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08 Jan 2019
11:57 29/01/2020

And what will the Arbitrators say about that then Booster? I think as usual you have misunderstood.

18:40 27/01/2020

“We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious. They stole it from us." Remind you of anyone?

17:07 23/01/2020

American bullies? “According to recent sociological surveys, more than 70% of Georgia's population supports Euro-Atlantic integration. The last five years brought real and very tangible results: a deep and comprehensive free trade area, a free trade agreement with the European Union and visa-free travel,” he said. He added that EU and NATO membership is the only guarantee for Georgia's security and Georgia is ready to do its "homework [link] If you love Russia so much Booster why don't you go live there?

18:07 12/06/2019

Meanwhile on LSE they are actually discussing interesting and relevant events. Looks like FRR are one of only two (out of four two of which missed the deadlline) contenders for the Ukraine licence the other being Trident, though it looks like ~FRR have the advantage on the points based system Ukraine are using despite being described "The company has dubious gas production projects in Georgia and Moldova, the financial report for 2018 indicates its unprofitability." haha Check this out for an interesting eligability criteria "Minimum investment requirements: UAH 1,500,000,000 (USD 56,000,000)." Discuss

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