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21:08 25/02/2015

no problem how you going to ask the questions on here

20:58 25/02/2015

mrinvestor123...sorry not got glasses on

20:51 25/02/2015

mrperverter123.. maybe after football

20:45 25/02/2015

bottle crashed...I finally gave in to the pressure today and sold out i got my average down to 80p and ive had too many months of torture but ibelieve that the longer term guys who may have an average of double mine will come good in the next month or so.when it went to 100p on Monday I held off but when that stupid news came on Tuesday and the sp went down I said if it goes upto £1 I would get out , I couldn't take it anymore how do you guys cope,perhaps some aren't in it with too much but to me 50k was all in , I hope I can get back in this week at about 90p but with a smaller wedge cause its going to go a lot higher next week I think.i clicked on the rating of PANIC not cause im trolling but that's exactly what its been for me.i also said 120p in the next 7 days and 250p within a month just my guesses really.gla and don't forget fortune favours the brave

00:01 13/02/2015

ALL IN...ive never posted on here because what I would say wouldn't be of any use , so just been reading and it is great stuff sometimes.im all in now , ive averaged down to 80p and cost 48k , so im at the mercy of the good news that we are all waiting on, my concern though if anyone can explain please , as the sp is so low just now what is stopping s and g just buying at the knock down share price of 280m or whatever its at , why do we all hope and believe they will come in with a big offer of 1B or larger?

19:41 04/02/2015

when does anyone think we will get some news

09:29 04/02/2015

i know what your saying enadwalker do they open and close at your prices pretty good or what

09:28 04/02/2015

are they all the same these sharedealers

09:24 04/02/2015

anyone know of a good sharedealing firm , im having trouble opening and closing trades at the prices i want , even with limit orders im with Halifax sharedealing

11:26 03/02/2015

im out 45k at 77p