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CharlieHarper 14 Nov 2018

Fortuna in Golar focus despite OneLNG hit Very little chum, but we have a good chance with the block 5 well GOM of making up for it’s loss a little…such is life. best of luck

chummer 13 Nov 2018

Fortuna in Golar focus despite OneLNG hit Is there any chance for Fortuna? I think by year end this share has to improve

CharlieHarper 05 Nov 2018

2 sticks and a balloon but its a win Paus Biru 1 won’t equate to much, but you have to start somewhere…right BB, P, PR(how r u m8) Indonesian well shows signs of gas By Josh Lewis upstreamonline.com — London-listed Ophir Energy has encountered promising signs while drilling an exploration well on the Sampang production sharing contract off Indonesia. The Paus Biru-1 exploration well was drilled to a total depth of 710 metres and PSC partner Cue Energy Resources revealed Monday that elevated gas readings were encountered through the primary Mundu formation. The joint venture now plans to run a full suite of wireline logs, including formation wireline testing, to further assess the interval. [link] best of luck

Shotry 30 Oct 2018

Half Yearly's It’s tried to move up for a little while. I now see some downside risk. I sold yesterday around 43 (at a good loss). Moved that money into Enquest at around 27p.

Shotry 19 Oct 2018

Half Yearly's It’s taken a beating again hasn’t it. I’ve taken that beating with it, having taken my eye off the ball. Chart looking interesting at the moment over a few time frames. I’d rather not see another close below 40p. Price is clearly in a down-trend. Negative sentiment around Fortuna and the possible total write-down of it’s value could obviously bring price down further. Price is currently heading towards it’s tl support (daily/4h chart). Obviously (ça roule de source), it would be better if price didn’t close below that. On the 4 hour chart, there is a possible hidden divergence building. If price doesn’t close below 38.9 before the stochs and or RSI turn up, we might be in for a decent bounce to the upside. Here’s hoping!

CharlieHarper 17 Oct 2018

2019 the year for LNG FID's so whats the hold up? “The year 2019 could be a major one for final investment decisions (FID) on new liquefied natural gas projects, according to the research and consultancy group Wood Mackenzie. With strong demand growth signals, the supply is bound to respond, the consultancy said.” [link] “Financing by Chinese banks and companies is rising. Chinese companies are expected to be major off takers and investors in many projects, but outside the US from the time being.” ifri.org cornotgandolphe_global_lng_investment_2018.pdf best of luck

CharlieHarper 11 Oct 2018

Murphy Oil Block 5 Mince site now, you have to go elsewhere for the old madness as everything here is moderated to death. Then there’s the technical issues. I was issued a short ban on a forum i frequent some months ago for upsetting some snowflakes, had to google it, but thats where we are and the difference was they complained about what was said and i didn’t. I wonder if that’s the reason in America you could buy assault rifles at the cheese counter in WallMart? Ophir is in a bad place now, hard to see by it being orchestrated(mac, where are you)Cooper hasn’t left the building…he made too many bad decisions for it to be by chance. So we’re starting anew, moving headquarters and looking for new aquaintances, you may find us on eharmony or alternatively dirtbag.com. We appear to be at the bottom but its funy how the crossover to losing Fortuna and the Block 5 spud overlaps then there’s the assets we picked up? It will be interesting to see who gets control of Fortuna. Aminex was in line with the old philosophy buy in the run up to the spud and play its peaks and troughs, don’t hold non producers, they make the biggest headlines whilst exploring which shows in their sp. Fortuna was a new one for me, chickens…eggs…baskets… Apart from Mexico our exploration portfolio is pretty bad or low key with seismics/geology not proving up much. PMO had a stake in the Talos well block 7 GOM BB(1.5bbl) and their exploration portfolio looks good. That 3rd round GOM they were involved/won in lots of blocks and we in none. They’ll do well over there imo. Don’t we have 2/3 years debt to pay for our new assets and we’re starting from scratch again cash wise. In the right hands we look like a goer and with success GOM and our development plans elsewhere. I’m forgetting Fortuna completely its obviously not for the likes of us. POO is strong just now but its not been for long where’s it going, stability would be good for us. We are losing the finds that made Ophir’s sp worth so much E/g and Tanz. and need finds to take their place…as it is we’re worth around 40p per share, Fortuna could affect that but that hope would be factored in so there’s none. Tanzania is in limbo so holds no $ value. We have short term debt to pay(2-3yrs)and no cash of our own. But we do have Mexico block 5 and there’s a very good chance we will find oil worth a few million barrels to 100’s of millions of barrels to us and an easy route to market. Next few months will be very interesting. best of luck

BarleyBaron 09 Oct 2018

Murphy Oil Block 5 Charlie. After seeing that picture I would have to cut off my long sleeves. I really do hate this new site, every time I want to go back to a page I have just viewed it tells me it does not exist and I have to start all over again. Tempted to issue my blog address and discuss on it but then again, maybe later. Been doing some work on how many shares our resident seller(s) have left to sell but that is one cluster f*** of a headache. I do like a challenge and now have time to ramp up trading and investing. I do think we have hit the bottom here, the 38 to 40 range is being hit relentlessly and from viewing the numbers its all bot action. That’s how I see it anyway. There’s lots of hope but you are going to have to be patient. Reckon our move to Asia is a wise one, that’s where the action is. Everything else is in my opinion waiting to be sold off, when we are ready. Tanzania has stalled, increased regulation etc has nailed that door shut for the moment. AEX is in the same boat there and I do apologise for flagging that one up to however was listening. Mexico could kick start us and Fortuna could lift the gloom and doom, but as i’m a number cruncher I cant understand the logic of our sp. Take PMO as an example. Its rapid rise in the last year is on the rise of the POO. Taking a worse case scenario our production was in the region of 11000 barrels /day and expected to rise significantly, first half revenue up 16% and yet the sp has fallen significantly. I know we have the Fortuna + $300 debacle to look at but that should not be pencilled in yet. That may change quickly. There are far more numbers to be thrown in here but I need to do more work and I don’t want to bore the pants off you. I’m just thinking out loud. POO could hit $100 and we would still be In the low 40’s. Please shoot me down in flames. A few boxes need to be ticked but I just don’t know what those boxes contain. Its bleeding frustrating. Come on guys and girls, lets have your views. Baron.

CharlieHarper 09 Oct 2018

Murphy Oil Block 5 Hi B, wonder if additional ii sellers are also cowpin our shares over the side because of our head quarter move now? We need to score in Mexico, a big fat bullseye would do, another gabon and well, there’s hardly enough air in this old girl as there is. We need some hope sown here BB if you’ve the energy left…lets hope block 5 allows us to put our feet up for a while. Trading is where the cash is…this investing lark is for the birds. Why walk when you can hail a cariage… If the white coats going on B don’t forget your stethoscope…i’ll be there to concur also. [link]

BarleyBaron 06 Oct 2018

Murphy Oil Block 5 Charlie. Cannot wait for that drill bit to get turning. And I cant wait for our resident seller to vacate the building. I have a good feeling about Mexico. Just read all your links but far to tired to respond and I have one more field to sow before I retire for the year. Its not been a good one. Mind you, I am back day trading and having positive results. Did you know that the new Apple watch tracks your wrist movements to calculate how far you have walked or run. Apparently teenage boys walk a lot. Well I never knew that. Baron. Must get that long sleeved white coat out of the closet again.

CharlieHarper 03 Oct 2018

Murphy Oil Block 5 As we move forward to the block 5 Gulf of Mexico spud at the end of the year its good to be back with the drillbit in the ground. Still can’t believe we have a stake here(23.3%)giving its proximity to the Talos & partners block 7 Zama success. The expectation on that well mirrors our own block 5 estimates, but, Zama looks like it will prove up 1.5Bboe… “In July 2017, the Talos Energy-led group announced a discovery with the Zama-1 (Zama-1SON), located on Block 7 (Contracto CNH-R01-L01-A7/2015). The well found a contiguous gross oil bearing interval of over 335m, with 170m-200m of net oil pay in Upper Miocene sandstones with no water contact.” No wonder block 5 was the most hotly contested block of the round…we’re due a change of luck. [link] [link] best of luck

karlwbrown58 02 Oct 2018

Half Yearly's looking at 84 dollar oil this adds around $40mill to cashflow to 2019 more than the $200mill they have forecast at 73 dollar oil… looking good from tis level I expect 60p by christmas

PDMSlad 26 Sep 2018

Golar flying Fingers crossed CH, money to be made out of Fortuna

CharlieHarper 26 Sep 2018

Golar flying with a bit of luck we’ll realise something from Fortuna with their help. [link] Zacks Investment Research Golar LNG Rallies 27% In A Year: What's Driving the Stock? Golar LNG (GLNG) benefits from improved shipping activity and consistent record of rewarding shareholders through dividends. However, rise in operating expenses is a concern.

CharlieHarper 17 Sep 2018

It's a great summer Hi BB, too dry in Jockland…thats new. Sorry to hear you’re out of pocket, nearly nothing worse. Ophir, E/G, Fortuna, America, Golman Sachs, Nick Cooper, who is still here at Ophir as a consultant…i would bet if we can’t strike a deal with the Chinese that an American or American controlled company will walk in and take Fortuna for nowt…and with E/G as a member of OPEC a Chinese partner mat not happen anyway. Asian headquarter move is great and we have friends there but Tanzania isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. VRS is a total success BB well done…silver linings and all that… Best of luck