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09:40 01/02/2018

Does anyone have any update on Your Legal Friend claim against Quindell ? or the SFO enquiry? YLF haven't updated since Sept 17 - at this rate we'll be dead & buried before any conclusion!

10:37 31/12/2015

Money isn't in my AJ Bell account. Typical!

11:54 29/12/2015

when is the special payment due?

09:19 22/12/2015

Can't sell through AJ Bell either. Ridiculous. Missed out on that early rise.

12:21 21/12/2015

Don't see what all the fuss is about??? Once I'm paid my payment of 90 pence per share for shares held on the 18th Dec.. Then there's very little difference between now and last week as far as profits and losses go?!

12:21 21/12/2015

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