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08:14 13/08/2016

That should have read much not mush

08:14 13/08/2016

I have taken up 60% and am using the rest to help partial funding. i would have taken up all of them but I am restricted within the amount i have in an ISA. They have been good to me in the past if they are half as good in the future I will be happy. I notice the directors have followed a similar line to me but with mush larger quantities.

10:56 27/07/2016

They are two different animals. Melrose Industries is a totally different company set up around 2003. It is difficult to compare yields because of he way they operate. I have been a holder since the early days and have benefitted quite well for buying poorly managed companies and making them into good ones before reselling. This results in substantial special dividends. However this can be a bit confusing because there are ongoing dividends from some of the companies they do own.Most recently there was a big sale resulting in a special pay out.

16:00 25/07/2016

It is my intention to take up half the rights in shares and the other half in cash to keep within an ISA, what exactly, and when do I do anything.

16:15 16/02/2014

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