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chummer 19 Feb 2019

Eleven Bob Can someone please explain why organisers like bank of America, Goldman, etc are upping their investments in Ophir?

CharlieHarper 07 Feb 2019

Will we see block 5 spud? Hi BB Its as if we’re dealing with civil servants… Mozambique on the dark continent hasn’t paid the trouser rat his share(trump)so i would imagine unless all the fingers in all the pies get their pudding there will be a mass of wonky wonga shenanigans for decades to come as these countries have no real power. You just have to look at Qatar who finally paid/agreed their quota($24bn)in arms/goods acquisitions to the trouser trumpet to up their gas output by around 30% taking up the demand slack and all their problems at the time melted away, same as the arms/goods deals all around the middle east(world)for the nations too scared to stand up to the good ol’ us of a. You can tell the countries who don’t play ball globally with uncle sam they endure all the comforts of food, medicine, water and energy shortages along with civil war(unrest). The game’s afoot for the gas reserves on the dark continent, think it has a long way to go. The Chinese are the only fly in the ointment but they’re feeling the pinch too at the moment or they’re waiting to pick up the reserves for next to nothing. Ophir, i did say a while ago to P we could be sold for our debt but we bought the Santos assets and upped our production a little which left some face and a bid of 55p on the table it could have been a lot worse. I think we’re done…but i’m usually wrong here lol. best of luck

BarleyBaron 06 Feb 2019

Will we see block 5 spud? CH. Now I know how the shareholders of Salamander feel. Betrayed. Just to rub in the pain even more, I gather that Centrica and Tokyo Gas will buy 2.6m tonnes of liquefied natural gas a year from Mozambique, until the early 2040’s. Decision by Anadarko later this year. Looks like any movement from Tanz is going to be a long way away. And now EG being offered out in April. I would really like to know what the beejesus is going on in the minds of the people running Ophir. Anyway, still hoping this sale falls flat on its face. Angry Baron.

CharlieHarper 05 Feb 2019

Will we see block 5 spud? Who’ll pick over our carcass in April? Marathon oil maybe… U.K. – 5 Feb 19 Equatorial Guinea to offer Ophir's old oil and gas block in April... Equatorial Guinea will offer offshore Block R with the related Fortuna gas devel... best of luck

CharlieHarper 03 Feb 2019

Will we see block 5 spud? Kick the sale into touch until after the block 5 well guys, the pi’s deserve one last role of the dice. “Texas-based Murphy Oil said it would be spudding an exploration well in area 5 of Mexico’s Salina basin in the coming weeks. Murphy operates the well for a consortium of Ophir, PC Carigali and Sierra Oil & Gas, having won…” [link] best of luck

CharlieHarper 31 Jan 2019

Eleven Bob hannahxyz over the last couple of years(4-5)the exact opposite has appened here from what i thought…so, i think its all over bar the shouting…55 would only be a good number for me in May best of luck

BarleyBaron 31 Jan 2019

Eleven Bob Vprt-hanna. Dont quote me on this but im sure i heard it requires 75% of shareholders to agree before we are asked to bend over and assume the position. I hope and pray that the institutions who have bought in can see a clearer view going forward, not like our spineless blinckered board. It sounds and feels like they have no patience or will to run this company. You just never know, shareholders might not be so keen to sell , not at this price. Must dash, holding on in the hope common sense prevails. Baron.

vprt 31 Jan 2019

Eleven Bob Plenty of beer - dark or not - needed to drown our sorrows here. hannahxyz, I have the same question - is there still hope of more than 55p? If anyone can prove that there is zero hope, please share! I have not read all the small print - but it seems still to be possible for an alternative bidder to be attracted, although the probability might be much less than 50% - especially as it trades at ca 54p rather than 56p+. Have Medco secured any shares beyond the small number held by the board? My guess is that the company remains “in play”, and that some of the shareholders (rather than the board, whose hands are tied) are trying to drum up some interest from others. The hedge funds and activists (e.g. Petrus who recently got their nominee onto the board, and have been buying more shares) may be betting on this. I am not saying an alternative bidde is likely to emerge, but I have held for a long time, and would hate so sell out at 54p just before a higher bid, so I am being patient for the time being. Would love to see the price creeping up above 55p to give more hope of this (admittedly optimistic) scenario playing out…

hannahxyz 31 Jan 2019

Eleven Bob Dear All Is there any point in holding here at this stage? I note in another board a suggestion that II’s may reject the offer but I assume that the BOD have discussed and got their agreement, although they appear to be totally inept so who knows. Well under water here and sick as a parrot, also dark beer drinker and not offended. Cheers

BarleyBaron 30 Jan 2019

Eleven Bob ale should read azzhole. Don’t want to offend people who drink dark beer. B.

BarleyBaron 30 Jan 2019

Eleven Bob To Whoever. To whoever put the offer price of 55p to our board. You, fine Sir/madam are an ale. A genius but an ale nonetheless. And to our lot… whatcha doing. 55p when you could have got 58ish a wee while back. A wee saying of mine… There’s a light on upstairs but there’s nay body home. WoooooW. Baron. Being polite.

Ripley94 30 Jan 2019

Soco International. OPHR… XXXX Another loser for me here Oct 2011 it was 213p … Dec 14 … 131p … Oct 2017… 70p. Although the 55p final offer is higher then Nov 2018 low price of 33p . What happened here ?

Shotry 30 Jan 2019

Statement re possible offer for Ophir by PT Medco It’s all agreed and finished for 55p.

Shotry 30 Jan 2019

Statement re possible offer for Ophir by PT Medco I had this set to sell on a limit just below the 55p published price. I have to go out and have decided to drop all now. I’m out. at 54. Nice profit for what I view as pretty low risk bearing in mind the way that the information on this potential offer was published. Good luck to all who hope to benefit.

CharlieHarper 30 Jan 2019

Eleven Bob "Under the terms of the Acquisition, which is subject to the Conditions and further terms set out in Appendix I to this Announcement and to be set out in the Scheme Document, Ophir Shareholders will be entitled to receive: for each Ophir Share: 55 pence in cash · The Acquisition values the entire issued and to be issued share capital of Ophir at approximately £390.6 million." [link] image.jpg750x1000 337 KB best of luck