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05 Nov 2018
10:56 07/08/2019

LSE Removal - Barraband are you trying to access chat by entering FRR on the LSE Home Page?

18:24 05/05/2019

Torridon is seems the Caymen case was concluded last week. Hope saw his opportunity and resigned from the BOD so he could seize the subsidiary that controls the B12 asset. Unknown to Hope, Zaza & Co moved 95% of the asset to a new subsidiary that Hope cannot touch. They also instigated the Cali Case. The thinking behind the '5% left behind' is that it shows intent to both control the asset AND make payment to Hope. There is so much news put there but i think this is the - very - basic just of what some are thinking. Of course there are many different opinions out there as well!

13:53 15/02/2019

sorry fat fingers - sear =search and lint = link

13:51 15/02/2019

Dulwichman - LSE is still active, I did see one post that FRR had disappeared from their watchlist. But I think if you sear FRR then click on the chat lint it should work OK

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