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13:56 15/12/2015

76.5p for 10k now

13:47 15/12/2015

Lets hope for a rebound this pm

09:15 15/12/2015

77p now for 25k

09:14 15/12/2015

Worraps a dummy trade is showing 77.95p they are trying

11:31 03/12/2015

Nice to own a share that everyone wants a piece of, but to get some they have to pay the price.IE a bit more each day.

16:19 01/12/2015

Going to have to let this go sometime this week I feel

15:45 01/12/2015

Finish blue I think.

14:18 27/11/2015

Looks as though the mms are going to make a few quid selling back the last lot they accrued.

11:49 27/11/2015 doubt to me that each year at this time mms get pi.s to sell to soon,i feel its not happening with ctp simply because cuurent holders will probably buy more.I have been doing plenty of dummy buys but the limit is about 5k shares only,so they don't want to let to many go.But time will tell.

15:55 19/11/2015

Who will be buying all the sells then?.Some one in the know no doubt.