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11:28 13/06/2018

As was noted on the Drainpipe board, this one now has no headers/topics/subject line which is a distinct drawback

11:27 13/06/2018

At least we have the posting history here. I can't find UKX though. I'm tied up putting together a new business website for the next few days. Sadly no time for charting. Hopefully it launches on 21st June, so I should have spare time then

11:26 13/06/2018

Hi Geng

10:10 13/06/2018

Well Done Pen! Have made my way here too!

00:05 13/06/2018

I’m just testing a few posts here....

00:04 13/06/2018

Anyone else here?

12:09 10/04/2014

Welcome to the new African Eagle Resources stream forum! Messages posted in the African Eagle Resources stream will be logged here for posterity.