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SecModEd 15 Dec 2017

It's On 15th December 2017 - my role within Whetstone Capital Group Plc (“Whetstone”As a result of the last three difficult years Allan Biggar and I have, perhaps unsurprisingly, formed a strong friendship. We have also formed a business Partnership and are working on a number of projects together. One of these is Whetstone (www.whetstone.capital) Indeed the Partnership has provided cash and security totalling some £700,000 to Guildford Street to enable it to fund its investment in Whetstone and also to finance the gift of shares to Worthington shareholders.  Any profits from projects that we are jointly working on, after taking into account normal living expenses, will be paid 50% to my former creditors (until settled) and 50% to Allan's planned new charity "Mankind" until it matches the sum paid to settle in full my former creditors. During the last three years Allan has also become a committed Christian and this is a charity we both support. It is being established to assist those men (in particular) who are facing serious difficulties in life. The difficulties that men face are often underplayed and under supported. For example, middle age family men who have, for whatever reason, encountered serious problems, having been providers for their families and successful in their careers, are often ‘too proud to ask’ for help. Having both experienced serious difficulties of different types over the years, and learnt many valuable lessons as a consequence, we believe that we are well placed to provide support to those facing problems that they may feel are insurmountable.  We hope and believe that Whetstone will be a great success and thereby indirectly assist two worthwhile causes. My specific role will be to act as a corporate intermediary and deal negotiator, as I did for Worthington. I will bring transactions to the Investment Committee and Investment Manager who will then decide whether the proposal should be put to the Company's Board of Directors for ultimate approval. It may be that at some future point I have a wider role in the Company, but that has not been suggested by me or proposed by the Company. The main thing is that Whetstone is finally ready to move forward and hopefully complete some really exciting deals.[link]

TX2 27 Nov 2017

Re: It's Off! What!Not even a pint of Worthington's IPA!

David Global 26 Nov 2017

Re: It's Off! no one should be surprised by this, my local pub has a sign saying "free beer tomorrow" and despite going back day after day, I've never been given a free pint

TX2 07 Nov 2017

It's Off! We never knew exactly what this "Noble Resolve" was;but apparently its off according to Aidan Earley !

SecModEd 29 Sep 2017

Difibulator for wrn bb Thought what is due to happen today/tomorrow might have elicited some response.

stout-hart 14 Sep 2017

Re: 14th September 2017 Life ? maybe. This has been a running joke for a long time. However, prompted by your message I rechecked the NR website, and there is indeed an announcement today about share trading commencing on Oct 10th.I still don't attach much credence to this as we have had numerous spurious announcements in the last 3 years. Still - I have asked my broker to check this out (they hadn't heard anything but their corporate action team may have) and will report back anything I hear.ATB

SecModEd 14 Sep 2017

Hello Is there is life out there.

SecModEd 11 Sep 2017

14th September 2017 8th September 2017 - Commencement of TradingYes, of course it is still all happening. All approvals given. Do you really think we would have gone to all this trouble if it wasn't? Date for commencement of trading to be announced on 14th September 2017

SecModEd 31 Jul 2017

HFW Take it you're now getting your emails?Got mine 18:16Dear ShareholderThank you for contacting HFW confirming that you are a shareholder in Worthington Group plc (in liquidation) and providing further details about yourself/your holding.The company and its advisers are in the advanced stages of the listing process and will be able to provide more news in the near future.We have all the necessary information we need for now and will be in touch shortly.Kind regards

stout-hart 19 Jun 2017

Re: Waffle or not, it's arrived Did anything happen with Noble ? Or is this another disappointing cul-de-sac

TX2 30 May 2017

Warning;False Worthington Group Web Site. Someone from I think USA has set up a false Worthington Group Plc which pretends to represent this company which is of course in liquidation by the the Official Reciever Of London,the liquidation being administrated by Begbies Traynor.The clue to the false site is that Worthington Group PLC's website BEFORE it was closed by the liquidators was worthingtongroupplc followed by .co.uk this one is .comIt may be an attempt to obtain names & emails of past investors and perhaps further details for their own purposes.

TX2 26 May 2017

Re: Anybody Why not register for the electric chair instead;it will all be over quicker & you might still have some money left to leave to your nearest & dearest.

SecModEd 23 May 2017

Anybody else registered for electronic share transfer?

SecModEd 20 May 2017

Waffle or not, it's arrived [link] May 2017 - Newco website launchThe Newco website can now be accessed at www.nobleresolve.com and will be continually updated as the Company progresses to its listing. Commencement of trading in the Company's shares remains on course for 16th June 2017.

THE VICKER 17 May 2017

Re: Blimey A fair bit of waffle, but understandable under the circumstances.There may still be "light at the end of the tunnel" after all.Good luck, to all who are trying to look after Shareholders interests.Has to be a "Hold"