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stutes 14 Feb 2019

Brexit [link] WIG has been adversely affected by projects being stalled/cancelled - has K been affected by the same advserse factors?

stutes 11 Feb 2019

Ardmore 8% return [link] K’s new CEO needs to boost the construction unit % return to match that of Ardmore/Bowmer Kirkland.

stutes 09 Feb 2019

Kier Spitafields [link] Skanska’s problems providè a warning to all contractors to fully price risk

stutes 08 Feb 2019

Kier Spitafields [link] My concern is more focused on K securing too much work during a period of Brexit/Trade wars and seeing margin erosion once uncertainty lifted. Wouldn’t it be better for contractors to downsize and wait for Brexit to be resolved, etc?

stutes 07 Feb 2019

Interserve K needs to learn the lessons of Interserve and ensure the Interserve problems/mistakes are not made at K.

stutes 05 Feb 2019

Kier Spitafields Construction Enquirer reports K has secured school in Cheltenham, Manchester screen building; Cityam reports K has secured a multi storey block of flats in London. It shows clients remain confident in K, however, more turnover needs working capital - is it within rights issue allocation?

stutes 04 Feb 2019

Kier Spitafields [link] In doing large contracts how is K protecting shareholders from losses on the big contracts, if they turn bad? I also read Balfour and K have a payment period above 50 days - thought some of K’s cash call was earmarked for quicker payment period?

J_Westlock 30 Jan 2019

Brexit stutes: HMG needs to sort Brexit out quickly. You’re right @stutes… but that’s what happens when you ask the Proles to vote on something that actually matters… and why Pandora’s box is best left unopened.

stutes 30 Jan 2019

£300m debt repayment plan? – 29 Jan 19 Timeline: Where did it all go wrong for Kier? Construction outsourcer Kier Group has had a tricky few months. Makes you wonder how K will produce the goods and repay £300m of debt?

stutes 30 Jan 2019

Brexit [link]

stutes 30 Jan 2019

Brexit The ongoing kicking the can down the road by HMG and no deal threats surely must be making banks, developers nervous of starting or financing projects till there is clarity? We shall see the harm done to UK plc as the data is released. HMG needs to sort Brexit out quickly.

stutes 28 Jan 2019

Future indepence of K [link] In a falling market for shares, assets it is a buyer’s market and companies that are forced we,let’s could end up selling an asset cheaply and rather the bad bits a good unit. K needs to show shareholders it got a full price and sold a low profit unit rather than 4% earning business.

stutes 28 Jan 2019

CEO's pay-off Should be the bare minimum.

stutes 27 Jan 2019

Future indepence of K Times reports K looking to sell its housing maintenance unit for circa £20m to £30m, not considered core to the business. I find it amazing that companies that follow an Empire-building strategy how many units are latter considered non-core or the crown jewels are sold to pay down debt, etc. If the housing maintenance unit generates 4% return then why not offload the lower profit/higher contractual risk construction unit?

stutes 23 Jan 2019

Future indepence of K I think FM market could be damaged by Government strategy changing due to Carillion and Interserve fallout. K has a significant FM business. I think it may be prudent to offload the FM business ahead of HMG strategy changes?