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10:10 22/11/2012

The equity issue is a pain in the balls but I still have long term faith here... If the institutional investors are willingto pay 1p then so am I. But I am not happy at all with the way this issue was not conveyed in the conference call.

He should stop treating shareholders as kids and just tell it to us as it is rather than sugar coating the bad news. Shareholders would appreciate a bit of straight talking. We are all adults and we can take it!

If he'd have told us about the issue in the conf call then it wouldn;t have been a shock yesterday.

I think what shareholders here are really yearning for is a bit of honesty and transparency.

09:33 22/11/2012
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Hi, conference call was good but then equity issue. Im confident that Colombia will still go ahead though.

11:07 15/11/2012

So we had a conference call yesterday which caused a momentary rise in share price which dwindled in the afternoon. We've had a mix bag of news and a shareprice which has done nobbut decline for 2 years. Shareholders are getting pretty fed up with this and there's a big variation in opinion. It's hard to sift out the wheat from the chaff.

Feel free to debate the share price (currently at 1.067p) of Red Rock here.

14:54 14/11/2012

what is going on with the SP over the last 2 weeks? we were posting good gains last quarter!

16:13 10/11/2012
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I recently found an article in the financial Times on a stock I have been watching for sometime. China Foods makes and sells soya sauce to a vast northern chinese market, but it's market cap has floored down to £13m as it has botched a sale of an animal feed division to a Korean Company. All going well the deal should proceed still, and the company will collect 16m dollars plus is still has £7.2m of cash in the bank. This is the bit that gets interesting it should become a pure soya / food company by the year end and a recent RNS has said the company has hired advisers to evaluate strategic future direction in order to maximise sharehlder value. Taking all facots into consideration I'm buying 100,000 shares based on the company is dirt cheap cheap, and my hunch is they will get a bid from Heinz. Heinz know getting soya business's will be tough and CFC is the only western owned entity, already manufacturing to high level western fod standards. Does anyone else think this sounds a good investment idea? any comments?


18:03 31/10/2012
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13:05 31/10/2012
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I revert back to Mr Brabbins comment in an RNS statement. Quote do not underestimate the potential of the new partnership. Sure we have established u2 has 2 customers, UPMC health care and Comcare. With RNS due soon, what to expect after no update?

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Legendary Investments Plc

("Legendary" or the "Company")

Investment into VirtualStock Limited

Legendary is pleased to announce that it has negotiated a small minority stake in VirtualStock Limited ("VS") for a consideration which includes strategic, financial and business consultancy services to assist VS to develop rapidly its business and just over £50,000 in cash. In addition, Legendary has negotiated an option to double its stake in VS at an increased valuation.

Founded in 2004, VS is a cloud-based software as a service ("SaaS") business which enables retailers to increase dramatically the range of products they sell online without the associated costs of and risks of holding stock. VS SaaS creates centralised managed environments between retailers and their suppliers enabling fully managed end-to-end drop-ship solutions. As well as reducing costs and risks to its customers, VS SaaS enables its customers to sell online globally via localised web sites in local languages and currencies, with local payment processing and search engine optimisation.

VS's customers span a range of industries, from fashion to consumer electronics, books and stationery, computer hardware and power tools and DIY.

The growth in online sales continues to outperform traditional sales. The UK has over 37 million online consumers who spent over £68 billion in internet purchases in 2011. Despite a stagnant overall economic environment, online sales grew at 16% in 2011. The internet presents traditional channel retailers with challenges and opportunities. VS SaaS enables traditional channel retailers to reduce costs and risks and rapidly and effectively deploy online in the UK and globally.

Further information on VS can be found at [link]

VS, with Legendary's input, aims to expand rapidly its highly scalable business over the immediate and medium-term in order to maximise long-term strategic value.

09:26 17/10/2012
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huge volume yesterday

17:58 16/10/2012

Seems like someone from Investec has joined the board as a non exec...