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15:29 26/06/2015

Unluckyruss, that is very good coming from you, you have been downing other share bb's for months like a blood sucker. Don't like it given back to you?

15:26 26/06/2015

OMG, is that another 6% down, how many more drops like this are we to see before it dawns on you people that AB is driving this into a death spiral?

08:00 26/06/2015

Good to see that Elephant don't need cash....'The last audited accounts of Elephant Oil were to 31 January 2014, and show total assets of £1,618,007 and total comprehensive loss for the year of £46,668.'

07:44 26/06/2015

I would imagine that within a very short time this latest 'venture' will throw up a few unforeseen expenses, and you will be asked to dig into your pockets to pay for them. Just be aware that the AB merry-go-round will never end, he will throw dream after dream at you, it pays for his lifestyle. The man has no plan, he's like a butterfly in terms of his technique for investing, I wonder what tomorrow's great idea will be?

07:29 26/06/2015

Sorry guys, but based on past record all this is is yet another opportunity for 'the boss' to keep taking wages, depleting the cash pile further by continuing to spin you dreams. You all need to wake up and take a reality check, no holding here, no intended holding here, and no agenda here, stay if you wish but do yourselves a favour and look back at what has been going on in rrr for the last few years, it is clear what AB is doing, the man and he is doing it well, and he must be very pleased with how he has set himself up such a fantastic life, great salary, and all he has to do is keep promising you people that the next big thing is just around the corner, and 'by the way I will need a little more cash to make it happen'. Nigerian General springs to mind!

15:30 30/04/2015

Calcguess, people need to understand who or what TW is, [link]

14:30 21/04/2015

Innovation...not sure if that would be very brave, very lucky or just very stupid. Keep us all informed as you sell and buy if you try it

12:00 21/04/2015

cunners, not sure if you guys on LSE can see this, but also born and schooled in Poole and Bournemouth, so another one to the total!

09:53 20/04/2015

Good grief, the sharewhip and AlphaOmega double act goes on. AO, if you are not working in concert with this loser you are certainly acting as the straight man to his clown, disturbing that you feel the need to encourage the fool, seems to me like it says as much about you as him mate!

14:59 08/10/2014

More than 3m shares traded today, high percentage of free float!