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Windskipper 19 Feb 2018

Re: Never Invest With Borrowed Money!...... The only real issue is the chance this could go completely belly up which I really can't see happening. Slight drop in value (up to 30%) possibly but in all likelihood higher and possibly significantly higher in 2.5 years.I've decided to take 3.5k and wait for a buying opportunity then pay £50/month off the card @0%. I can tweak this as time goes by depending on performance and pay more should it be necessary if sxx under performs.This definitely isn't advice, but I appreciate all the comments. This is a unique scenario over a unique timescale. I wouldn't even consider this with any other stock but see sxx extremely undervalued at the moment compared to a couple of years down the line.Good luck all

whimsical 19 Feb 2018

Re: Never Invest With Borrowed Money!...... mmmm.It depends on the validity of the statement regarding being 'OK if it goes pear shaped'.So if you were borrowing the money short term to enable payment into ISA/SIPP to use up this years allowance against a known revenue stream next year. Then it would be a tool in a well managed plan. An example would be a slight delay in payment of a project into next financial year that also happened to result in a much lower tax bill.If it is being used because the money borrowed is cheaper than return on money invested elsewhere then again it could be a good option. Effectively the debt is an asset. 1% cost over 2 years vs. 0.75%pa interest.If a total loss occurred and that money would have to be repaid from living costs, or worse result in losing house due to non-payment of mortgage then it is a very high risk investment as the impacts would be large.I have had significant sums on credit cards on 0% for PV systems, RHI beneficial heating systems and even a car. Simply because they were a lower cost of borrowing than any other method, and lower cost of some cash based investments. All were paid back on time, but not early even though I could, and the revenue streams (RHI/FiTs) covered the costs. Why would I borrow money at 3.5%pa when I could borrow for 1.5% for two years?As always it is understanding the difference between asset and liability. Making investment/debts work hard is a good move and would be considered an asset. Would I borrow money to invest in a share that had to come out of living costs - NO!Whim

Mike BP 17 Feb 2018

Mill House Gang.. Tigger et crew....Hope that you are all well.I've moved back to the West Country but kiddiwinkies are still local to the Mill House and so I am in and around that neck of the woods quite often. A meet-up soon would be very welcome if you guys and gals are up for it,...? ... end of March maybe,.. after the next quarterly update?All the best,

basilicata 17 Feb 2018

Re: Never Invest With Borrowed Money!...... Please write to your credit card company, to remind them that if they have money available for 0% loans, they might like to consider directly helping to fund SXX stage 2.

HenrySinclair 16 Feb 2018

Re: Never Invest With Borrowed Money!..... O... WindskipperYour post is dangerous to anyone who might be influenced by it.Points 1-4 are your opinions. Your circumstances are unique to you and only you can make your own call. Others may say more fool anyone being influenced by your post. I think otherwise.GL with your decision

Our Haven 16 Feb 2018

Re: Never Invest With Borrowed Money!...... Agree with your title. Simple not worth it. Of course you could make a lot of money but you may not. Why not wait until you have monies to invest and do so then. There are always opportunities. You say you could afford to lose the lot but that would only be true if you had the cash covered many times over now IMHO. Enjoy the sailing instead.

Windskipper 16 Feb 2018

Re: Never Invest With Borrowed Money!...Or? Changed title

Windskipper 16 Feb 2018

Never Invest With Borrowed Money!..... Or? Hmmm should I be naughty?Been long on SXX for some years now and am very comfortable long term as they're all in my SIPP which has a few years to run yet before I can hang up my boots.I have an offer on my credit card currently which is 0% interest until Sep 2021 with a 3.5% handling fee for cash. I'm considering transferring some cash and filling up on SXX (outside my SIPP) then just paying the minimum monthly payment on about £8.5k.My thoughts are thus1. Chance this investment could all go pear shaped and lose the lot?A little over 1% I would guess?2. Chance this investment could fall on its bum and half in value?<15% chance I would say at this advanced stage3. Chance this investment could languish in a similar price range or lower come Sep 2021?<35% but how can you put a figure on it? Maybe less than that?4. Chance this investment is at a similar price range or above come Sep 2021?>65% but as above but maybe more than this?All investment advice would tell you not to risk borrowed money but in this isolated case I'm really thinking that banging 8.5k here for 3.5 years isn't much of a risk at 0% and could easily turn out to be a big winner. The intention would be to cash in at least enough shares to pay off the loan in 3.5 years or all the shares and make up the difference.What do you guys n gals think? Is there really massive risk here now?PS. It won't cause a massive hardship if things did go pear shaped. I just don't have a spare £8.5k right now and a 0% loan seems like a sitting duck?

Thistle 1971 16 Feb 2018

Re: conference call Thanks for the number and Just listened to recording of the call.As usually CF was confident and direct on his answers, seems this is just another milestone passed on his way to delivering what he promised. Some hint about port discussions, anyone got any thoughts? LTH

InsanityBeckons 15 Feb 2018

Re: conference call No notes AFAIK transitman but PAAA posted this on the red channel to get to hear the recording...The telephone number is 0207 660 0134 - and when instructed they will need put in code: 6224490I guess it's still working.

transitman 15 Feb 2018

conference call did anyone get to listen to the call. any notes available.Thanks in advance

tommytomata 15 Feb 2018

DailyTorygraph Bit of a shocker in The Torygraph. Gave the closing price yesterday at £23.

tiggerman1 15 Feb 2018

SXX Website [link] site. There is a lot of activity going on behind the scenes.Tig

tiggerman1 15 Feb 2018

D. Telegraph piccy and report Some good publicity at last. Big site picture and write up in DT Business Section - backpage.I watched the TV program on the Herren........... Shaft / Road Boring machine digging the Crossrail Tunnel and it was MIGHTY impressive.... non stop edging forward... stop and apply concrete sidewalls..... 5 more yards..... more panels .... on and on.Upending one of those machines for a vertical bore is going to be very impressive. Time for BBC 2 to film Downbore 2.CF intimates a six month time save........ that will be a huge amount of £o££y on an earlier cashflow. And hopefully an accelerated SP improvement. I have been waiting 10 years so whats a few more or less months.Luv to all the Mill House Gang. A possible get together later in the year ???..... post Stage 2 finance / and a couple more take off deals ??? It is going to / got to... happen sometime.Tig

per ardua ad astra 14 Feb 2018

Re: New Sirius Exhibition at Whitby Thankfully for those of us that don’t do Facebook, it’s on the Sirius website also:[link]