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08 Jan 2019
10:52 14/05/2019

The only one on this bb being abusive is booster11 .. evidence? just look at his previous post. You have no credability here B11 for that very reason.

12:33 01/05/2019

The possibilities here are pretty much endless, it is a very complex situation with a number of ver interesting players not least of all the US govenment. I have to say though the theory that Hope is caught between being unable to agree an OOCS which would sacrifice his shorters and facing very serious criminal proceeding is quite compelling. There is no doubt about the asset now BLOE have pretty much proved it and the struggle here is not for nothing. Surely if this was a simple legal wrangle the courts will judge accordingly, if it is more than that we have front seats in a real blockbuster. Fact is anyone offering a simple one line definative answer to this (not mentioning any names) especially mixed in with insults is not worthy of any attention whatsoever.

16:28 27/03/2019

[link] Burning gas to generate power on offshore platforms, and using new, extensive subsea cabling to get that power to the onshore customers. That would obviously remove the cost of getting gas to the mainland, and would put Britain's new generation of power stations out at sea. They've come a long way from flaring all their gas by-catch

13:59 08/03/2019

Not a single post worth reading all day.

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