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II Editor 22 Sep 2017

NEW ARTICLE: The Oil Man: Lamprell - Profit warning today, jam tomorrow "WTI $50.55 -15c, Brent $56.43 +14c, Diff -$5.88 n/c, NG $2.95 -15cOil vacillated yesterday: Brent rose as Nigerian crude outages kept demand for that crude firm whilst WTI drifted.NYSE:XOM:Exxon announced that its Baytown and Beaumont refineries ..."[link]

penhome 05 Apr 2017

Re: Good job here PEN . Thanks One!I think the chart I posted on 291116 is still running!My entry was at 87Pen

onedb1 04 Apr 2017

Good job here PEN . you touched around 50% up if I recall your entry well. Should have followed as I agreed with this one . I chose the producers/explorers in the sector rather that spot the relative strength in the service providers too and great LAM chart . Which you highlighted .

oceanfree 29 Mar 2017

Re: POO not all Yes it's moving up again after some poor results. Anyone know why?

farmerdave 29 Mar 2017

POO not all OK when the price moved against the POO then I admit there is something afoot ?FD

Broker Bob 09 Mar 2017

Wow! what happened today?? 7.5% fall?? Anyone know why? Was the previous rise based on a rumour that didn't play out?

Broker Bob 07 Mar 2017

Re: Sharp rise in share price. Petrofac has been moving steadily upwards over the last few weeks, as oil price improves. Perhaps it's taken a while before this has factored in to Lamps. I can't find any particular reason why the share price has moved so much.

donna blitzen 07 Mar 2017

Re: Sharp rise in share price. From 'plunger2' on the ADFN board."This sort of stuff is helping to push it up:[link] from the motley fool and is an encouraging read.

oceanfree 06 Mar 2017

Re: Sharp rise in share price. Its moving up again - 10% today - have they sold something?

oceanfree 03 Mar 2017

Re: Sharp rise in share price. Anyone know what's happening here - price seems surprisingly buoyant.

farmerdave 28 Feb 2017

Re: Sharp rise in share price. Oil price ? (Believe wins in wind still a minor but growing part)FD

donna blitzen 27 Feb 2017

Sharp rise in share price. This is a very quiet board which makes me wonder if many people have noticed what is going on. The share price is clearly on the move even though the underlying reason why isn't (yet) clear.

onedb1 18 Dec 2016

Re: LAMPRELL Positives Coming fast. Just spotted it.

Contrariwise 16 Dec 2016

Shares down 7% today. Why? No news, anyone know anything? POO up, so why isn't LAM?

penhome 03 Dec 2016

Re: LAMPRELL Positives Coming fast. On faster communications, my email is my user name at