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16:00 19/01/2016

Not able to buy more than 1k worth at the moment.

14:43 04/09/2015

interesting that despite some very negative posts suggesting SP will keep sliding towards the 2p mark it's now breached 3p. Goes to show that MXC is a sound investment and not just for Dreamers or Complete fools!!!!

18:08 02/07/2015

KUMS- I admire your cheerleading and enjoy your reading your posts. However, some balance is needed. You highlight significant buys but how about the sells, these have outweighed buys in recent days. Share price has already topped 4p and now has dropped as low as 3.4p recently. Lastly, with a director buy if 2.5mil at the end of Jyne surely there'll be no announcements until the end of August????? I only post as balance views and thoughts are needed at times.

18:30 25/03/2015

I thought this was a discussion forum……obviously not!!!!!!

13:00 24/03/2015

Why so many sells??? With all the good news circulating and with more clearly to come has anyone have views as to why there have been so many sells over the past fews days?

21:40 24/02/2015

Jimarth 1 - Spenfold 0 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

19:28 21/02/2015


15:19 14/02/2015

castleton technology

14:56 12/02/2015

Treadstone Very interesting…….very few posts over the last few days…interesting

21:30 08/02/2015

Why all the personal nonsense…….? I've followed jimarth post re mxc and as it stands i can walk away , when trading opens with £3,500 profit…how does tho make him a liar? i'm staying in, my own research, and others, indicates that this is a winner. Stop writing personal remarks and use your comments to illustrate whether to buy or sell in these shares, if you are juvenile to resort to personal remarks then jog-on, us collective aren't interested, it's pathetic.