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More4us 28 Nov 2018

Topinfo @TopTradersADVFN my buddy says he is loading up on VELA thats good enough for me tgt 2.5p he is saying 2 new ipo,s coming and vibe pay launch imminent

dickie3times 19 Apr 2018

OOPS sorry thought i was on VAL

dickie3times 19 Apr 2018


JudahBenHur 18 Jan 2018

Re: Bitcoin v Goldbloc Still time one4allI'm in at the mid 4p level.It fell the last couple of weeks as the warrants were soaked up.Great RNS today, Share Talk investors evening in February and Goldbloc launch by end of quarter 2.

one4all 18 Jan 2018

Re: Bitcoin v Goldbloc missed LION. dropped into NFX and more SDX, its so so under valued

JudahBenHur 28 Dec 2017

Bitcoin v Goldbloc Missed Bitcoin one4all but fancy Goldbloc the gold-backed cryptocurrency, check out LION before the official launch.

JudahBenHur 27 Dec 2017

Re: for those looking at Bitcoin. buy ri... Yeah BTL seem to be dropping as quickly as they rose.I think VELA have done well to sell into the rise, reduce exposure and bank some profit.An interesting one but I'll agree with one4all the price would have to come down before I was a buyer.

one4all 22 Dec 2017

Re: for those looking at Bitcoin. buy ri... on an asset and cash basis this is now at parity. you have to discount the value of BTL to 50% of current price to reflect the risk. not a buyer again until 0.4p

JudahBenHur 21 Dec 2017

Re: for those looking at Bitcoin. buy ri... Well done one4all I missed this one.Looking into SDX.Have a look at LION and their Goldbloc digital currency for the Indian market.

dazurtrader 20 Dec 2017

Invested even more. Better luck this time Bought a second tranche today after my first entry has tripled. Not sure how long this push will last but I'll settle for another 1p by the end of January. C'mmon Santa - keep this rally going.

one4all 20 Dec 2017

Re: for those looking at Bitcoin. buy ripple... so i bought ripple tripled my money. have now today sold all my VELA shares in many chunks to get it done. good luck all made my money here. and was the only one for about a year banging the drum. from .19p to 1.2p cant complain. all into EME and SDX . sit back another year and watch them move.happy christmas

dazurtrader 12 Dec 2017

CORRECTION Invested. Better luck this time Ooops! I meant bought at 0.4p. If it reaches 40p I shall be a very happy punter

dazurtrader 12 Dec 2017

Invested. Better luck this time Some years ago a £1500 investment in VELA ended up worth £8 at the end of last year. I have now reinvested at 40p some weeks ago and am pleased to see the upswing since. I hope that second time round this will be a better 'punt'!Good luck to all who are aboard.

loadsadough 12 Dec 2017

Re: ANOTHER GREAT RNS 1P+ I have now invested in this one as I see it going up in time.There are a few others watching this one now.Loadsadough

alltold9 11 Dec 2017

Re: ANOTHER GREAT RNS 1P+ Super day, super strong finish, expect more blue in the morning.