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BrownAdder 15:04

Commodities Crypto ETFs FX Indices. inc VIX Got some money for TESLA next week

PrefInvestor1 14:27

Portfolio Positioning For Brexit Vote Hi All, Looks like I’m going to be heading back to investing.com for my live share prices. Just had an email today from moneyam.com telling me that I need to register on their “shares” website by 21st Feb as the existing moneyam service is changing with many aspects being moved to their shares site. Have registered on the share site and yes there is a stockwatch function but the data is 15 minutes delayed so no longer real-time. Need a paid subscription for live prices. Oh well… Pref

frog_in_a_tree 13:53

Everyday Everyday… …we hear of more damage caused to British business by Brexit madness: BBC News Haulage firms 'face no-deal disaster' The deadline has passed for lorry drivers applying for licences to drive in Europe after a no-deal Brexit. Cheers, Frog in a tree

frog_in_a_tree 12:18

Everyday Everyday… …we get more evidence of the nature of the (many of the) beasts that supported Brexit. Today we have a story about a UKIP supporter: BBC News UKIP member called for Miller beheading Kenneth Allen's Facebook post said Gina Miller's head should be stuck on a fence at Buckingham Palace. In my view anyone who joined UKIP was likely to have racist attitudes or, at minimum, had a capacity to tolerate the racist nature of the vast majority of its membership. Cheers, Frog in a tree

macbonzo 12:13

LLOYDS is going to FLY It’s MLK day. US public holiday. Poor liquidity.

frog_in_a_tree 12:10

LLOYDS is going to FLY This morning LLOY is underperforming the FTSE100. It may be just taking a breather or, in my view, reflecting diappointment that Theresa May is ploughing on in an attempt to bolster support for her unpopular deal by pandering to the hard Brexit brigade. I just hope that the Commons stops her in her tracks. Frog ina tree

soi 07:33

Portfolio Positioning For Brexit Vote My apologies I meant to direct reply to TJ rather than Pref. Rushing and in the midst of several trades. soi

soi 07:31

Portfolio Positioning For Brexit Vote Hi trader_jack Also somewhat sorry to hear you feel deterred from posting. You have always come across as being polite with your postings ( of those I have read ) so certainly do not deserve to receive attack or abuse posts. I guess these were connected to Brexit related postings ? I read most of the main BW3 posts, can get heated at times. Easier said than done I know but don t let it get you down. ATB soi

PrefInvestor1 20 Jan 2019

Portfolio Positioning For Brexit Vote Hi @trader_jack, Good to hear from you. I am a bit saddened to hear that you have been put off posting due to negative remarks from other posters on this site. I know that the brexit topics can get a bit lively but if you have received personal negative responses to your posts then I have to say that’s not good. Personally I try never to respond in an aggressive negative way and in most cases I can usually see the other parties point of view. However I have received the odd personally critical post myself and it is not pleasant and it does make you wonder whether continuing to contribute here is worthwhile, but on balance I think it is. I would miss our conversations if you totally ceased posting. As for brexit who knows how that is going to develop from here. Personally my guess is that no deal is now unlikely, an extension to Article 50 highly likely and a second referendum distinctly possible. But that’s just my guess. I was glad to see the confidence vote so comprehensively voted down, so maybe we are safe from the loony left for a while !. Bit surprised to hear that you had to sell some investments to fund your car purchase. Obviously don’t keep much cash on hand in regular accounts I guess. I hear Prince Phillip has a new Range Rover today so you are in good company anyway !. Re my solar panels, no not practical to do such things myself. Too much roofing and electrical work required. My neighbour DID do his system himself though, but then his business is home automation systems. So not impossible if you have the right skills. Re ii you may be surprised at how good they are, quite a number of people seem to use them. Fingers crosssed anyway !. ATB Pref

J_Westlock 20 Jan 2019

Everyday Old_Eyes: Can’t help but feel a lot of companies will use Brexit as a pretence to increase premiums/cost of their products. Not just The AA. Let’s say the AA are proved wrong, will they decrease the premiums in 2020, or pass the difference back? Will they f… Absolutely… and another eventuality that was predicted pre-2016… but labelled as Project Fear.

Old_Eyes 20 Jan 2019

Everyday Can’t help but feel a lot of companies will use Brexit as a pretence to increase premiums/cost of their products. Not just The AA. Let’s say the AA are proved wrong, will they decrease the premiums in 2020, or pass the difference back? Will they f…

PrefInvestor1 20 Jan 2019

Portfolio Positioning For Brexit Vote Hi @macbonzo, Re the solar panels, I hope so but we will just have to wait and see. Depends on what happens to electricity prices and how much electricity they actually save us. My wife is also quite keen on the green aspects of solar, I am too as long as the financials work out. Yes wood burning stoves are popular here as well. Well they were till recently anyway when many were cited as caysung air pollution and possibke health issues and there was talk if some being banned. Re the markets, well they were going well Friday night and further positive trade news will likely make them move higher still. In the uk we still have the possibility of a no deal brexit to worry about, and both uk and European markets might suffer if that happens. Personally I think some kind of deal will get struck. ATB Pref

macbonzo 20 Jan 2019

Portfolio Positioning For Brexit Vote Your solar panels I think will be a great long term investment (there, I actually said the words “long term investment”). In Italy, because, the price of gas is expensive, the most efficacious way to hear your house is by a wood pellet boiler. My neighbour had a substantial number of solar panels. Getting back to Investment, I think the question is this: After the 20% correction, do we a) go on to hit new highs, or, b) stutter here an go back down?. My guess would be for the latter, however we could hit 2800

trader_jack 20 Jan 2019

Portfolio Positioning For Brexit Vote Good morning Prefinvestor, And a happy and hopefully prosperouse New Year to you. I have been trying not to post on this board this year because of all those who would instantly disagree in a most impolite way with any view I may have held just for the sake of being able to and possibly thinking how amusing they were in so doing. I find it a most disagreeable attitude to adopt, many of us have differing views on almost every topic, it would be a very sad world if everybody thought exactly the same as everyone else and acted exactly the same. I saw that you had sold your ETF.s and felt for you wondering whether you had taken the correct decision or just acted too hastily. I am about to update my car and I needed to realise some capital to pay the bill. I sold out of BNKR on Friday. I signed for the new car on Thursday but did not like the way the price was moving (whatever I decide to do on the market the price I am looking at always seems to move against me at that moment in time!) I decided to wait until Friday and found the price starting moving in my favour. I completed the sale about midday with the price a smidge over 818 up 2 or 3p over the morning and for a reason I can no longer understand I had already decided that 817p would be my optimal get out price in the current market - of course I would have liked to see 850 -900p but we can all dream. The price finished about 823p on the day so I had sold about the mid price for the day which I think was probably reasonable. Had I held off until later in the day or left it until tomorrow the price would probably have moved against me as it always seems to have the habit of doing in such circumstances. When I was attempting to work for a living I always squared off my book prior to the weekend unless I had a strong conviction or I had been asked to maintain a position by my bosses. Brexit seems to be coming something of a joke. Corbyn’s statement that May was ready to talk to him he regarded as a stunt and then he refuses to meet with her unless she agreed to drop no deal . I am unsure about which was the “bigger” stunt. The Irish DUP leader saying in an interview that her party were not argumentative just made me chuckle at the thought that they might be anything else but. However, can we not just lock every MP into one of HMP’s oldest jails or mental institutions, throw away the keys, and make sure that they have no outside communication at all? Lob water (or whatever) across the walls together with Macdonalds (or Noodles R Us or whatever) on a regular basis and refuse to let them out until they have finalised a single plan upon which they all agree and have all put pen to paper on that deal. Oh, and do what the U.S. have done to their federal employees and stop their pay and expenses until they have agreed upon a single deal. Well done with your solar panels. Did you do all the work yourself? The weather is wall to wall sunshine here so if you have the same your solar panels should be helping keep your costs down and hopefully (if it can be believed) adding to your income by providing electricity to the National Grid. I will keep watching these pages, indeed, I am due to become an ii customer in the coming month (something I am dreading) as the sale of Alliance Trust Savings is finally completed. I intend to keep any postings to an absolute minimum as I have said but it would be good if we can stay in touch. Best regards TJ

PrefInvestor1 20 Jan 2019

Portfolio Positioning For Brexit Vote Hi @trader_jack, Happy New Year to you, haven’t noticed any posts from you lately - hope you are well and back from NI by now I guess ?. Pretty sure you will have been enjoying the stock market bounce especially in respect of your US holdings. Been a good start to the year for me, but am sorely regretting selling my ETFs when I did which has cost me a bit - and perhaps some more if markets keep rising. Brexit is still a threat though and we seem totally stymied now, at least the confidence vote failed and we aren’t at risk from the loony left just yet. I have just completed having my solar panels installed which was pretty stressful what with having scaffolding up all over the front of the house and people ripping the roof up (or that’s how it felt at the time). But they’ve done a good job and I am happy with the result. Just need it to be sunny now !. ATB Pref