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alltold9 02 Oct 2018

Todays news Fabulous news today imhho. Where we finish today? My bet .20p+ Fingers crossed for a strong afternoon.

Droid#1 31 Jan 2018

Re: Patent Granted &.. Wow good point me, that RNS seems to almost respond to my previous post GLAD1.

Droid#1 30 Jan 2018

Patent Granted &.. They need to peddle this to more potential clients or even better sell the intellectual property rights GLAD1.

Andy Reilly 26 Sep 2017

I can only wish Matt Sutcliff well.... AXM has not done well, but health is always so important, so I can only wish him well and that AXM can still finds success with its technology.

Domayoil 21 Jul 2017

Re: Death rattle...... Thanks for replying Andy, good luck with your portfolio.

Andy Reilly 21 Jul 2017

Re: Death rattle...... Domayoil - Well you obviously have a lot of shares and hope riding with AXN, and I apologise for not being a fan of AXM, but I just dont like its management. I sold a good while ago at 13p (and for a reasonable profit) - I am a great believer in buying low and selling high - thats just a solid principle in my view, BUT sometimes I get it horribly wrong, and miss out.... so I merely try to express my opinion.I am not sure what is causing problems for you with the chart - maybe you are looking at it on a mobile, and I dont know how you cope with such a small screen IF thats the case!As to the chart currently, it strikes me that the market is none to keen on AXM, and the current low price reflects that concern (there seems a good reason for the lack of confidence, and I dont like fighting the market) Anyway I hope you do well with AXM, and it can start to deliver, BUT all I can say is it is NOT for me.... and I may well be wrong, of course! Best of luck-

Domayoil 20 Jul 2017

Re: Death rattle...... Ps I do have a few million.Thanks.

Domayoil 20 Jul 2017

Re: Death rattle...... Andy, please will you give me some analysis with Bollinger Bands on that chart.They are getting squeezed, breakout looks on the cards.What do you think ?

Andy Reilly 20 Jul 2017

Re: Death rattle...... Welll - thats VERY strange price action since the 30th June!!!

Andy Reilly 08 Jun 2017

Death rattle...... Oh dear- looking at the long term chart there is more than a hint of the 'death rattle' about it - You have to wonder, IF AXM cant pull in any significant revenues very soon, how much longer the company can carry on!? Unfortunately this co was launched when the mining boom was up and running, but the current market mood has left it seemingly high and dry - its all very sad!

Andy Reilly 08 Jun 2017

Re: Requested chart update - AXM B - very poor performance from AXM, and a great let down for those holding for a recovery!!!! I am afraid that the CEO, in my view, has a strange addiction to hopeful positive guff (see last results!) and is one of the major problems with AXM - I am sorry to say but he is just not to be trusted! And it seems clear the market doesnt trust him either - where are the deals? Its all very sad, so I hope no one has suffered too much by holding this wretched company's stock!

Bonker 12 Feb 2017

Requested chart update - AXM [link]

Andy Reilly 25 Jan 2017

Re: Real deal allT9 well Sentiment and HOPE are funny old things. BUT AXM has SO MUCH to prove... and I am still SO glad I sold!!!

Ripley94 30 Aug 2016

Re: What a veritable storm... Not such a laugh .. showing up 37% today.

alltold9 30 Aug 2016

Re: Real deal 1p becoming a reality!