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Thunderjack 19 Sep 2019

If you're genuinely interested in hearing them 'come clean' you can listen to the analyst presentation. It will take an hour of your valuable time though; so it might just be easier to fling a few dumb comments onto this board about nothing in particular. They've provisioned for practically every single thing you could think of, including the cancellation of HS2. Kier Living isn't being sold piecemeal; it's got a £163m asking price; they have approx five bidders for the business; it doesn't include £10m of 'mothballed' land which I think is land that has been written down from £50m. Anyway, dyor and then maybe express your thinking.

stutes 19 Sep 2019

Result raises questions I think K needs to come clean on the value destroying takeovers, timing of provisions and management changes, the piecemeal sale of Kier Living and Saffron Walden site sale

Ripley94 13 Sep 2019

CEO quotes bank pulling exposure to 4 other contractors KIE… XXXX Appears i bought twice @ 115p … sold almost both of the last two trenches buy setting a 145p ( kept a few back to round up remaining ) it went strait through @ 145.3p dropped back after maybe lucky there .

Thunderjack 11 Sep 2019

Big jump in the Kier share price today. Up 21p and over 17%. No news that I can see. Break-out well established. I reckon it's gonna be a steady climb now to Thursday next week and beyond. £2 by Friday week.

Thunderjack 10 Sep 2019

Fairly big day for Kier shares today; up 5.5p almost 5% on increasing volume. Share price looks like it's broken out, finishing above 120p, ahead of results due on Thursday next week. Since the current p/e is around 1, if the results show that the business has made any profit and is not bust (all the signs are that debt is reducing and there will be some profits) I'm expecting this to take off in spectacular fashion. I was hoping to buy on a dip, but Kier got a lot of attention a few weeks ago with its trading update, so I might have to grab some at tomorrow's price. Hedge funds were shorting and one has exited completely, in anticipation of share price recovery. The others might be following.

stutes 10 Sep 2019

Kier Living [link] The proposed sale of Galliford Try’s homes unit may affect the sale of Kier Living as to price and general interest. It is also nteresting how the cycle has turned so big contractors appear to be exiting the housing market, having spent years and money gaining market share.

stutes 06 Sep 2019

Risk management [link] I wonder if K has too many big contracts ?

stutes 05 Sep 2019

Change in key staff Construction Enquirer I appreciate staff churn, what concerns me is the timing of the announcement ahead of tK’s rading update. It may well be unfounded.

Thunderjack 04 Sep 2019

Shorters haven't been 'flushed out'. It's the most shorted stock on the market. But some of the hedgefunds shorting kier are reducing their short. Current share price suggest that the company is going bust like carillion and interserve, but that was just the market making an obvious conclusion months back. Instead, according to the last trading update, debt is reducing. If the company isn't bust, this is underpriced by a factor of 3 or 4 at least. You've presented no facts to support your claim that 'this is going to zero'. Kier keeps winning contracts and is reportedly paying suppliers early! They had a rights issue none months ago and cancelled the dividend. Rights issue was £250m and the dividend last yr was about £67m. All of that money has gone into cash and is being used to reduce supplier payment days (down from massively from 57 to 41 days) and reduce debt. Results are out on the 19th. That's why the shorters are reducing. Kier isn't going bust and will likely be rerated on the 19th. Broker note from Peel and Hunt have a short term target of £2. So it's not 'a shorters' dream'. It might be a shorter's nightmare though.

SaraRacano 03 Sep 2019

A shorters dream It´s acting in similar fashion to Carpetright which defied the laws of gravity for a long time. The market makers have flushed out the shorters, this is what makes the most shorted stocks very dangerous. Also shorting is for a very short time. Shorters took their profits around 85p levels, I am very surprised they haven´t come back. You have to go against the flow. This one is going to zero. There is absolutely no fundamental why you would buy this stock unless some one could kindly tell me one!

stutes 03 Sep 2019

PM I data CityAM – 3 Sep 19 Construction industry output ‘drops like a brick’ to a decade low - CityAM Britain’s construction industry suffered its sharpest decline in new work in more than a decade last month, as economic uncertainty [...] Data does not bode well for the UK construction sector. Even the new about Ferguson splitting itself shows UK market is likely to be anti- construction for some time, otherwise why do it for the short to medium term? The General Election is another possible cause for contracts to stall. Messrs Davies, Fox , Raab cannot hide from the fallout.

stutes 02 Sep 2019

17 days to update Sept 19th should be a watershed day for K in that the all downside is hopefully known including for the asset sales, leaving only the upside.

Thunderjack 30 Aug 2019

Ripley: Is this just rumour-mongering? Which CEO, which contractors and which banks?

stutes 30 Aug 2019

Brexit fallout fear - banks then what? U.K. Banks Face 25% Earnings Hit From No-Deal Brexit, Citi Says [link] We should know the rea or likely cost of Brexit in terms of K by Dec 2019.

Ripley94 30 Aug 2019

CEO quotes bank pulling exposure to 4 other contractors KIE… Broker note sent to phone by some new people a “broker says buy” . Topped up again @115p