 07 Nov 2017

Any tax wizards out there? Base cost Clinigen/apportionnent I want to work out the base cost and CGT situation on this. I’m clear that receiving part cash for the takeover constitutes a disposal for CGT purposes, but how much do I apportion to the cash and how much to the new Clinigen shares? what percentage? And secondly is the value attributed to the Clinigen shares received, the closing price of Clinigen shares on 1 Nov when the deal completed?Thanks

HoleInTheWall 06 Oct 2017

Re: New Offer ? I don't see why there is any "gearing on the Clingen SP" ?The deal is 37p + 1,111 (Fixed Clingen SP) * 0.0405 = 0.81995

CarlosAlberto70 04 Oct 2017

Re: New Offer ? Undoubtably so, but why is it taking so long to get 75% of shareholders on board to approve the offer. At the time of the announcement they only had 19%. It's been 7 weeks since.Perhaps they are holding out for a bigger price.

caesat 03 Oct 2017

Re: New Offer ? Is it not that the SP is a geared play on Clinigen?

CarlosAlberto70 02 Oct 2017

New Offer ? Seems to me the Institutions have been buying in the knowledge that they will demand a higher price offer out of Clinigen.Still very odd we have no statement form Quantum.

WhitleyWarrior 13 Sep 2017

Recommended offer Does this not look like a done deal now? Especially with no other parties interested as far as we know. Valued at 82p depending on Clinigens share price. great if you bought in at the later stages of last year, terrible if you bought in when it was being recommended at the 150p mark a couple of years ago.

caesat 12 Sep 2017

Re: RNS Announcements i won't get too worried. Andrew and Ged are both pretty solid.

up protherics 12 Sep 2017

RNS Announcements The company was quick enough to issue an RNS when the price was rising.. Shouldnt they be issuing one now with price now down 10% in the last the couple of days.INMO It makes the whole affair even more suspicious.Anyone want to hazard a guess that if an offer does not materialise we wont get an RNS to say the offer period has lapsed.. I am very tempted to short this if nothing materialises tomorrow..What will be interesting is to what happens to Clinegins sha

up protherics 12 Sep 2017

Re: Takeover What I find absoulutly pathetic is the lack of buyers since the announcement.. All we have had are low volumne sells. Clinigen on the other hand has seen its share price surge. Today we are once again down 5%.Why haven't the current institional holders bought into this and come to think of PI investors.. If anything the company has played into Clinigens hands giving them an opportunity to bi for this at a stupid level. Which if they do the current institutional holders have probably already decided to accept the offer.. My guess is an offer between 70 and 75 pence.This was probably a done deal when the RNS came out with some sort of backhaned agreement between the major holders.Maybe Clinigen are a target themselves with a bider coming in once this has been sold to them.The FCA should look at mob who shorted 3 million shares a week ago.

caesat 11 Sep 2017

Re: Takeover i think it'll fail. They had to inform the market:-11. An AIM company must issue notification without delay of any new developments whichare not public knowledge which, if made public, would be likely to lead to a significantmovement in the price of its AIM securities. way of example, this may include mattersconcerning a change in:— its financial condition;— its sphere of activity;— the performance of its business; or— its expectation of its performance.I share concern re: cost.

up protherics 11 Sep 2017

Takeover Has anyone any views with regard to the takeover.. INMO this is going to fail.. I just wish that the company had not informed the market that someone was looking at this.. At least we have published a decent set of results.Hopefully the board will tell Clinigen where to go and we can then hopefully see some interest in the shares again.Also I hope this has not cost quantum any fees.. If it has they should seek to pass them onto Clinigen.personaly I will glad that this fails.. Clinigen would have to issue paper which in the short tem would not be beneficial to Quantum shareholders..Clinigen have no positive cash reserves and will also need to find £40 million to cover a deferred payment on their last acquisition

up protherics 07 Sep 2017

Possible Scenario If an out right bid does not materialise a possible scenario could be..Clinigen buy a stake in Quantum with a view to market their products overseas. After all they have overseas connections. Also manufacturing capabilities.. This could benefit everyone in the short term and long term with a full takeover at a more realistic time/level.

up protherics 03 Sep 2017

Re: Takeover Has anyone got any views re this possible takeover..Personally I do not think this will go through..Just look at the share price.. If it does what are we looking at 80 p ??In my opinion the market doesn't think it will go through and if it does it will not be much of premium on todays prices..The question is why isn't anyone buying.. If anything they are selling.I have read numerous comments on other bulletin boards about the company being taken over for over a pound.. If they are correct the market doesn't think so and more importantly the current institutionall holders don't as well.Anyway we shall all find out within the next ten days.