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09:43 10/09/2015

come on mtr

13:04 04/09/2015

don't know what to make of the almost daily updates in july...promises of imminent silence...still nudging up over 2.25%

15:04 27/08/2015

Have there been any trades today?

17:52 26/08/2015

I hope PJ et al...are holding monster announcement up their sleeves for Sept. Consumption

14:43 20/08/2015

Holding now crossed 2.2%

20:54 17/08/2015

Stephen may i be so rude as to enquire as to hw many MTR shares you hold? happy to disclose my own poaition

20:52 17/08/2015


15:42 16/08/2015

Come along your hand...let's see the cards and let's get the SP travelling north..

09:31 16/08/2015

Building steadily now holding 2.12%

16:41 10/08/2015

personally holding 2.1%