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Bison722 15 Feb 2018

Re: sp finished bang on 8.00% up (dont know why iii cant get there closing prices right) with oil down, gas down, most oilies down...............no rhyme or reason to this companies price action!

CharlieHarper 14 Feb 2018

Re: Could this be... Hi P, patience through delays with partners...two's company three's tiring.[link] of luck

PDMSlad 14 Feb 2018

Re: Could this be... Hi CH, our two partners in Fortuna obviously require more funding than we do, are they the problem, or are they playing the game?With interest rate hikes on the way is this another hurdle to jump?We could have sold the gas many times over so they say.I would like to see us sell up in Tanzania and see some of the money in my sky rocket.US Shale still a pain in the arris it seems, woe woe and thrice woe!Titter ye not!

scholomo 14 Feb 2018

sp Could we drift below 50p?. What a nightmare share!!!!! No Rns from the company and no buying from directors at this level

Ripley94 14 Feb 2018

Re: Soco International. Topped again @ 52p

Bison722 14 Feb 2018

Shotry/onedb morning both..............hope you are welli see you metioned OPHR on the SXX board and wondered if you would be kind enough to post up your views on the recent price action here? where do you have your support and resistance levels and what would be your view over the next couple of months here?thanks in advance p.s looking for a buy on SXX myself if i can get under 22.2p

CharlieHarper 13 Feb 2018

Could this be... the real reason for the hold up i.e. will it work and be profitable? If not we run out of cash at years end. Dilution awaits...can anybody find news on the Gandria our flng vessel at keppel?"Cameroon, the pioneer of this major project, in fact joins the restricted group of natural gas exporting countries”[link] of luck

rickyroman 12 Feb 2018

....it doesn't take three months... .....to arrange finance if you have a good story.There is either something amiss here or we are not getting the full picture. The RNS at Christmas was just a little too curt.

qwip 10 Feb 2018

Re: Topped up. scholomoand the answer came there none.Coronation Street how desperate is that.Get well soon Baron and watch that % keyATBqwip

rickyroman 10 Feb 2018

..Awful Energy... ....this is now the undisputed 'dog' of my portfolio. How can this be a 50p share when global oil demand is rising, we are pumping 12000 bpd and sitting on (allegedly) world class assets.LNG was the future, the outlook was great, some heavyweight investors and five years later we are 50p.Impressive !!

BarleyBaron 09 Feb 2018

Re: Topped up. I'll reply to that on the VRS BB Scholomo.Baron.

qwip 09 Feb 2018

Re: Topped up. scholomoIf you are not suffering along with the rest of us, please give me some tips.Please do not say get out of the market earlier 'cause that is called hind sight.qwip

CharlieHarper 03 Feb 2018

Re: Topped up. I know that feeling BB...topped up 30p ago in anticipation of the FID but our GOM position is encouraging with more rounds to come the only other upcoming play is the west atlantic margin but the uk gov. are only at the start of its low profile 2D seismic gathering campign, shhhhhh there's oil out there. I can only surmise the bounce for Ophir when it comes will be huge...[link] of luck

BarleyBaron 02 Feb 2018

Topped up. Just my luck..... Added a few more this morning at 59.2p.Should have waited , but good news on our new blocks though.Let's get the drill bit turning.Baron.

Shotry 02 Feb 2018

Re: Early here Closed out for a couple of p profit. I'll watch to see if there's another buy signal.