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J_Westlock 19:35

Everyday So the Wales Team is England too then… If we just had one EU team this would all be so much easier.

Eadwig 19:02

Everyday J_Westlock: Or just England and Wales? The England team is England and Wales.

J_Westlock 18:12

Everyday Is that just England? Or just England and Wales? Or both? And what about Scotland? And Ireland (seeing as it’s an All Ireland team)?

BrownAdder 17:53

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frog_in_a_tree 17:48

Everyday I see Change.org have a new petition to campaign for England cricket matches to be show free to view on terrestial TV. Heaven forbid that we should get hour upon hour of boring cricket flooding our screens. Cheers, Frog in a tree

J_Westlock 17:44

Everyday frog_in_a_tree: That was a typical Remainer traitor comment running down our glorious country. Three points for you! I was waiting for Threadbare to say that… then for Fynne to tell me to go live in NZ.

GreyCarpet 17:44

Everyday Few pages in and I’m reading about the new Build to Rent schemes that are commanding 5k a week rental income to service the American Banks and the new tech bosses, won’t go down well with the EU Groupies that think the U.K. is dead, the future is very bright indeed if you take the blinkers off .

frog_in_a_tree 17:38

Everyday JW, That was a typical Remainer traitor comment running down our glorious country. Three points for you! Frog

J_Westlock 17:34

Everyday frog_in_a_tree: England’s cricket victory is also a tribute to the benefits of diversity that immigration has brought to us despite what many Brexit supporters believe. It’s also a tribute to poor quality umpiring. As it turns out, the rules were applied incorrectly! The ball where England and Wales got 6 runs… should only have been 5. That has now been confirmed and is clear from the rules on the timing of the 2nd run… so the whole result apart from being farcical is also wrong… and NZ should have won the match.

frog_in_a_tree 17:24

Everyday Mr Carpet is off his trolly again. He continues in his series of low intellect post of absolutely no value. As far as I can see on these message boards there has been little or no support for Corbyn from pro-EU posters. A clue: it might be somthing to do with Corbyn being a Brexiter. I guess this will be a bit hard for Mr Carpet to understand. Cheers, Frog in a tree

GreyCarpet 17:20

Everyday Evening Standard reporting that Corbyn has ducked out of an anti Semitism meeting tonight, what’s he got to hide ? The EU Groupies on here openly supporting the Labour Party leader rightly hang their heads in shame.

Eadwig 14:54

Everyday Trisco: I took his nuance stance, but I think SKY TV would be up against the wall if they spoke in similar tones. People don’t realise that the term ‘Paki’ was hijacked by the far-right in Britain around 1970 or so and only then became a term of abuse here, mainly through its use in the ‘Skinhead’ series of books. Especially used in conjunction with the term -‘bashing’, these books appeared to insight a lot of racial violence as described as a pass-time in those books, which were best-sellers among teenagers of the time. It became a hateful label for the community and will be taken as a term of abuse when used by anyone below the age of about 80.

Trisco 14:14

Everyday frog_in_a_tree: I think your Australian friend was being disingenuous. And I told him as much.

frog_in_a_tree 13:40

Everyday “…but I think SKY TV would be up against the wall if they spoke in similar tones” Yes of course they would. The term “Aussies” is not loaded with negative baggage and people do not use it as a disparaging term and I have never seen any suggestion that Australians regard it as such. The “P” word on the other hand is generally used in a disparaging way and, moreover, is received by Asian people as having a racist intent. I think your Australian friend was being disingenuous. Cheers, Frog in a tree

J_Westlock 13:31

Everyday Yep. Ask your colleague about what are now called the Cronulla riots a few years back… and also the ‘Reclaim Australia’ group… all a bit sad. That’s one of the reasons I was interested in hearing more from John regarding his comments on wanting to implement an Oz-style points system for immigration in the UK… when I know that there are many in Oz who want their system changed.