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devonplay 11 Aug 2019

Trading Update Opioid Addiction Recovery Centers Have a Growing Problem. “The New York Times recently published an article chronicling the shift of opioid addiction recovery centers from abstinence-based programs toward medication-based programs. The author highlighted JourneyPure at the River, an addiction treatment center based in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, as an example. While the article touted the benefits of a medication-based treatment approach, it only briefly glossed over its flaws.” Why should the opioid manufacturers who fueled the epidemic that is responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of Americans get to profit off of the cure? "I would not deny anyone the medication they need if it helped them get sober, but it bothers me that there is not a word of criticism of the companies who created this epidemic continuing to profit from its treatment. For example, Purdue Pharma, which manufactures the powerful brand name opioid OxyContin and has been under fire for colorful pills on trayallegedly fueling the opioid crisis, also manufactures buprenorphine, one of the federally-approved drugs used to treat opioid addiction. The same is true for other pharmaceutical companies, like Hikma Pharmaceuticals, which manufactures methadone in addition to oxycodone and codeine." Darrell Castle & Associates – 4 Jan 19 Opioid Addiction Recovery Centers Have a Growing Problem - NY Times Opioid addiction recovery centers using medication-assisted treatment are putting newborns in danger. Here's what the New York Times article got wrong.

devonplay 10 Aug 2019

Trading Update Hikma Pharmaceuticals Injectables core revenue by product type “Controlled substances” peeked H1 18, declined through year. Might that effect profits going forward? (BBC article 8 Nov 18).

devonplay 10 Aug 2019

Trading Update [link] Distributors, pharmacies and manufacturers respond to previously unreleased DEA data about opioid sales [link] [link] Figures for 2006-2012 Purdue 3.3% market share West-ward 0.5%

devonplay 10 Aug 2019

Trading Update Looks like last years profits were boosted by increased sales of US opioids. "8 Nov 2018 US opioid shortage lifts Hikma Hikma Pharmaceuticals is leading the FTSE 250 this morning, up 7.5% at £20.62, after it lifted its sales forecast as it supplies more opioid painkillers to the US which is experiencing a shortage." BBC

devonplay 10 Aug 2019

Trading Update devonplay: Purdue Pharma In May 2018, six states — Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Tennessee and Texas — filed lawsuits charging deceptive marketing practices, adding to 16 previously filed lawsuits by other U.S. states and Puerto Rico.[40][41] By January 2019, 36 states were suing Purdue Pharma. Massachusetts attorney general Maura Healey complains in her lawsuit that eight members of the Sackler family are “personally responsible” for the deception. She alleges they “micromanaged” a “deceptive sales campaign.”[42] In March 2019, Purdue Pharma reached a $270m settlement in a lawsuit,[43] filed by Oklahoma, which claimed its opioids contributed to the deaths of thousands of people.[44][45] In May 2007, the company pleaded guilty to misleading the public about Oxycontin’s risk of addiction and agreed to pay US$600 million in one of the largest pharmaceutical settlements in U.S. history. The company’s president (Michael Friedman), top lawyer (Howard R. Udell) and former chief medical officer (Paul D. Goldenheim) pleaded guilty as individuals to misbranding charges, a criminal violation and agreed to pay a total of US$34.5 million in fines.[29][30] Friedman, Udell and Goldenheim agreed to pay US$19 million, US$8 million and US$7.5 million, respectively. In addition three top executives were charged with a felony and sentenced to 400 hours of community service in drug treatment programs.[31]

devonplay 10 Aug 2019

Trading Update West-Ward Pharmaceuticals Corporation (which I believe is now rebranded Himka?) is one of the 5 top global providers of Opioids (2019) Given the ongoing opiods crisis in the USA, Himka which is by far their largest market (as far as I can remember almost x5 ROW if memory serves me) I’d be concerened they don’t find themselves in the same position as Purdue. the Guardian – 16 May 19 Five more US states sue Purdue Pharma over its role in opioid crisis Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland and West Virginia join several dozen other states, alleging company pushed false claims “Five more US states sued the painkiller maker Purdue Pharma on Thursday, alleging misconduct in the marketing and sales of opioids such as the company’s highly profitable OxyContin narcotic.” I don’t think they break out how reliant they are on opiods sales in the USA, but if they do. That would be my first piece of research/consideration before investing. the Guardian – 25 Oct 17 America's opioid crisis: how prescription drugs sparked a national trauma Aggressive marketing of painkillers made from opium poppy led to a generation of addicts and the deaths of almost 100 people a day from overdoses “Aggressive marketing of painkillers made from opium poppy led to a generation of addicts and the deaths of almost 100 people a day from overdoses” I believe West-ward used to have their own web site. You need to see what % of sales are “opiod crisis” exposed: Vicodin alternatives Generics - hydrocodone/acetaminophen If they report it. If they don’t ask yourself why not? DL If they are declining in the USA I’d check to see if they are growing in EM. I’m not suggesting Hikma are doing this, but others companies have been aggresive in pushing stuff in developed markets and when they get caught out you know where they head next…

frog_in_a_tree 09 Aug 2019

Trading Update HIK’s interim report was very positive today with uprate guidance for the full year. HIK crasked over 2017 but since early 2018 has doubled in price since its low point. Not bad for anyone who got in at that point. The interim divi was raised but still the yield is only 1.6%. The market reacted positively with 6% sp increase. It kinda costs me nothing as my investments are restricted to my Verizon Comms dividends. Combined, they are doing good! I think that this is a keeper for sp growth and the possibility of a takeover at some point. Cheers, Frog in a tree

paul1945 23 May 2018

Director dealing bought 1000 !

paul1945 18 May 2018


Hardboy 18 May 2018

Trading Update Judging by the way the share price was up & down today brokers weren't sure if the update was good or bad. My view was it was on balance good, showing steady progress; and I think markets edged higher as the end of the day approached so I think they agreed.

Hardboy 16 May 2018

Recovery It's certainly been an impressive recovery in the last 10 weeks - adding over 60% in value. I'm just cursing myself for not having stronger convictions that it was oversold.

paul1945 20 Apr 2018

Re: Feeling grumpy I am very grumpy + @ £24

frusset 20 Apr 2018

Feeling grumpy I downloaded the annual report ten minutes ago and just deleted it, because it reads like a marketing exercise and looks like a colour supplement. Am I turning into Victor Meldrew?

Hardboy 22 Feb 2018

Price movements 2 days ago the appointment of a new CEO was met with a healthy rise in share price. With no significant news it's now lower than before his appointment. Where's the logic in that?

Ravinell 06 Dec 2017

Here we go again They may have been oversold, but it is all one way traffic at the minute. The MM will have their fun, suck a few more in, pull the plug, repeat. I can see no imperative to jump in at this level, though I would not deter anyone.