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jackdawsson 23 Jan 2019

Long @ 131.33 Hi Doug, Maybe so, though SP back down to 131.20+ as I write. But frankly, there’d be no regrets re booking my gains even if SP was higher. Reason: we’ve recently seen seismic changes across the entire energy sector, with younger customers increasingly switching between suppliers. A trend that’s likely to continue as it’s now so easy. IMO, though I’d not advise anyone either way & certainly not against buying CNA as I think there’s value at these low levels, I also feel that added caution for investors right across this sector is no bad thing. GL. Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 11.26.45.png500x908 32.4 KB Which? News – 21 Jan 19 Best and worst energy companies for 2019 – Which? News Which? reveals the best and worst energy companies, according to their customers. Find out which gas and electricity firm has the best customer service, bills, complaints handling, helps you save energy and best value for money.

Uncle_Doug 23 Jan 2019

Long @ 131.33 We can expect future SP rises IMO. Martin Lewis weekly email once again recommends Centrica: "Prefer a big name supplier? Right now the cheapest from a Big 6 firm is a British Gas 1yr fix at a typical £1,027/yr after MSE cashback - plus most homeowners get ‘free’ boiler cover for a year. "

jackdawsson 18 Jan 2019

Long @ 131.33 jackdawsson: 131.33 long. Close to support levels at circa 130. Mindful of seasonal factors, we may see limited rises ahead. Would settle for a few points. Trading only. Closed 136.51. Booked 5+ points. Reasons: always a short-term trade & I’m building bigger cash position. Possible resistance up ahead. - GLA.

Uncle_Doug 10 Jan 2019

Long @ 131.33 Looking forward SP should rise from today’s 131p. Lots of tailwinds IMHO. Price cap is already factored in. Perfect temperatures recently and over next 2 wks - sub 10 degreesby day and 0-2 at night - need to use heating but not so cold that emergency callouts required. As long as its cold but no prolonged beast from east CNA will benefit. Also will be mopping up customers from the 9 failed energy companies in last year (with more to come). Along with that we have 3 months of Brexit chaos and possible election or 2nd referendum … in all the uncertainty defensives will do well. I bet we get 150p by April but even if SP stays still there’s a 9% annual gain from divvies.

jackdawsson 09 Jan 2019

Long @ 131.33 Hi Fiat, Thanks. VG points. Always balanced points for you & I agree. I’ll clarify that I’m not so confident as to be investing here or in much else. More so trading. Having recently exited TSCO I see some value here. As CNA’s chart shows, there’s plenty of support just below & a fillable gap above for later. SP closed 145.75 on 21st November. Opened 133 next day. However, I’d probably be out before any moves to 145 are fulfilled. - Regards. Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 13.25.26.png813x865 53.2 KB

frog_in_a_tree 09 Jan 2019

Long @ 131.33 With the collapse of another small energy company the big suppliers should benefit. I still have a lot of concerns about CNA and think it will take time and a new focus on customers before they will lose their reputation as rip-off merchants. Cheers, Frog in a tree

jackdawsson 09 Jan 2019

Long @ 131.33 131.33 long. Close to support levels at circa 130. Mindful of seasonal factors, we may see limited rises ahead. Would settle for a few points. Trading only. - GL. PS: Whilst this doesn’t add usefully to L/T holders of CNA, it appears this BB is fairly dormant anyway.

Uncle_Doug 14 Dec 2018

More pain Gamesinvestor1: Looks like the index is heading for 6500 Agree. 6500 easily … but then I do like bargains. My wad is waiting for it. I reckon we could see 6300. Trump might ensure that!

Akis1999 14 Dec 2018

More pain The first thing I thought was “the companies have gone bust but I bet their owners/directors are making a bomb”… This is the nature of business, to make a profit and reward the owners. I bet they have paid themselves handsome salaries and pensions regardless.

Gamesinvestor1 14 Dec 2018

More pain Looks like the index is heading for 6500 The mess of the Conservative Party almost ensures that. Games - so more pain yet

Uncle_Doug 14 Dec 2018

More pain Current SP is 7p down on 2018 start SP, but 12p divvies gained. Doing way better than FTSE over 2018. YTD CNA up 5% (inc divvies), FTSE down 11%. Amazing returns available on CNA if you average down and keep calm. I’m looking for 180p in 2019 and I reckon I’ll get it. Need a cold winter. A Brexit deal will be done and then you’ll see. All IMHO.

Gamesinvestor1 13 Dec 2018

More pain I’ve taken my eye off the ball here, in the blind hope it’s can’t go any lower – it might well do of course. Also I guess Hive could be easily replaced by a cheaper generic solution - it’s also not making any real money. Your comments on Nuclear are pretty valid I suppose - does anybody want to buy Nuclear anymore, with it’s associated risks, decommissioning costs and inherent long maintenance downtimes - clean energy? until there is a leak of course. This is my last and only energy investment - when it’s gone it will still have been the last. Games

paddingtonbear 13 Dec 2018

More pain Sorry Games, I could stand this torture no longer and sold. It just seems to me every news item contains something negative for the past or future. The final straws were no update on selling nuclear ( but two stations underproducing ) and being minus £75million in profits next year. You can only survive so long on cash flow and not increasing debt. Paying out all eps as dividend really is unsustainable and Mr Conn’s promised land remains out of reach (forever?) Switched to GVC for a different type of gamble! Best of luck PB

El_Kel 13 Dec 2018

New CFO buys shares Jeff Bell, the recently installed CFO, has bought £25k of shares. A reasonable chunk. Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 11.28.18.png1234x529 60.1 KB [link]

Uncle_Doug 22 Nov 2018

Clutching at straws, er ... Strong Buy I notice the writer has shares so no surprise it’s positive. Motley Fool is scraping the barrel Frog - you should know better. Still, thanks for the link - all adds to the knowledge.