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05:47 25/07/2019

More shares for the directors as share price falls!!

06:49 03/05/2019

Shares now 280?

17:05 15/03/2019

From 390p before the share issue we are now at 290p - and we give the directors bonus shares?

13:08 10/10/2018

Are the shares in free fall?

18:22 27/09/2018

Why do the directors get more shares when the share pice has fallen 20%!!!!

07:07 24/08/2018

Share price still not moving - any ideas why this is turning out to be such a poor investment?

06:32 28/03/2018

The share issue has certainly destroyed the share price little sign of improvement in the last few weeks.

19:47 06/11/2017

Any ideas about the recent share price weakness?

14:36 09/10/2017

Good call Greyinvestor looking at 400p in 6months when on the main market and 5% dividend!

16:56 29/09/2017

Once the share offer has been digested I am looking for the shares to move to 400p with a 5% dividend at present and a high quality managemt they look under valued to me,