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08 Jan 2019
18:07 12/06/2019

Meanwhile on LSE they are actually discussing interesting and relevant events. Looks like FRR are one of only two (out of four two of which missed the deadlline) contenders for the Ukraine licence the other being Trident, though it looks like ~FRR have the advantage on the points based system Ukraine are using despite being described "The company has dubious gas production projects in Georgia and Moldova, the financial report for 2018 indicates its unprofitability." haha Check this out for an interesting eligability criteria "Minimum investment requirements: UAH 1,500,000,000 (USD 56,000,000)." Discuss

16:32 12/06/2019

I disagree TX2. It is not unusual for AIM sized companies to be less than communicative for a variety of reasons. The reasons for FRR silence right now are very well understood. As frustrating as it is getting angry is not going to help. We will get news in good time.

16:24 12/06/2019

You are free to post whatever you like about the subject of this BB. You are not free to troll other users. We are decent folk here.

10:52 14/05/2019

The only one on this bb being abusive is booster11 .. evidence? just look at his previous post. You have no credability here B11 for that very reason.

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