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stout-hart 19 Jun 2017

Re: Waffle or not, it's arrived Did anything happen with Noble ? Or is this another disappointing cul-de-sac

TX2 30 May 2017

Warning;False Worthington Group Web Site. Someone from I think USA has set up a false Worthington Group Plc which pretends to represent this company which is of course in liquidation by the the Official Reciever Of London,the liquidation being administrated by Begbies Traynor.The clue to the false site is that Worthington Group PLC's website BEFORE it was closed by the liquidators was worthingtongroupplc followed by .co.uk this one is .comIt may be an attempt to obtain names & emails of past investors and perhaps further details for their own purposes.

TX2 26 May 2017

Re: Anybody Why not register for the electric chair instead;it will all be over quicker & you might still have some money left to leave to your nearest & dearest.

SecModEd 23 May 2017

Anybody else registered for electronic share transfer?

SecModEd 20 May 2017

Waffle or not, it's arrived [link] May 2017 - Newco website launchThe Newco website can now be accessed at www.nobleresolve.com and will be continually updated as the Company progresses to its listing. Commencement of trading in the Company's shares remains on course for 16th June 2017.

THE VICKER 17 May 2017

Re: Blimey A fair bit of waffle, but understandable under the circumstances.There may still be "light at the end of the tunnel" after all.Good luck, to all who are trying to look after Shareholders interests.Has to be a "Hold"

chummer 17 May 2017

Holding My portfolio still shows value in my worthington holding. Any ideas how long before any decision and payment may be made?

SalopTractor 16 May 2017

Andy01 - if you are still around this is looking good again and you should have new shares in a new company soon

SecModEd 15 May 2017

Blimey This bb seems out of date, do you know about this at all?[link] like systems are go this Friday.

SalopTractor 12 Apr 2017

looking good again

Ripley94 01 Mar 2017

Nonesence on share Prophets. whats all this froth about a court case between Aidan Earley and Tom Winnifith.seems the former is bringing a court action for up to £50000.Are they mates ?

Andy01 21 Feb 2017

hello holders we are fckuedup now

Andy01 02 Feb 2017

all quiet here

Andy01 19 Jan 2017

we get zilt i have shares with broker heared nothing

Andy01 19 Jan 2017

i have 69000 shares with wrn i have not heard anything receiving free shares in new co we are totally fcked