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CharlieHarper 14 May 2019

Cholula warrants an update before the end. Thought this was relevant as can’t see it being picked up elsewhere. Some info from Murphy board members on Cholula results and development…make ye greet "Slide 18, we drilled discovery of our first exploration test in Block 5 in Salinas basin offshore Mexico. The Cholula well reached a total depth of 8,800 feet. Well was drilled for approximately $12 million net to Murphy. Exploration well discovered hydrocarbons in the upper Miocene target objectives encountering approximately 185 feet of net pay. The results of the wells have significantly derisked the block. We are currently evaluating future appraisal plants, too early to quantify volumes with additional appraisal. We’re excited to have successfully encountered pay in all of our objectives and the upper Miocene area and in all charge system. Especially look forward to incorporating the well results into multiple look like prospects for the upper Miocene that are near the Cholula well. " "Arun Jayaram – JPMorgan – Analyst Good morning. You mentioned in Mexico these were oil charge reservoirs, I was wondering if you could comment, if this shows on the Cholula well were oil or gas or maybe a combination of both, but just trying to understand maybe the oil potential Cholula? Roger W. Jenkins – President and Chief Executive Officer The well has 108 feet of pay in it, 2019 as a way this is just backup a second about this well, it was a low risk well and very high on the structure, that’s a very interesting seismic flat spot, they’re called an industry original indicate hydrocarbon and water – hydrocarbon or oil or gas type interfaces. All the amplitudes are successful, all showed pay. There is gas pay and well in the most upper part of the pay count around 29 feet and then after that we are in gas condensate and oil the remainder of the way on the rest of the way and the well toward that 185 foot number. We’re very excited about amplitude means pay in the upper Miocene area, which is very common, of course, in the Gulf of Mexico. And now we’re able to look at our common ton field, not field, but discovery nearby Cholula that’s around the 3,500 barrel equivalent type thing. And around us is around 130 million of tieback Gulf of Mexico amplitude prospects that we can evaluate and we also approved we can evaluate it very, very inexpensively. And look to go down there next year and drill that in a combination and also have an option for a true subsalt Miocene test that would be very common to the normal Gulf of Mexico as well. And so this is an upper Miocene discovery has oil and it’s significantly most of the oil very high quality, a lot of oil sampled in the area, 25 degree oil and average API there. And after a good start on the well that really – if you really look at our exploration program, we drilled a couple of wells and added some nice resources and derisked a lot of things to around $25 million to net to the company and that’s a pretty rare and I think a very important. Arun Jayaram – JPMorgan – Analyst Okay. Did you say the first 29 foot was gas and the rest was a combo? I just wanted to– Roger W. Jenkins – President and Chief Executive Officer The rest are condensate or oil, primarily oil. Arun Jayaram – JPMorgan – Analyst Okay, great. Second question is just to maybe give us a sense of the resource opportunity between the LDV and LDT fields, and maybe some just thoughts on the potential to sanction this development later this year? Roger W. Jenkins – President and Chief Executive Officer Well, the LDV field and Vietnam are under some rigid, the requirements around field development is a Declaration of Commerciality phase. And there isn’t tied what we call an area development plan. We’re well into that for the big field LDV, it’s around 100 million barrel field with our partner group. What we have here is we’ve described many times, you have a Granite Wash type system where there’s lot of granite basements pay throughout the Cuu Long Basin very prolific and this is a fractured sandstone that drapes on top of that Granite basement. We have lots of oil that we found, these wells actually found higher quality and this reservoir section then we did LDV. And what we’re looking at now some low risk inexpensive structures that we can drill again for $12 million or $13 million, our share are cheaper now that we understand the well program. This was quite an up dip structure to LDV, but we now have derisked the small accumulations all around would be very small platforms, very similar to our Sarawak oil developments in Malaysia. We’re very economic. One big facility, if you will – in the middle of the field with several small platforms. We are developing what we believe is some unique multilateral technology to add more well counts to wellbore. This is about fractured sand that you drill high angle wells through. The structure came in a little higher and we didn’t get as much pay as we’d like because we didn’t have the angle built at the time. But when you drill high angle wells, so yeah, there have been many successful flow tests here. This is some low risk exploration potential here, that’s all been in every well to desire to the spill point of the reservoir. And then also on this well we had a found pay and an upper amplitude and upper-page section that ties to a large amplitude pay of a pent-up pay similar to the other places in the world. The LDH here, which is quite a large accumulation on, a mean type exploration type size and these wells can easily get to we probably won’t get in there until a year from now to go back as we’re concentrating on the development that we’re going to have a lot of add to this will come in right behind the development and will not be difficult to go, but we need to stay with the one big field and add to it. So it’s another accumulation and we can easily add in there. Like I said, we’re pleased with what we found and pleased with the quality, that was better than we’ve seen before, may already have a successful field with lower quality. So we feel pretty good about the cost and very good about the success we had in this well." [link] best of luck

CharlieHarper 10 May 2019

Statement re possible offer for Ophir by PT Medco 9 May 2019 Recommended cash offer for Ophir Energy plc (“Ophir”) by Medco Energi Global PTE Ltd (“Medco Global”) (a wholly-owned subsidiary of PT Medco Energi Internasional Tbk) (“Medco”)) Update on Conditions and Timetable On 30 January 2019, the boards of Ophir, Medco Global and Medco announced that they had reached agreement on the terms of a recommended cash offer to be made by Medco Global (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Medco) for the entire issued and to be issued ordinary share capital of Ophir. On 20 March 2019, the boards of Ophir, Medco Global and Medco further announced that they had reached agreement on the terms of an increased recommended cash offer by Medco to acquire the entire issued and to be issued share capital of Ophir (the “Acquisition”). It is anticipated that the Acquisition will be effected by means of a Court-sanctioned scheme of arrangement under Part 26 of the Companies Act 2006 (the “Scheme”). The boards of Medco, Medco Global and Ophir are pleased to announce that Medco Global has received the relevant approval from the Fair Competition Commission of Tanzania in connection with the Acquisition. Accordingly, Condition 2© to the Acquisition, of Part A of Part III of the Scheme Document, has now been satisfied. In addition, Medco Global has today waived Condition 2(b) to the Acquisition, of Part A of Part III of the Scheme Document, relating to obtaining approval from the Minister for Energy of Tanzania in connection with the Acquisition. Subject to the sanction of the Scheme by the Court at the Scheme Court Hearing and the satisfaction (or waiver, if applicable) of the remaining Conditions to the Acquisition, the Acquisition is now expected to become effective on 17 May 2019. The full terms and conditions of the Acquisition are set out in the scheme document dated 1 March 2019 (the “Scheme Document”). An updated expected timetable of principal events in relation to the Acquisition is set out below. In particular, the Scheme Court Hearing has been scheduled for 17 May 2019 and the Scheme is expected to become effective on 17 May 2019. Event Expected time and/or date(1) Scheme Court Hearing to sanction 17 May 2019 the Scheme Last day of dealings in, and 17 May 2019 for registration of transfers of, and disablement in CREST of, Ophir Shares Scheme Record Time 6.00 p.m. on 17 May 2019 Scheme Effective Time after 6.30 p.m. on 17 May 2019(2) Cancellation of the listing by 8.00 a.m. on 20 May 2019 of the Ophir Shares on the Official List Despatch of cheques and crediting by 31 May 2019 of CREST accounts with cash due Long Stop Date 20 June 2019(3) Notes: (1) The dates and times given are indicative only and are based on current expectations and may be subject to change. References to times are London time, unless otherwise stated. If any of the times and/or dates above change, the revised times and/or dates will be announced via a Regulatory Information Service. (2) The “Scheme Effective Time” of the Scheme is the date on which the Scheme becomes effective pursuant to its terms and will be on delivery of the court order sanctioning the Scheme to the Registrar of Companies in the UK. The court order sanctioning the Scheme is expected to be delivered to the Registrar of Companies following the Scheme Record Time on 17 May 2019, on which date the Scheme will become Effective. The events which are stated as occurring on subsequent dates, including the crediting of CREST accounts, are conditional on the Scheme Effective Time and operate by reference to this time. (3) This is the latest date by which the Scheme may become Effective. However, the Long Stop Date may be extended to such later date as Medco Global and Ophir may, with the consent of the Panel, agree and, if required, the Court may allow. best of luck

hannahxyz 03 May 2019

Statement re possible offer for Ophir by PT Medco Thanks Baron I’m giving oil a break for a while - after Afren, Ophir and in and out of HUR at the wrong times also still currently in Petrofac which is high risk at the moment. Moving into silver now, current ratio to gold is at a 5 year high of 86:1 and widest ratio since 2008. So based on my past track record its probably time to get out of silver and into squirrels. Anyway all the best.

Ripley94 02 May 2019

Soco International. OPHR… XXXX Scheme of arrangement no date to act by . "Some time this year " Just below bid of 57.5p

CharlieHarper 02 May 2019

Statement re possible offer for Ophir by PT Medco Mornin BB, looking for my second wind regds. shares and investing i’m sure the madness will take hold again at some point. Nae nuthin fur a month? The Baroness will be happy…i don’t own a smart phone, read the papers or watch the news, its great, i sometimes catch Frankie Boyle’s show on BBC2. Emmerson have so much potential B, too good to be true? Its a bit like having a massive gas accumulation ready to go to market, but its on the dark continenet and funding is the only obstacle preventing said gas from muscling in on an already crowded market. If Emmerson could secure a deal with the usa for some bombs and guns i’m sure it would be a successful investment going forward . Location is all to do with the hillbilly backwater that is Morocco…the mine site is great. If the guys in charge can navigate the political and corporate minefield they’ll be a better board than we had. You’l have a better handle on the details than me, this stuff jumped out at me regards Morocco, but the mine, product, future and market details look sound. I’ll take a punt here B there is considerable upside. Well done with the mountain rescue thing B i can imagine the training would get quite intense, like you said no point in needing rescued yourself. On Ophir, i always thought if we ran out of money and luck we’d still have block R E/G to take us forward but we were taken out from within…should have stuck to jumping in and out. Hope you get your own book soon BB… image.jpg820x568 245 KB best of luck

BarleyBaron 30 Apr 2019

Statement re possible offer for Ophir by PT Medco Evening C. Not logged on for a while now, been busy with lots of things. Not read a paper, seen the news, gave up my smart phone for a whole month now. Pure bliss. I do miss the chat on here though, its been well and truly ruined now ,this site. Emmerson is a real minnow at present. Has to go through all the hoops just like SXX but it will get there far quicker. I took my stake out of Sxx a while back to put in to Emmerson for that reason ( but I will return when funding is an absolute gimmy ) and they have to iron out a few problems. He may look like a car salesman but there are just as many people in fine suits running much bigger companies who should be getting their collars felt, Oph’s crew to name but a few. Location I thought was a cracker, you got your map upside down. Give me a few days and I will try to get you some names of people involved and what may happen to EML in the future. I am flat out, all over the place being busy at the moment so leave it with me. I will try to conjure up some details you’ve not read before. Knowing you, that will be hard. Mountains are on hold for the time being, weather has improved and the flip flop numpties have left. You would be surprised what people wear to climb a mountain and then expect somebody to rush to their rescue. I am training to be a volunteer but its hard work. You don’t want to be a rescuer who has to be rescued. Street cred gets shot to shite. Hope your in fine fettle, chat again very soon. Your honest opinion on what’s gone on here would be welcome, im gutted. Hannaxyz. Stay, take every penny you can and I do hope you get into something that has promise and reaps you many rewards. They are getting hard to find now where you can sit back and watch things grow without getting shafted. Good luck. Baron.

Ripley94 27 Apr 2019

Soco International. OPHR… XXXX Have not looked at this for for a month . Compared it to a fund i hold Artemis Global Energy that was a bad selection but has been better then this over last five years. BP … was up 40% … Ophir down 80% … the fund down 20% . Looks like payout here @ 57.25 end of June.

CharlieHarper 27 Apr 2019

Statement re possible offer for Ophir by PT Medco Hi BB, Emmerson looks interesting and the growing demand can’t be denied globally for potash. Location not so good and i have an aversion to people who look like car salesman those are minor ailments however and i may dip my toe in. Hows the mountain rescue coming along? How does it work, voluntary and on stand by on a rota kind of thing? Miss the chat on here, there will be other boards etc. such is life. I can imagine the hills will now be alive with a sound resembling music…doe a deer Keep up the good work B. Best of Luck

hannahxyz 26 Apr 2019

Statement re possible offer for Ophir by PT Medco email from Geoff Callow " The deal is expected to conclude before the end of June and within a few days of completion you should receive payment."

hannahxyz 12 Apr 2019

Statement re possible offer for Ophir by PT Medco chummer From the announcement on 25th March “Completion of the Offer remains subject to the satisfaction or waiver of the other Conditions set out in the Scheme Document, including (but not limited to) the receipt of clearances from the relevant authorities in Tanzania, Ophir not losing all or substantially all of its Bualuang interests in Thailand (and no adverse regulatory action being taken in respect of such interests) as well as the Court sanctioning the Scheme at the Court hearing. It is expected that the Scheme will become effective in the first half of 2019” Apparently we get paid within 14 days of the effective date, so assuming it doesn’t all turn to dust we may get our 57.5p sometime in the next 3 months or so. However, at the moment I’m still holding here, does anyone see advantages in sticking with it, apart from the small additional premium and no dealing charges. I’m inclined to sell and move on and right this off as yet another very disappointing visit to the casino. Any thoughts?

chummer 11 Apr 2019

Statement re possible offer for Ophir by PT Medco What happens next and when with ophr?

BarleyBaron 31 Mar 2019

Statement re possible offer for Ophir by PT Medco CH. Up in mountain hut and using the last of my battery and data for this. Forgot to mention EML… Emmerson to put on your watch list. Potash. Good read. Later. I’ll be coming down the mountain dum dum dum. B.

Ripley94 22 Mar 2019

Soco International. OPHR… XXXX Noticed share price had gone above offer in last month , just seen Coro made an offer of 40p plus some share’s , Which lead to increased cash bid of 57.25p . is this it ?

CharlieHarper 22 Mar 2019

Statement re possible offer for Ophir by PT Medco Let’s have a stab at the reasons why we’re being shafted for 55p… “The Company notes that Ophir Energy’s Production Sharing Agreement with the government of Equatorial Guinea has not been extended. Golar remains engaged with the relevant authorities in the event that the production license is awarded to an operator interested in pursuing FLNG as a development solution.” [link] Tanzania Ophir opened the Mafia Deep Basin, offshore Tanzania and has to date discovered 15 Tcf of gross contingent resource. Ophir Energy Plc Tanzania - Ophir Energy Plc Ophir opened the Mafia Deep Basin, offshore Tanzania and has to date discovered 15 Tcf of gross contingent resource. The Citizen – 7 Mar 19 Government prepares new terms for talks on LNG project The government of Tanzania is now preparing new terms after changing modality of negotiations for the planned liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant in Lindi. Block 5 & 7 GOM are very similar and it would be no surprise to see the OIP rise over a a billion barrels recoverable [link] “* Block 10 is located in the Cordilleras Mexicanas basin and covers some 772 square miles (1,999 sq km). It contains an estimated 100 million barrels of crude oil equivalent in prospective resources.” “* Block 12 is located in the Cordilleras Mexicanas basin and covers some 1,197 square miles (3,099 sq km). It contains an estimated 215 million barrels of crude oil equivalent in prospective resources.” U.K. – 1 Feb 18 Mexico's deep water oil sale: Winners and bidders Royal Dutch Shell won five of the first eight oil and gas blocks in Mexico'... "Ophir Energy has announced that, together with its joint venture partners, it has been awarded Block 10 and Block 12 as part of the Mexico offshore bid round 2.4. Both of these licences are located in the Ridges basin, which features a proven hydrocarbon system and material prospectivity. The licence awards are subject to final approval from the Mexican authorities. The Block 10 partnership is comprised of Repsol (operator), Petronas and Ophir (20% interest). The block covers an area of 2,000 km2 in water depths between 500m and 2,000m. The Block 12 partnership is comprised of Petronas (operator), PTTEP and Ophir (20% interest). The block covers an area of 3,000 km2 and is in water depths between 1,500m and 2,000m." [link] best of luck

CharlieHarper 21 Mar 2019

Statement re possible offer for Ophir by PT Medco Hi chumm. that’s a posibility, but after watching a few takeovers the sp always has the life squeezed out of it to fit the buyer’s asking price and the problem’s they’re having just now reflect the poor sale price of 55p. If it was me and i knew there was to be no sale i’d have a raft of good news to follow up the event affecting the sp positively…E/G owe us $700m…Tanz Gov. statement update on gas + spin $$ worth…Mexico block 5 OIP + spin…output going forward+ spin…drill bit going forward plan esp. GOM blocks 10 & 12. All gamblerds read the form and most want to believe… best of luck