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Hardboy 08 Nov 2017

Re: Thursday Richard: "Not sure the Yield is 3% - that's what ii have it at"You're quite right. ii's yield figure is a simple calculation of the full year dividend divided by the current share price. However the figures ii quote on their fundamentals page are shown as GBP but are actually the $ figures. Last year's FYD was 33c, so taking an exchange rate of 1.32 & last night's closing price of 1054 we'd get a yield of 2.38%

PMP1 07 Nov 2017

Re: Thursday Sharescope have a yield of 2.78%

Ravinell 07 Nov 2017

Quiet All the hype surrounding this share seems to have evaporated. This seems a more realistic level. I cannot see any good reason for buying now, though they probably represent fair value, always assuming there are no more banana skins. One to mull over, again!

RichardLY 07 Nov 2017

Re: Thursday Not sure the Yield is 3% - that's what ii have it at but it's not ususally accurate here; HL have it at 2.5% which could be more accurate?

Hardboy 07 Nov 2017

Thursday This is one share which needs a positive update on Thursday. It seems to have become one of the most unloved shares on the LSE, to such an extent that it's beginning to look like a good value share - yield over 3%, PE around 15. Gone are the days of it being priced for rapid growth.

middler2 24 Aug 2017

Wake up everyone - perspective! Hello all.Let's not forget this business earns around two thirds of it's profit from injectables. Much too large a portion to be caught up in the generics downturn to the extent it has.To cheers us all up, I found this on another website:[link] know capacity does not equal sales, but surely the company is telling us there is a LOT of further potential in injectables - currently the biggest and most profitable part of the company. I would not be surprised to see a MAJOR jump in profits in the next two years and for me, this is a belting investment at this price.

Proverbs 26 vs 5 22 Aug 2017

Re: raising prices Yes they can charge what they like, BUT the healthcare insurance companies can direct that a much cheaper alternative is used/supplied. The price hike strategy can backfire dramatically and they can end up losing what they already have.

susanne9 21 Aug 2017

raising prices Are they allowed to raise prices 430% This seems excessive.

Thedarkkn1ght 20 Aug 2017

Hikma raises prices in US Hikma’s US unit sharply raises prices of several drugsWest-Ward increase cost of medicines by as much as 430%Hikma, the London-listed generic drugmaker, has sharply increased the price of a string of medicines in the US — including a diarrhoea treatment that has risen 430 per cent — in the latest instance of “gouging”.West-Ward Pharmaceuticals, the US division of Hikma, raised the price of six of its drugs at the start of the month by between 75 per cent and 430 per cent, according to figures seen by the Financial Times. The mean increase was 237 per cent.[link]

nk1999 20 Aug 2017

Peel Hunt From Citywire (18/08):"Hikma shares only ‘optically cheap’, says Peel HuntShares in Hikma Pharmaceuticals (HIK) fell after the company lowered its guidance for 2017 generics sales which Peel Hunt said would weigh despite the shares remaining ‘optically cheap’.Analyst Amy Walker retained her ‘hold’ recommendation and target price of £21.50 on the stock after it trimmed its guidance for 2017 revenue to $2 billion due to a weaker outlook for the generics business. The news sparked a 9.9% slump in the shares to £11.92 yesterday.Walker said she was likely to cut her 2017 earnings expectations for the group by 7%. ‘Investor sentiment on generics remains subdued and though Hikma’s valuation is undemanding, we see few catalysts for outperformance given lingering worries over the mid-term outlook,’ she said.Walker also noted a lack of news on the launch of its generic asthma drug, a version of GlaxoSmithKline’s Advair treatment. ‘Though Hikma remains optically cheap despite the implied forecast cuts, we expect [the] results to continue to weigh on sentiment, and we remain at “hold”,’ she added."I don't understand a target of £21.50 with a HOLD rating.nk

Proverbs 26 vs 5 18 Aug 2017

Generic drugmakers feel pinch as prices crumble FT article:Ih you're looking for comfort you won't find it here.[link]

Proverbs 26 vs 5 18 Aug 2017

Quote from the FT The overall picture for generic companies, however, remains gloomy. In the words of one analyst: “When you have that combination of oversupply and consolidation on the demand side, it's a recipe for catastrophe.” (FT, WSJ)

sapito 18 Aug 2017

Re: price drop "FDA announced in late June that it plans to promote drug competition, including expedited review for generic drug applications". Hopefully, Hikma (re Advair) will benefit from this relaxation.

Proverbs 26 vs 5 18 Aug 2017

Re: price drop Found this article which may cast light on my question:[link]

Proverbs 26 vs 5 18 Aug 2017

price drop Interesting to do a dual chart comparing Hikma with Mylan. Both follow the same pattern. /now why is that?