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DTM Early Birds is a custom discussion created by BuyBAO on 30 Jun 2014. You may be required to request membership in order to view this discussion.

For the DTM chaps.


sandgrounder 18 Jan 2016

hey all

BuyBAO 18 Jan 2016

Happy with that

prostand 18 Jan 2016

Morning BAO, looks a good one

BuyBAO 18 Jan 2016

Good morning all. AEG news on contracts at last, JV to follow hopefully!

SalopTractor 14 Jan 2016

Morning all - some better news at BLNX at long last!

sandgrounder 13 Jan 2016

IOG dumped on postponement of skipper drill

BuyBAO 15 Dec 2014

Blocking users Please bring this functionality back cheers!

BuyBAO 08 Dec 2014

Re: Today's movers booya

prostand 08 Dec 2014

Dan ? Is there a way to reply to threads maintaining the thread? Secondly when I opened a thread it showed my name as a non registered user Thanks but great addition

prostand 08 Dec 2014

Test Just seeing what this does

BuyBAO 08 Dec 2014

Today's movers CTP, ROSE, OEX, GDG/GDL, Seller cleared FRR?

digitaldanuk 03 Dec 2014

Re: DTM Early Birds Stream Log (testing)