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15 Dec 2014
11:35 18/06/2015

with you on that Shadow only 30k trades granted all sells, but no big movement and from the email spuddy got its business as usual. no body knows how much money Sequa have this may be part of the plan they wont just have PVR on the list of things they are after but who knows

09:44 18/06/2015

in one way its a good thing, they seem to have been the least favourable choice long term its a good thing as long as we can get somebugger to farm in that is

12:58 21/05/2015

i would think at these prices even a piss poor farmout would get the price moving, anything to get the Barryroe field progressing should be seen as a positive. i think people loose interest when then see other shares moving in one way and this only fluctuates ;but its been in tight Bollinger bands now since end of Feb both lower and higher acting as support and resistance, the thing that will move this is the news we are all waiting for ( sooner would be good please )

15:56 19/05/2015

double take some one bought 8.5 m shares from someone selling them at 28p

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