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CF 02 May 2016


CF 14 Mar 2016

Is it just me, Is this a Lloyd's message board or a referendum message board

jobsagoodun 22 Sep 2015


Snyder 19 May 2015

Lloyds Banking Group PLC 10.1% Potential Upside Indicated by Deutsche Bank

Snyder 14 May 2015

patience is a virtue Meerkat....dont mind waiting for good news do we

Snyder 14 May 2015

90+ by COB today....leave those stable doors alone this horse has bolted!

CF 25 Feb 2015

The most striking thing about this share is its stability . for last year it has traded between 70p and 80p. Guess this will probably remain the case until Govt sell off is complete

Snyder 09 Jan 2015

Put the handbags away ladies....

Snyder 05 Jan 2015

Mr Meerkat....u missed my 92p as well, I have donated even though I wasnt in last years guestimate...bl00dy nice bloke that I am

Snyder 03 Jan 2015

RE: 2015 Competition -donation made...prediction...chalk me down in blue for 92p

Snyder 02 Jan 2015

Mr Meerkat....chalk me down for 92.35 please.......rather warm here in the jungle!

Snyder 02 Jan 2015

Horsey Horsey dont u drop just let your feet go ....ahhh u know the rest! GLA 2015

Snyder 01 Jan 2015

Donation sent, happy 2015 to one and all

Snyder 30 Dec 2014

Happy New Year Meerkat....I guess it cant be much worse than this year...or can it?

Snyder 30 Dec 2014

Jan 2014 78p - Jan 2015 75p.......Happy New Year to the Bullington boys.....lots of love Gorgeous George!