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ripley94 18 May 2019

The huge drop in share price 1 October 2018 before the switch to JSE ... Maybe LMI will also hold its price after switch ?

ripley94 05 May 2019

Looked at chart 11th March 2019 around time of switch 2035 zac , now back to 6 Month highs. of 2335 zac

ripley94 05 May 2019

The list of shares no longer on Interactive investor grows , either bust , delisting , or moving listing from London ........Lonmin after merger with Sibanye Stillwater next it seems, like Old Mutual just having a Johannesburg listing .

II Editor 15 Mar 2018

NEW ARTICLE: Old Mutual profits keep growing ahead of UK spin-off "Exactly two years since unveiling plans for a complex four-way separation of its business, LSE:OML:Old Mutual thinks that the finishing line is finally in sight.In an overhaul that makes yesterday's demerger plans by LSERUrudential look like ..."[link]

arthur2shedsjackson 15 Feb 2018

Re: Zuma Onwards and upwards. Holding for a few years now - since 67p, and they've been good to me.Arthur.

nettle124 15 Feb 2018

Zuma Is the resignation of a President the cause of all this good news for holders of OML?

Warren Buffoon 16 Jan 2018

Sold up Good price . . . time to mov

caesat 20 Dec 2017

Re: Bid speculation Yes. SA shares had 5% lift - see AAL too. Yesterday’s liftt due to Buxton sale at £50m over expected.

kaiser nod 19 Dec 2017

Re: Bid speculation Need leader for ANC may have influenced rise?

Bear and Bull 19 Dec 2017

Bid speculation There may be more to the price hike than just the future separation. Any ideas?

CrimeBuster2 18 Dec 2017

Re: I hold Old Mutual Shares Nice one Cyril nice one son nice one Cyril let's have another one300p calling here on separation we see Value

CrimeBuster2 25 Aug 2017

I hold Old Mutual Shares Cos I believe there is massive value after the 3 way separation here, over the next few years I guess time will tell and we have to wait and see here

Akis1999 10 Apr 2017

Re: What happened? There is a youtube clip it took him 3-4 attempts to read a number of a sheet of paper. I do not think he managed it in the end,

LK Hyman 31 Mar 2017

Re: What happened? Ellamark," Can anyone elucidate?"Zuma sacked Gordhan. What a m^ppet! (Zuma I mean).LKH on the flybridge warbles "Bring me my machine gun"

ellamark 11 Oct 2016

What happened? Wow.m what a drop! I didn't get all the details from their capital markets release but it must have npbeem bad! Can anyone elucidate?