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icebilly 05 Dec 2019

Great Poly 4 trials India produces 65% of the ’s chickpeas, Massive market potential. SIRIUS ANNOUNCES RESULTS BELOW. The trial in Uttar Pradesh showed that #POLY4 had 38% greater chickpea yield than the standard N + P farmer practice. Come on Mr FRASER sort this mess out. IB

icebilly 04 Dec 2019

40p Hi Ripley, 40p ha, ha. What sweet memories. Those were the days my friends. My highest point was just over a year ago, August 6th 2018 at 38p and healthy profits. What a difference a year can make. Crying into my beer these days. C’est a vie. Good luck to all. IB. PS. ignore MF. They change there position on Sirius every couple of days. see: Why Sirius Minerals’ 17% share price rise makes me optimistic, by MF, November 30th. [link]

icebilly 02 Dec 2019

Sirius interesting reading today. Proactiveinvestors UK Sirius Minerals could The house broker said construction risk would be concentrated in stage-one, meaning the deferred stage is “materially de-risked for senior debt providers, which should facilitate raising senior debt”

icebilly 30 Nov 2019

Sirius Nice SP finish on a steady week. 10% gain to 3.69p finish. 4 out of the 5 largest Shareholders still here with Sirius, holding 16.5% of the company. Stella Rose TBM achieving 40metres of tunnel in one day. Good news. Steady as she goes. IMHO. IB.

Totally_Wired 29 Nov 2019

Sirius 29 November 2019 Sirius Minerals Plc Total voting rights In accordance with the requirements of the FCA’s Disclosure Guidance and Transparency Rules 5.6.1R, Sirius Minerals Plc (the “Company”) confirms that, as of 29 November 2019, the Company’s issued share capital consists of 7,020,196,560 ordinary shares of 0.25 pence, each with equal voting rights. No shares are held in treasury. The above figure may be used by shareholders (and others with notification obligations) as the denominator for the calculations by which they will determine if they are required to notify their interest in, or a change to their interest in, Sirius Minerals Plc under the FCA’s Disclosure Guidance and Transparency Rules. [link]

Totally_Wired 28 Nov 2019

Construction update How Sirius Minerals monster machine is 'opening up cost-saving opportunities for the project’ ByKelley Price 14:11, 28 NOV 2019 The Stella Rose has excavated 40.5 metres in a single day - bosses say it 'opens up cost saving opportunities’ Sirius Minerals says its monster tunnelling machine achieved its fastest daily rate so far this week. The Stella Rose excavated 40.5 metres in one day. Earlier this month mining bosses said drier-than-expected rock had been discovered along the project’s 23-mile underground tunnel, allowing the machine to dig faster - which will save both time and money for the project. Stella Rose is now around 1.5 miles in. “She is now well on her way to Lockwood Beck (near Lingdale ) and is around 125m deep,” Sirius Minerals has said in a video it posted to Twitter. "Advance rates continue to exceed expectitions. "Drive 1 is expected to be complete reaching Lockwood Beck by the end of 2020, ahead of schedule, opening up cost-saving opportunities for the project. “Congratulations to our Strabag and Wilton teams, keep up the good work.” More than £280m in cost and time savings has been identified by the firm, after it pulled a £400m fundraising offer in September due to “market conditions” and slowed the pace of construction, laying off 300 workers . It is thought the savings will enable the company to start generating cash as soon as possible, raising investor confidence in the multi-billion pound mine project. The firm says the faster excavation rates encouraged it to remove one of its three machines from the development plan, instead digging the tunnel with just two machines - one from either end - and saving money in the process. [link]

Totally_Wired 28 Nov 2019

Construction update 109 AM · Nov 28, 2019 Sirius Minerals @siriusminerals Our TBM ‘Stella Rose’ is exceeding expectations - building our mineral transport tunnel much faster than anticipated. It achieved its best daily rate to date of 40.5m on 26th November 2019. Congratulations to our Strabag and Wilton teams - keep up the good work. [link]

icebilly 24 Nov 2019

Construction update After viewing all the new photos and flythrough videos. I think the summary is very positive. The shaft Winder buildings are all having their envelopes completed to achieve watertight conditions and weather protection. This will enable internal electrical fit out works to continue through the winter period. Then Sirius will be ready to start the major shaft sinking with new funding. The breakneck construction may have slowed, but Sirius are keeping it all moving in the right direction. IMHO. IB.

icebilly 23 Nov 2019

Construction update There are new photographs of sites added as well. To view these use the Interactive Progress Map. Click on PROGRESS SEE MORE. and there are interesting first view photos of the new Demo Granulation plant. and TBM new muck conveyors and conical shed. It’s very good news to see new construction works completed in the last two months. IB

icebilly 22 Nov 2019

Construction update Link to Woodsmith site new FLYTHROUGH VIDEO. Sirius Minerals - Interactive Progress Map Sirius Minerals - Interactive Progress Map Interactive Progress Map - See progress across projects sites. Including imagery, video and animation.

icebilly 22 Nov 2019

Construction update New FLYTHROUGH VIDEOS added to website map for views of construction site. It’s sad to see a few of the big cranes gone. But temporary winding buildings are nearing completion of roof and side panel weatherproofing. A lot of construction 6 month slowdown is evident. This must have been taken on a Saturday or Sunday??. Where are the 900 staff? Only one flying carpet platform is visible working on the winder building? The Lockwood flythrough has really been mothballed. you can see the half built shaft tubular structure and the yellow 3-section Galloway shaft digging platform to one side. The only thing for certain is that the MTS is still being tunnelled by TBM, segments are missing alongside the access train track. Roll on 2020. IMHO. IB. [link]

Totally_Wired 11 Nov 2019

Sirius Nov 2019 Strategic Review progress update to view the presentation, or to listen to the webcast. [link]

icebilly 11 Nov 2019

Sirius Just listened to Chris Fraser’s live webcast. Impressive presentation detailing some significant Capex cost savings to achieve earlier first polyhalite sales from Poly excavations and cash flow . Hopefully we will see a document later today with all the presentation slide information again. Did anybody watching, pick up on his comment. When he said, at production he expectes to pay off all debt funding within 3 years. Wow, thats some turnover and profit margin. Come on Sirius lets get to the finishing line. IMHO. IB.

Totally_Wired 11 Nov 2019

Sirius Chris Fraser Managing Director and CEO of Sirius, comments: "Our focus during the first phase of the strategic review has been to reassess the best ways to unlock the value of our project for our shareholders, our community, the UK, and our customers all around the world. "Our analysis has identified a two-stage development plan that enables us to achieve the key de-risking milestone of first polyhalite, when the service shaft reaches the polyhalite ore body, with an upfront capital requirement of ~$600 million. The additional works required to reach an installed and ramped up production capacity of 10 Mtpa contemplates up to US$2.5 billion of capital expenditure. We are in discussions with potential strategic partners and debt investors with the aim of securing the best route to finance our revised initial scope of work and will update the market and our stakeholders on the progress of those when appropriate. The value of Sirius is unlocked by reaching production and delivering POLY4 to our customers around the world. This approach allows us to achieve that with less upfront capital while retaining the significant return opportunity it presents for our shareholders and stakeholders. “I would like to thank our employees, contractors and partners for their continued focus and commitment, and recognise that the progress achieved on the ground in recent months remains a source of huge inspiration for the whole team.” Full RNS via link below: [link]

icebilly 11 Nov 2019

Sirius RNS issued this morning. Basically Sirius are seeking $600Million to keep going. IB Sirius Minerals Plc Strategic Review Progress Update § Development work across the Project now slowed to allow for a six month strategic review period, funded by existing cash resources § Review of development plan and optimisation opportunities has produced a revised two-stage Project development plan comprising: o An Initial Scope to include progress of shaft sinking to achieve first polyhalite and Drive 1 MTS, significantly de-risking the construction of the Project. This work is estimated to require ~US$600 million of funding to be raised o A Deferred Scope incorporating the remainder of construction activities required to deliver full production § Strategic partner and financial investor processes underway with the aim of securing ~US$600m of Initial Scope funding, with various parties engaged and assessing information § Strategic review demonstrates robust project values with current project Net Present Values for the 13Mtpa business case ranging from ~US$11 billion to US$13 billion and Internal Rates of Return ranging from 29% to 35% for a range of development scenarios subject to successful financing