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19 Jun 2019
19:34 27/07/2019

Kind of makes the previous head guy's claim that the Hsg guy,s wouldnt have had the experience to run the company if they had got control at the Agm they scuppered by putting it into admin before they (Hsg) could have it ,now rings a bit hollow, HSG did say at the time that the rebrand would have a detrimental impact on sales, Would they have had the experience to sell of the Spanish buisness bought for £2.3b for £30m also latin American buisness for undisclosed figure .Would they have had the experience to evaporate over £1b in turnover in just over 5 years with downward salestrend continuing .What of tbe Hsg guy's why no progress reports from you ? Over the years that this has gone on ?

19:21 27/07/2019

If u guy's still out there ,why have,nt u posted anything ,in relation to another dismal set of results just put out by Hibu,turnover down another £100m for the last year alone ,&if this quarter results continue in same trend then this year looks to be in for anothet 10% drop in turnover

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