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10:05 21/11/2015

Something isn't quite right....for sure...something or someone is holding the price down...

11:46 19/11/2015

i have 7million happy to sell for £3 per share

09:28 19/11/2015

I am awaiting the RTO of NYO

09:24 18/11/2015

And this move also means MTR will be open to pick up a stake in Borrelli's Berkeley as it nears production & revenue

09:23 18/11/2015

Don't forget PJ knows everything there is to know about ecr

02:31 14/11/2015

Sadly, it is only a matter of time until this scene is repeated in London and other cities around the world

09:10 13/11/2015

Price today is brilliant for holders and buyers. At some point as assets get proved up the value will be established in the meantime - if you are lucky enough to have found this share then fill your boots...i sold a few this week to take a punt on I think it is a race as to which motors first - but any raise in NYO will come back here if under 1.25

17:33 26/10/2015

ever thought that no one is selling?

14:32 19/10/2015

Buy buy buy...ok I am ramping ......but I now hold 2.54%

10:32 16/10/2015

Very nice...what about MTR?