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philip.gunter1 20 Jun 2018

Excellent RNS Not quite. A TORP agreement with ITL Trading (Dubai). They have been given exclusive trading rights into Nigeria where they already have a distribution and logistic network including NPK Blending facilities. This latter point is interesting as it develops on what has previously been presented vis-a-vis POLY4 as a blended product. Whilst this is only .35 million tonnes per annum (from year 4) it is a step in the right direction toward the target needed for ST2 financing. It is also a toehold in the African market.

walrog 20 Jun 2018

Excellent RNS This morning. A binding agreement signed with Nigeria. ATB WR

toastedagain 18 Jun 2018

Any SXX Still Here OK I’m not the biggest fan on LSE as it has a lot of non share chat. I used to love this board but even now I have to admit it’s completely broken. What is the facebook link / page you’re using?

Larry_the_Lock 16 Jun 2018

Any SXX Still Here Also Blueshare and Facebook.

Larry_the_Lock 16 Jun 2018

Any SXX Still Here Check out Blueshare.

Larry_the_Lock 16 Jun 2018

Any SXX Still Here Fully agree 23 Jez, what a shame to witness the destruction of one of the best sites for Private Investors, can’t believe anyone in the game would do this!

23Jez 15 Jun 2018

Any SXX Still Here Most of the investors on this site, be they investors traders or hybrids like myself, will have used some form of technical analysis to: 1 Select investments and/or 2 Time decisions to buy, hold, sell trade, crystallise profits etc It is in my view, impossible to do this without applying a variety of moving averages to the share chart. In addition one needs to know sales volume, momentum etc and to consider these over varying time scales. This was so easy and quick to do. In addition one could refer to written explanations of significant events. I used this facility when I was learning how to invest on line. It was only when I based my timing on technical analysis that I stared to make what to me is serious money. I checked out my investments and my watch lists most days. It was quick and easy. I could do it on level2 to which I subscribe but it takes a lot more time I do the level. 2 stuff when I am considering buying selling or holding a specific share, not as part of my regular monitoring. I fully endorse your views and hope the technical support take on board our comments. 23 Jez

Adelaide 15 Jun 2018

Any SXX Still Here I some find features quite good. For example I used to trawl through the megaboard (and all the off topic stuff), to pick up new messages in the discussion boards I am interested in. Now I only need to read the “Unread” messages for the tags (stocks) I have set tracking on.

Tin_Foil_HC 15 Jun 2018

Any SXX Still Here Yep, I think everyone is off to LSE to carry on where they left off on here. TF

Boroboy26 15 Jun 2018

Any SXX Still Here What a terrible decision to ‘improve’ the board. PLEASE bring back the old format it was light years better than this. I have tried to be positive, but I have had enough now. I think they are hoping we will just accept the change eventually. LSE is looking a better bet right now sadly.

millais 15 Jun 2018

Any SXX Still Here I agree. Like Darren in his post, I am relatively new and learned lots from reading wisdom from yourself and others. Such a shame this is no more. We need a time machine, just a couple of weeks back would be fine !

walrog 14 Jun 2018

Any SXX Still Here Yep still here, but as already stated only just. I really hope this mess is sorted.

le_vin_est_par 14 Jun 2018

Any SXX Still Here Try

darren 14 Jun 2018

Any SXX Still Here Such a shame that this excellent resource, on which I learned so much is now a shadow of its former self. What other forums are out there guys where a “mug novice” such as myself can listen and learn? cheers D

le_vin_est_par 14 Jun 2018

Any SXX Still Here Check out user “lakeuk” for incredible positivity. Never come across him/her before. Could be an ii plant. Started a thread “thumbs up for new board”.