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farmerdave 17 Aug 2015

Re: Interesting infographic report on LAM mcesher - I hope you get paid well for reviewing everything for simplywallst but looks like a waste of apce really

mcescher 29 Jul 2015

Interesting infographic report on LAM Looking undervalued and I like the business. I plan on topping up after reading this infographic [link]

1al 27 May 2015

chart Any chartists out there looking at this one? if so what do you see? I'd like to think that this share should move above the previous high of 178, but I admit that its a difficult one to read.1al

Daxies 11 May 2015

Re: Big Volumes Today Thanks. Seems that the MMs know the results already! LOL

donna blitzen 11 May 2015

Re: Big Volumes Today Yes Daxies. AGM tomorrow and the possibility of accompanying news.

Daxies 11 May 2015

Big Volumes Today Anyone got any ideas why?SP big swings too!

farmerdave 06 May 2015

Re: NUMIS reiterates 219P tgt wondered why IP group jumed as wellthanks

forwardloop 05 May 2015

NUMIS reiterates 219P tgt Lamprell FTSE 250 Energy Buy 219p 140 56.4% Numis Securities LtdIP Group FTSE SMALLCAP Financial Buy 339 210.6 61.0% Numis Securities LtdInternational Ferro Metals Ltd FTSE SMALLCAP Basic Materials Buy 25 2.7 825.9% Numis Securities Ltd

forwardloop 23 Apr 2015

upgrade 145p tgt UpgradeBodycote Buy 870 21.1% InvestecLamprell Buy 145p 11.5% InvestecInternational Personal Finance Sector Perform 500 -0.3% RBC Capital Markets

durby 20 Apr 2015

Re: Chart - nicely on an uptrend It has to fall through two major support lines before you see that. So far support is intact.

PMP1 19 Apr 2015

Re: Chart - nicely on an uptrend But is the gap at 103 going to be filled?

durby 18 Apr 2015

Chart - nicely on an uptrend [link] lines show the trading range.

forwardloop 13 Apr 2015

reason for rise UpgradeNew ratingLamprell Buy 219p 81.0% Numis Securities Ltd

II Editor 19 Mar 2015

NEW ARTICLE: Lamprell man buys as profits double "LSE:LAM:Lamprell returned to profit last year after a string of profit warnings in 2012 left the oil services company a pale shadow of its former self. Now, in 2014, the firm has generated record profits on flat sales and the shares bounced ..."[link]

MyHobby 19 Mar 2015

results Shame that these results don't propel LAM back to 300p. I was told by an ex manager at LAM that their main issue is that they only make shallow water rigs and yet most exploration is going deeper off shore. David