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frog_in_a_tree 12:42

Everyday Everyday… …top businessmen tell us that Brexit is a very, very bad idea. Today Richard Branson advocates a rethink: BBC News Richard Branson calls for Brexit ballot The Virgin owner says the UK is close to 'disaster', and many leave voters had changed their minds. He says thousands of jobs are being lost and £trillions are being transferred outbof the country. He supports the Peoples’ Vote. Cheers, Frog in a tree

White_Rose 09:07

LLOY - Share buyback 2019 Bowman, similar reduction happened last year. 2018 started with 6m shares each day for 5 days then reduced to 2m towards end of March. Then 9.5m 28/03, 12m 01/04 and 20m 03/04 bringing average back to 6m which was maintained until mid April then progressively increased until May. I suspect within the next two weeks the average will be around 11m. Note 2018 of 6m x 1.75bn / 1.00bn = 11bn for 2019.

White_Rose 08:36

LLOYDS is going to FLY Frog Beware aware of published too good to be true profits. Remember what happened pre PPI and financial crash with regard to bad debts and likelihood of debt recovery. Bad debts excessive charges makes profitability look good if bad debt allowances increase less that these charges. Credit card debts are generally rising in UK and how much of these can be realistically assumed to be eventually paid back. People can rack up debt in the UK and disappear to another country or use the voluntary bankruptcy to avoid paying these debts back. WR

frog_in_a_tree 23 Mar 2019

Everyday We now have 4.25 million petitioners on the Revoke Article 50 counter. That will put wind in the sails of today’s Peoples’ Vote marchers. Cheers, Frog in a tree

Bowman 22 Mar 2019

LLOY - Share buyback 2019 LLOY volume.png1535x1003 87.6 KB I modified my chart to include the related daily closing price for each trading day. The 2018 buyback volume did increase as the price dropped, but so far it is early days on which to judge the 2019 buyback. However, the volume has to increase if the buyback is to be completed this year, whatever the price.

Swamp_Cat 22 Mar 2019

Commodities Crypto ETFs FX Indices. inc VIX Swamp_Cat: GBPEUR short @ 11697 Closed 11686.8 (only gold open)

macbonzo 22 Mar 2019

LLOY - Share buyback 2019 Share prices are not always rewarded by an improving yield over a long term. Look at BT. It has fallen from 499p to 201.25 in one of the longest bull markets in history. Too many fundamentals, value investors are petrified of using time as a component in their investment approach because it means excellent fundamentals may not be rewarded at all.

regardless 22 Mar 2019

LLOY - Share buyback 2019 I agree totally Bowman is the Man

marktime1231 22 Mar 2019

LLOY - Share buyback 2019 That is splendid analysis Bowman, candidate for post of the year. So my theory that the buy back responds to the price, eg the broker buys more when the sp is below par approaching ex-div is not valid. Nor can we assume they are waiting for an ex-div plunge accelerated by other factors … but it has a whiff of possibility about it. Today was a frightening reminder that things going swimmingly well for a while lulls you into a positive frame of mind only for things to turn suddenly. Wouldn’t have it any other way though.

frog_in_a_tree 22 Mar 2019

Everyday Everyday… …we get more information about how big business has colluded with right-wing political forces to subvert our democracy. BBC News Early Cambridge Analytica fears revealed Facebook says concerns raised about data-scraping were not related to the previously reported scandal. Facebook like to pretend it is the peoples’ friend while stealing our data and using it for commercial and political reasons. The more we find out the more obvious it is that Facebook has been lying to us and to our political representatives. In the referendum Brexit voters thought the were taking back control. In reality they were handing it on a plate to crooks, cheats and tax dodgers. Frog in a tree

Bowman 22 Mar 2019

LLOY - Share buyback 2019 Just over three weeks of the Buyback gone, and the projected end date (based on the current rate of purchases) has moved out to early April 2020. We have had 12 days with an average of 11.56m per day, followed by 4 days with an average of 3.54m. The average price paid is currently 63.2p, and about 5.5% of the available funds have been used to buy 0.214% of the initial number of shares in issue. LLOY volume.png1535x1003 35.9 KB This chart shows the volume per trading day over the buyback periods for 2018 and 2019.

frog_in_a_tree 22 Mar 2019

LLOYDS is going to FLY Another take on LLOY by Motley Fool: [link] Usual health warning that another MF writer will give us the opposite take tomorrow. For my part, I think that the chance of no deal Brexit is off the table as no-one other than the most delusional Brexiters wants it and that, this being the case, an investment in LLOY is pretty safe. Cheers, Frog in a tree

Swamp_Cat 22 Mar 2019

Commodities Crypto ETFs FX Indices. inc VIX Made good money on my VIX but lots left behind looking back.

Swamp_Cat 22 Mar 2019

Commodities Crypto ETFs FX Indices. inc VIX GBPEUR short @ 11697

Swamp_Cat 22 Mar 2019

Commodities Crypto ETFs FX Indices. inc VIX Swamp_Cat: Damn a mistake, forgot I placed an order. 11654.5 GBPEUR long. Closed 11694.8 (that’s me all out of everything but the gold short 1287 still)