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10:39 15/10/2015

Sp collapsing?

09:36 14/10/2015

SP falling again...why can't we break through 1p and sustain?

09:15 03/10/2015

i am waiting for 92.5p

12:48 30/09/2015

read the where is the news

10:51 30/09/2015

IF MTR are to buy assets they need money. As does ay company. The direct investment arm provides a unique approach to protect shareholder value

21:57 20/09/2015

timeless..what is the twitter group

21:04 20/09/2015

looks like we are building membership of the 3% will be interesting ot see who gets to notifiable interest status

17:15 18/09/2015

I hope we are being set up for news on Monday

11:17 18/09/2015

Now holding 2.44%....notifiable requirement creeps nearer

15:58 17/09/2015

Three small buys today sees holding climb over 7.5million