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AlphaCentauri 16 Sep 2015

Re: AIM miners - stay clear I bought these share many years ago when a seriously wealthy member of a well known banking family recommended them to me. He said that the potential upside also was that Mugabe can't live forever! Just how wrong can you be. I still see him but have never dared ask how many he had as the price at the time was 12p. Fortunately my average is down to under 3 which I had hope was recoverable. Hey ho...!

KayCatso 15 Sep 2015

AIM miners - stay clear I invested in a portfolio of miners/oilers back in 2004 using Investors Chronicle advice. I hoped 1 would sky rocket, none have. After various calls for cash I have got some nice share certificates worth nothing and a few shares left for amusement purpose.I will not be giving more cash to miners especially AIM listed. Some are full of directors paying themselves totally crazy salaries for what they deliver, others like MWA, I believe, have been trying hard to deliver but somehow it's always eludes them, I was waiting for a regime change but even if Mugabe dies his follows will continue to ruin the country. So I've book my loss here.I stick to FTSE companies now and do my own research now not taking press advice.Good luck to all those who have a low entry point and decide to give it a fling. you may get lucky!

extinct 10 Sep 2015


extinct 10 Sep 2015


AlphaCentauri 04 Sep 2015

Re: Open Offer PIs in AIM companys nearly always get shafted but somehow we never learn. At least my potential loss is well within affordability but I am still surprised by my own stupidity!. Even my Premium Bonds have not paid out a ha'penny for the last three months. Hey ho.....

grogg 04 Sep 2015

Re: Open Offer Shame really as this company has promising underlying assets and prospects. I sold my shares yesterday because of the shenanigans.Good luck to all holders.

Mara Gorsuch 04 Sep 2015

Re: Open Offer I can't believe the BOD are so stupid as to think that anybody would pay 1p a share, I know, and they know that they are diluting the shares down to 0.91p, so this offer was never designed for the small private investor, it's got to be part of a bigger game plan that we are not part of.

grogg 02 Sep 2015

Open Offer Is todays announcement just a vehicle for Ning and Hu to get 29.9% of the company on the cheap, almost doubling their holding? Fishy to say the least especially after all the recent director changes.

Mara Gorsuch 28 Aug 2015

Mark Wellesley-Wood I've given up trying to work out the game plan with Mwana.Mwana Africa PLC announces that Mark Wellesley-Wood, non-executive director of the Company, has today given notice that he will retire from his position on the Board of Directors with effect from the conclusion of the forthcoming annual general meeting on 29 September 2015. The Mwana Board has expressed its considerable gratitude to Mr Wellesley-Wood for all his work on behalf of the Company during what has been a challenging period of transition.Executive Chairman Yat Hoi Ning, announcing the resignation, commented: “It is with deep regret that we received the news of Mark’s intention to resign from the Board of Mwana. Mark has provided unstinting guidance and support to the Company during the transitional phase following the changes in the directorate arising from the Extraordinary General Meeting in June. Our Board of Directors values the input and guidance he provided on a wide range of governance and operational matters. On behalf of the Board of Directors and the entire Company, I should like to express our sincere gratitude to Mark for all his services in recent months, and to acknowledge his invaluable contribution to the Company during this time. Moving forward, Mark has generously agreed to continue to support the Company in a consultative capacity, and we will discuss the details of his continued support in the coming weeks.

AlphaCentauri 26 Aug 2015

Re: Is this a buy then? You probably can't go wrong with £1k but if one is already in it could be good money after bad for the rest of us!

high blood pressure1 25 Aug 2015

Is this a buy then? Wow - increasing turnover/revenue in this climate and turning a profit is pretty impressive.I've not been invested here for many a year but very tempted as a commodity play. A slight increase in commodities and change In sentiment could see this on a re rate.Any other view on today's results?In the turmoil that has been August - I think these have been overlooked as there are aparant "bargains" all over the indices. Could be worth a £1000 punt and left in the ISA as they appear to have ridden some of the hardest times.Further China rate cuts will see cheaper financing for infrastructure projects etc and could lead to the slow burning commodity recovery?

Mara Gorsuch 19 Aug 2015

Suspended Animation!! No signs of life, but not quite dead yet.I don't think I've ever seen two consecutive days with absolutely no share activity.

grogg 24 Jul 2015

Nomad Good to see they've appointed reputable Nomad and financial advisor.

AlphaCentauri 22 Jul 2015

Re: BNC Results The share price has been attractive on numerous oaacasions but more often than not this has been like a mirage in the desert. Plenty of other similar companies have proved that the share price could go down to zero. I hope I am wrong about this one but I have even less love for the Chinese than I have for RM.

Hodgefund 21 Jul 2015

BNC Results Results out at BNC and they seem pretty good. Does this mean we will get Mwana results this week? Does anyone have any idea who will be their new nomad? If it's a decent firm then this may send a positive signal that the new board means business.Interesting times - surely a buy at this price especially when one considers BNC is worth more than the group.HF