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11:49 07/10/2014

Who has lost a lot of money on PFD here?

11:49 07/10/2014

This share is junk

13:57 18/08/2014


13:49 18/08/2014

I wonder what the news is.... the debt overhang is so mountainous I have no idea how they will get out of it.

15:00 13/05/2014, the SP will be somewhere around the £ in the coming weeks, I would not be fooled into thinking that the SP going lower, it's a bear trap. Best Doji

14:32 26/04/2014

per share

14:31 26/04/2014

yes that minus net assets per hare worries me too. Although i did take up the rights issue;perhaps I should not have bought more

12:16 26/04/2014

I think that Brands do infulence us. Most people know where brands are in the pecking order. Advertising, be it good, or more probably bad, does work. I think much of Premier's value is in their Brands.

17:48 10/04/2014

im back in at 50 p

21:32 03/04/2014

30 months ago it was reported these shares were worthless,has anything changed?