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TexDrilla 18 Sep 2019

CPR on Additional Prospects, Lixus Offshore Licence, Morocco Total remaining recoverable resources upgraded to in excess of 2 Tcf of gas CPR-on-Additional-Prospects_Chariot-Oil-Gas-Limited.pdf 292.38 KB Larry Bottomley, CEO commented: "The independent evaluation of the Additional Prospects in the Lixus licence describes material running room over and above the discovered resource base and low risk exploration portfolio in the Anchois Discovery and the Anchois Satellite prospects. The combination of the Anchois Discovery, the Anchois Satellite prospects and these five Additional Prospects defines a strategically significant resource adjacent to a fast-growing energy market with high gas prices and a need for increased supply. Following encouraging feedback from the partnering process, several interesting leads have been identified and these are currently being progressed by the Chariot team. We are pleased with the partnering process to date, which has received interest from a wide range of potential strategic partners across the energy value chain.”

TexDrilla 11 Sep 2019

Eco (Atlantic) Oil & Gas Ltd Nice one! Sold my ECO Shares somewhen in 2015/16 @ C$0.15 - LOL

Ripley94 10 Sep 2019

Billion Barrel Play Openers CHAR… XXXX Low point shows as 2.3p 1st April 2019 , little bonce then back to 3.59p five days back now 3.75p

Ripley94 10 Sep 2019

Eco (Atlantic) Oil & Gas Ltd ECO… XXXX Lucky i corrected that back in may

TexDrilla 01 Sep 2019

2Q19 Realised Morocco Gas Price US$10.31/mcf (SDX Energy) Realised Morocco Gas Price (SDX Energy) 1Q17: US$9.29/mcf 2Q17: US$9.44 /mcf 3Q17: US$9.53/mcf 4Q17: US$9.72/mcf 1Q18: US$10.03/mcf 2Q18: US$10.51/mcf 3Q18: US$11.05/mcf 4Q18: US$9.78/mcf 1Q19: US$10.26/mcf 2Q19: US$10.31/mcf *90mmscf/d= ?

dctiffield 31 Aug 2019

Malcy’s Blog – Bucket list 6 month update - ChariotO&G Good to see Malcy keep the faith with Chariot. As we know, he was pushing them hard a few months ago, but has been v quiet since then. Has he spoken to them recently to double check his confidence in them?..interesting.

TexDrilla 31 Aug 2019

Malcy’s Blog – Bucket list 6 month update - ChariotO&G Share Talk – 30 Aug 19 Malcy’s Blog – Bucket list 6 month update.   August 2019 Bucket List update By Malcolm Graham-Wood Once again, the bucket list performance has been incredibly volatile, crude oil was $78 a year ago and $65 when I updated #ChariotO&G - “Lixus deal looks very impressive and for a very small outlay they have a gas discovery at Anchois-1 which can be monetised very quickly. Having picked up a substantial 75% stake they will farm-out some of this but with a strong domestic gas market there will be no shortage of potential partners for the company.”

HelpOthersToo 02 Aug 2019

10 months from Namibia NQM, you are my hero!

theprior 01 Aug 2019

10 months from Namibia “Chariot are one of the better ones in my opinion.” Given the current sp I would venture it’s one of the worst. With the exception of buying Lixus (?) they’ve discovered nothing at all, in how many drills? Time the got off their arrisses and earned their keep! TP

NoQuestionMarks 01 Aug 2019

10 months from Namibia Prospect S was a long shot, not so much an investment as a spin of the roulette wheel. Like it or not, drilling a 4000m+ deep water well, without incident, for $16m is quite an achievement. When the well analysis comes back we might hopefully learn more. Looking on the bright side. If there is oil down there, on our licence, or just in the basin generally, getting it to the surface economically seems feasible. I took a small punt pre-drill at 10p, just a nibble. I filled my boots when the rush for the exit came post drill. I now sit with an average just under 4p, I am happy to hold them for the future. As AIM listed oilies go, Chariot are one of the better ones in my opinion. All the best nqm.

HelpOthersToo 01 Aug 2019

10 months from Namibia 10 months from the Namibia fiasco and Chariot has only managed to give us Lixus (well, not yet!). Meanwhile Chariot’s staff have continued drawing their salaries; especially Chariot’s exploration manager Duncan Wallace and group drilling manager David Brecknock . Yet nobody is complaining, particularly II. Don’t tell me the system isn’t crooked!

TexDrilla 10 Jul 2019

Presenting at the MMEA Oil Industry Scout Group Chariot Oil & Gas (Chariot_Oil) Chariot is pleased to be presenting at the Mediterranean, Middle East & Africa (MMEA) Oil Industry Scout Group today in London. A copy of the presentation is on our website: [link] 1:29 AM - 10 Jul 2019 Chariot_MMEA_July_2019.pdf 3.65 MB Anchois_gas_effect.jpg1227x810 774 KB

TexDrilla 09 Jul 2019

AGM statement I like “the level of interest seen to date from a wide range of businesses”. So undervalued @ MC: US$20m considering future flowrates of 70mmscf/d to 90mmscg/d and current gas prices averaging 9.0 – 10.5 $/mscf in Morocco. 3rd party study “demonstrated the technical feasibility and commercial attractiveness” of 70mmboe Anchois Nat Gas discovery, which is “anticipated to deliver strong returns and significant cash flow”. “Company is undertaking a further CPR on an additional five prospects in the Lixus licence, which should be completed in Q4 2019 and the Environmental Impact Assessment to facilitate appraisal operations in 2020 has been initiated.” The partnering data-rooms, for the Lixus licence, are open and the Chariot team is pleased with the level of interest seen to date from a wide range of businesses. [link] Chariot_Oil_Morocco.jpg1887x931 718 KB

Spitfire 09 Jul 2019

AGM statement Partnering processes are ongoing across the portfolio and the Company will update the market on developments as appropriate. Like that very much…

Spitfire 05 Jul 2019

Strong value generation from Anchois & Satellites All my buys last few days… Quietly accumulating past 5 million now… Very unloved still… great for the patient accumulator.