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SiJambo 14 Dec 2017

Re: Clarification needed! Thanks!

fillmyboots 14 Dec 2017

Motely Fool Here's a link to their report today[link]

Nice to Michu 14 Dec 2017

Re: Clarification needed! rand quoted for SS versus pence quoted for Lonmin

SiJambo 14 Dec 2017

Re: Clarification needed! From the Telegraph:Under the terms of the agreement, Lonmin shareholders will receive roughly one share in the enlarged company for each Lonmin share they own, giving them roughly 11pc of the new entity. The deal represents a 57pc premium to Lonmin's closing price of 63.8p yesterday, the companies said. Don't really understand the maths: 1 share in SS is 1527 Lonmin is 67p!

SiJambo 14 Dec 2017

Clarification needed! Can anyone explain this statement please.Under the terms of the offer, each Lonmin shareholder will be entitled to receive 0.967 mew Sibanye-Stillwater shares.Is this for each shareholder or per share in exchange for each Lonmin share?Bearing in mind the SS share price is 1527,It is confusing!

Nice to Michu 14 Dec 2017

Re: Take-Over If I was a long term holder here- and some big institutionals are as well as some PI's - I'd be gutted by this offer .. this has been diluted to oblivion over the years.. (10's of pounds back in the day).. and even if youd particpated in rights and averaged down strategically £1 is a painfully low number.. Generally, I think the s/p is only at late 70's p as I type as many believe there is a big chance they'll not get the 75% required to vote this T/O thru.. perhaps if even vaguely close to 75% then maybe a higher offer is tabled to get T/O over the line.. although with management completely backing this current offer, enough may come out in coming weeks about the state of balance sheet - eg asset values -and lack of future profitabiliy prospects to make this sound like a fair and reasonable offer.. A hold for me to see if this goes into 90's p as in coming weeks.. also If t/o not going thru for whatever reasons, even though manegement explain worrying future issues during the process then this could come off a lot from here so i would be slow to add more here now in hope of 90's soon .. my remaining position is small so no biggie for me whatever...

shugg1e 14 Dec 2017

Re: Stopped out Offer values the group at 86p same outfit that bought AQP a few years back for a song.Will pay off for them if they can turn it around.[link]

Ripley94 14 Dec 2017

Re: Stopped out In hindsight November top up looking good.All share takeover by Sibanye- Stillwater... ( who are they ? lol )Valued @ £ 1 share price up 20% to 77p .Big difference there.

SiJambo 14 Dec 2017

Re: Take-Over This would not be in the interested of share holder value at the price suggested!

The buzz 14 Dec 2017

Take-Over A bit out of the blue! I doubt if it will be worth the indicated 100p when the dust settles down though. Currently trading at about 74.5p (and falling) - a useful increase. Now testing memory, wasn't £1 the value of the rights issue shares after consolidation a couple of years back? I think that I would accept this offer had I still been an LMI share holder as the price of platinum has been weak for a little while now.The B

shugg1e 12 Dec 2017

chart Not bullish just yest

onedb1 01 Dec 2017

Re: Bit weird that drop I have been looking at the Rand / USD charts and am of the opinion that the Rand could be on the verge of a further weakening which would be good for Lonmin , life saving possibly Palladium has been performing as I have been saying . Almost perfect forecasting when it tested 1000 it dipped in the 980s as I thought it would ( I use EWs for all commodities ) now I reckon this is moving to 1050 - 1075Platinum is stuck but I will review the chart this weekend for a more updated opinion .So good news from that perspective . All in all I'd be happy . Yet the political nonsense and in fighting is your classic downfall of all African companies or union infested firms . They just don't learn . Interesting chart pattern today Bullish harami cross if am right . Could signal a theoretical bullish reversal . Obviously candle patterns need to be combined with other western technicals for confirmation. A rise on Monday may be the confirmation signal needed otherwise its invalidated I remain a keen watcher as a rebound could be quite significant. They need to get rid of non core assets , clean it all up . stick to the main core activities and improve their productivity There is no victory for them if they hurt shareholders more. It will just terminate this company . Unions over there are going to have to accept that the mine is over staffed or face the reality that you either accept lower numbers or have ZERO jobs left. Zero !! and then they can sit around a table all day a play kings of their fantasy world ! But with zero cash and in poverty . Equally Lonmin has to cut to zero all the trophy assets and perks . Zero ! I had to turn over a company that was run with too many people and the top was also taking the biscuit . The harsh truth is that you either accept the drastic cost cutting or everybody will be on the dole . No point in asking for more cash from shareholders or investors. As the issues remain .

Nice to Michu 01 Dec 2017

Re: Bit weird that drop not to mind yesterday's end of day drop being wierd.. since I';ve been involved in this stock - say 3 years now - it has wierd written in block capitals all over it.. indeed it's one of the wierdest stocks I';ve ever come across.. volatile, unpredicatble, confused... but never ever boring..

shugg1e 30 Nov 2017

Re: That is me stopped out vindicated as sell off continued its OK i did the same with Vedanta and Kaz

onedb1 30 Nov 2017

Bit weird that drop from 15:30 Nothing happened in the metals world or fx Am guessing some panic as usual . The day was going well Just shows that my stop loss was not mis guided . Difference between a pro and not a pro