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onewayticket 19 Feb 2018

Re: Feb 22nd decision date then Morocco ... Thanks for the replies.I'm going for a Navtex extension and then an early start for the Rabat deep well. It should then be full steam ahead with the share price and the early start would be RNS able.It might even kick start any languishing on decisions re farm-ins to neighbouring blocks. No worries though on that front fro if there is an oil or gas find on the Rabat deep drill then the price to farm in on the neighbouring blocks goes up considerably.Own due diligence

Ripley94 19 Feb 2018

Re: Jimmy Rebalancing slice @ 19.8p on 19.6p limit ( S )

wheep0 19 Feb 2018

Re: Feb 22nd decision date then Morocco ... I think Lazza and his band think the wiggle out word “expected” in Q1 “ that they have used in all coms for the JP1 spud...covers all possibilities here..I see no material change city, as much as I would like to see an RNS issued just to prove the company is still working..


Re: Feb 22nd decision date then Morocco ... I too think it would be very easy for the exercises to be extended indefinitely. WHat is clear though is that there will be a material change to the planned drill at RD1 either a couple of weeks late or early and this news should be updated to shareholders.

wheep0 19 Feb 2018

Re: Feb 22nd decision date then Morocco ... More sunning on the helideck by the Saipem 12000 crew, bbqs with weekly themes, some fishing I would say, , whilst ENI drink coffee shots and pay 350k + per day for years until the Turkish/ Cypriot dispute is discussed and resolved... I can’t see any other option for the Saipem 12000 if the NAVTEX is extended by Turkey, which like you I see absolutely no reason they will lift it.....I mean what are the other options, no matter how silly they sound....With this we should expect JP1 to be deferred until about 2050 i would assume...

onewayticket 19 Feb 2018

Re: Feb 22nd decision date then Morocco ? What then will be the outcome please if Ankara issues a new Navtex on the 22nd February (as I think might be the case) ?

jimmy24 19 Feb 2018

Re: Brazil Hi henry,Certainly Brazil has high potential and will be derisked when shell drill in adjoining block. Not yet sure when that’s to happen. In the meantime Namibia is drill ready and now has tillow and Exxon nearby in the Wallis basin.Jimmy

HenrySinclair 19 Feb 2018

Re: Brazil JimmyIf I'm reading correctly. All anomalies across both SBAR-AP1 and AP2 have the same Campanian top and any drilling success will derisk the whole area.Shell's commitment to date and near term drilling provides me far more sense of reassurance in Brazil than Namibia.

jimmy24 18 Feb 2018

Re: Brazil Hi Henry.I just posted a link to the Brazil license round before I noted your post.The license round identified an large structure with an amplitude anomaly in our blocks. I would expect that the partners in the adjoining blocks will be looking at our data .It certainly possible that the seismic may be reprocessed to identify direct hydrocarbon indicators in the seismic.I am puzzled as to why there have been no updates for shareholders as to what is happening.Jimmy

jimmy24 18 Feb 2018

Brazil Still waiting on results of 3D seismic in Brazil.I found the license round promotional info at.[link] have high hopes for this area. Note the large amplitude anomaly in our block 293 on page 141.Jimmy

HenrySinclair 18 Feb 2018

Re: Brazil JimmyIs it possible that the data has been tested by a major (ENI super computer) prior to being released and sent back for revised audit by NSA.

Jamesons 18 Feb 2018

Re: Investors Chronicle I have checked my IC from a couple of weeks ago. The 35p is not a new target. Simon Thompson still has CHAR as a hold and he seems to agree with 35p as a target.

Jamesons 17 Feb 2018

Re: Investors Chronicle Must be the online version only or last weeks analysis of Simon Thompson’s Bargains for 2017. Is this a new online article ???

dctiffield 17 Feb 2018

Re: Investors Chronicle That's great news CT. I'm not a subscriber but would like to see what the article said. You better post one of your 'summary of opportunities', so newbies get a good idea of what's about to happen.


Investors Chronicle Posted by Real Analyist on LSEInvestor Chronicles very upbeat and confident analysis of Char's prospects .It suggests 35p should be easily achieved.