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sekaran00 21:52

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loadsadough 20 Jan 2019

SXX. Stockbroker Liberum Capital Hello icebilly thank you for updating my information. I will keep looking for any other information. SXX looks good to me. Loads

icebilly 20 Jan 2019

SXX. Stockbroker Liberum Capital The McLaughlin & Harvey Ltd appointment was announced on the 5th of November last year, so this is old news already covered in Nov. 18 postings. Keep looking for new info, it’s all welcome, IB

loadsadough 20 Jan 2019

SXX. Stockbroker Liberum Capital SXX. Not sure if this has been on here before, so here we go. It is time to invest in SXX, have a look at the information below. According to the information it is going to double its share price. I now hold SXX with some money taken from my VRS. Here we go. The financing will enable the fertiliser mine to be delivered Sirius Minerals PLC (LON:SXX) shares can go sharply higher as a pivotal financing is secured in the coming weeks, that’s the view of stockbroker Liberum Capital. The broker has a ‘buy’ recommendation and a 50p per share price target, which suggests the UK mine developer could double in value. READ: Sirius Minerals project and funding timelines under City microscope Sirius shares were up 2.5% in Monday’s early deals. Earlier today, Sirius revealed that it had now hired McLaughlin & Harvey Ltd as the contractor for the Teeside port handling facility development – including the engineering, procurement and construction of the facility. Importantly, it also told investors that its stage 2 financing efforts are now nearing completion. The financing is expected to cover the major construction packages with only the mineral transport system fit-out scope remaining. STRABAG has been identified as a preferred contractor for the project’s mineral transport system (MTS) fit-out, and, negotiations are said to be in the final stages. Shares could go sharply higher “Only MTS fit out remains to be procured and negotiations are in the final stages,” said Liberum analyst Richard Knights. “Once procurement is complete, the company will be in a position to finalise the conditional debt package, expected by year end. “Expect the shares could move sharply higher by year end if key catalysts of debt package and European offtake can be delivered on time.” Teeside port facility upgrading In Monday’s statement, Sirius said the scope of the McLaughlin & Harvey contract includes product storage facilities for approximately 250,000 tonnes of product, ship loading equipment, ship outload infrastructure, and the final product screening facility. Sirius noted that the lump-sum payment for the work will be in line with most recent estimates, stated in September, and, the programme will fit into the existing project schedule. "We are pleased to have entered into another significant construction contract for the ongoing construction of our world leading polyhalite project,” said Chris Fraser, Sirius managing director. “In 18 months we have made great progress and are now nearing the completion of the procurement programme to support our stage 2 financing process. “The construction of our port infrastructure is another example of the level of investment and skilled job creation we are delivering in both Teesside and the UK as we develop a project that has the potential to make the UK a world leader in the fertilizer industry.” Loads.

icebilly 19 Jan 2019

Sirius interactive construction progress map posted Here is the link to the new Sirius information map for all four construction sites. It is another helpful idea by the Sirius team. But what I want to know or to see or be told, is how far down we are with the smaller diameter access shaft. This is the shaft that they are sinking using constant concrete pour technology and gravity boring machine. Come Sirius how far down is it? IB [link] Sirius Minerals - Interactive Progress Map Sirius Minerals - Interactive Progress Map Interactive Progress Map - See progress across projects sites. Including imagery, video and animation.

icebilly 18 Jan 2019

Middle East & UAE provide Sirius Mineral coverage A really good article was written and printed on Monday 14th Jan. in the UAE business magazine “The National”, which is a leading markets publisher to the Middle East. see below

Harwood_Investors_Club 17 Jan 2019

Where has everyone gone? I totally agree. The new site is an abomination and totally unfit for purpose. I had to struggle through a unintelligible morass of meaningless icons to work out how to return this message to you. Iii have totally shot themselves in the foot. I used to trade weekly, monthly, sometimes daily. I rarely trade at all any longer because the whole ludicrous process is just too complex and painful. It could be put up as a textbook example of how to take an extremely successful product and wreck it overnight. Harwood

Boring_Bernie 17 Jan 2019

Where has everyone gone? ii managed to pretty much kill their own web site. It’s really quite an impressive feat, to piss off something like what must be close to 90% of your active community so that they up sticks and leave. Though I understand the technical reasons for changing the site, it should still be filed as a nigh on perfect example of how, rather than replicating functionality in a new system, “fixing” something which wasn’t broke can be a total disaster. Most of the old SXX posters seem to have wandered over to or BB

icebilly 17 Jan 2019

Interesting Boulby article Here is an interesting article about Boulby mine, it appears ICL are helping in paving the way for POLYhalite use. Sirius need to keep on schedule and get 2nd stage funding sorted. Poly will be in great demand and Boulby does not have the capacity to get to 10Mtpa or 20Mtpa. IMHO. IB. “With polyhalite produced at ICL Boulby now being sold around the world on five continents, it is now making its mark in one of the biggest agricultural markets in the world – China. Boulby is the world’s first and only producer of the unique mineral polyhalite – marketed as Polysulphate – which offers four key nutrients needed to help farmers increase yields and become more productive There is a strong interest in China in the benefits it can offer and already ICL is producing two products – Megapoly and Sofipoly – specifically for the Chinese market. Boulby vice president Andrew Fulton: “The interest in the potential of Polysulphate is growing all the time in many different parts of the world and obviously in China there is a huge need to increase food production for its population of almost 1.5billion. “This year will see us boost our Polysulphate production to 700,000 tonnes with the prospect of further growth as the demand grows. “Our parent company ICL is working closely with us in raising interest and awareness of the benefits it can deliver, with increasing evidence of how it can help the growth of many different crops.” China is not the only area where Boulby polyhalite is taking off. The first shipment of the fertiliser ICL PKpluS, using Boulby polyhalite, recently arrived in Poland.”

icebilly 17 Jan 2019

Sirius post new SHAFT photo Lovely sky view from 50metre down. link below Sirius Minerals The sky above #NorthYorkshire is looking further away as excavation of the service shaft foreshaft continues at #WoodsmithMine. #excavation #crane #sky #mine #mining #progress #construction

breadtomorrow 17 Jan 2019

Digibobdeluxe: 'everyone' seems to be posting on the LSE share chat page ( Clearly doesn't have a hook-up with them. In fact, since iii wrecked their own website, there's not much on these days.

digibobdeluxe 17 Jan 2019

Where has everyone gone? Am I missing something? This used to be a buzzing place where everyone discussed Sirius Minerals, now it looks a bit tumbleweed… surely I have this wrong! Yesterday Sirius got an amazing mention in PMQ’s just after May and Corbyn squared off and great things were said about SXX. Yet I cannot find any mention of it anywhere.

icebilly 10 Jan 2019

Good news - some New Mine equipment ready for shipping In the past few days two sets of photos have been posted by Sirius showing suppliers photos of both a new TBM and a Mine shaft winder. Awesome, I would say. The winder must be about 6metres in diameter, Great news Sirius. IB. try the link address to Twitter photos. [link]

icebilly 13 Dec 2018

Serious crop trials Sirius advise number of trials. Our R&D programme now covers 372 trials in 27 countries. We are partnering with farmers, customers and universities to demonstrate POLY4’s positive impact on crop yield, quality and soil sustainability. No wonder nearby Boulby mine think they can’t compete with SXX, and there owners are contemplating mothballing. They have missed the boat. IMHO. IB.

icebilly 12 Dec 2018

20p Breach Arrrrggghhhh!!! The Footsie and SXX share price could go anyway now, Brexit and Tories meltdown is not what we need right now. IMHO, IB.