Scancell Holdings - WHAT IS MODITOPE? - All we know about Moditope...

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16:34 07/04/2013

Hi Lady Bio. Have been trying to get your view on whether you think Moditope is superior to sclp dendritic product, as it seems to be better at getting the body's immune system activated.

16:20 07/04/2013

All we know about Moditope is that it consists of specially modified cancer and disease epitopes that can elicit a powerful killer T Cell attack on cancer and various pathogens without having to target dendritic cells first (apparently).

OK, so they are modified epitopes but what are epitopes anyway? Well epitopes are those bits of a cancer's or a virus' structure that can be identified by the immune system. SCIB1 uses melanoma epitopes (tiny pieces of melanoma) to stimulate T Cells. It does this via the immune system's sentinel cells (dendritic cells) that present foreign particles such as epitopes they come across to T Cells so that the T Cells can home in on the source of these foreign objects and destroy them. If these epitopes (which to the immune system stink of the cancer or virus that they are taken from) are given to killer T Cells, the killer T's will find any more of that cancer or virus in the body and eradicate it. Epitopes therefore are tell tale cancer or virus particles which act like a piece of clothing to a blood hound and once presented to a T Cell allow the T Cell to sniff out the cancer or virus and destroy it wherever it exists in the body.

The SCIB1 ImmunoBody DNA vaccine programs dendritic cells to manufacture mimics of melanoma epitopes to present to T Cells to allow killer T Cells to sniff out the melanoma and eradicate it. But these are mimics of Nature's natural epitopes of melanoma whereas Moditope epitopes are not natural.

Professor Durrant has discovered special modified versions of over 100 cancer and pathogen epitopes. They are so unique that they don't need presenting by dendritic cells at all. They have the power to attract killer T Cells directly. Then they actually expand the population of killer T Cells. What is more the killer T Cell attack they bring about is more powerful than any thus far produced, yet it is safe and non-toxic. It is hoped that for every natural epitope there is a Moditope, enough to allow T Cells to home in on every known cancer and virus.