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Dragonslayer1 12 Sep 2019

RRL progress to transform company Bought a tranche of Xtract Resources shares this morning . Owing to all the positive news released recently through RNS just couldn’t risk being out once all the ( L.S.E. ) large orders are filled . Normally shown as " delayed publication " but glad I jumped on board before the SP started to rise . Still being held back with max purchase of %m shares before N/T ( Negotiated / Trading ) kicking in once again . Nice to read what I believe is moderation team posts on ( L.S.E. ) still bashing XTR on old news when XTR had a different BOD . Oh aye … same usernames were ramping back then but I’ve already shared my opinion of multi username posters on that chat site being part of the trading platform that it is . All in my own opinion of course but shared by many I’m sure .

Dragonslayer1 11 Sep 2019

RRL progress to transform company Main thing that’s caught my attention of RRL is : 1 : the recent spike 2 : Binding conditional agreements signed with LandOcean for the sale of RRTL in exchange for offsetting all outstanding debt due from Range to LandOcean (currently estimated at c. US$91 million) and cash consideration payable to Range of US$2.5 million 3 : The first tranche of the cash consideration of US$0.5 million will be payable upfront as deposit. Range will provide mortgages over its workover and swabbing rigs as security, with such mortgages to be released upon completion or termination of the SPA 4 : placing at 0.49p /share representing 15% of the issued ordinary share capital of the Company 5 : As part of a wider strategy, we will also continue to evaluate new acquisition targets and review opportunities for our drilling business in Trinidad and interests in the Indonesian oil and gas project So we have five recent key points establishing Debt restructuring , funding for further projects along with a drilling business in Trinidad that could sub contract to LandOcean creating a revenue stream for RRL with very little CAPEX involved . There is one other thing that’s brought Range Resources ( RRL ) to my attention . Constant bashing on the London South East ( L.S.E.) , Bulletin Board ( BB ) which most long term traders / investors would have seen many times before not only on RRL ( BB ) but SOLG , XTR , etc … I’m of the opinion that ( L.S.E. ) moderation team use the ( L.S.E. )( BB ) to fill orders like the 15% purchase of placing shares by Sramek BioDynamics Holdings Limited , due to enter market on or about 13 September 2019 . Using scare tactics like action group set up to get back traders money . That’s pretty weird to me since my trading platform reminds me my investment may go up as well as down whenever I purchase shares in a company . Not to worried about such multiple ID postings by in my opinion moderation team employees . Since if it was a Pi posting such nonsense they would soon have their ID removed from the ( L.S.E. ) chat site . I don’t hold any RRL shares yet but this company is starting to look very interesting .

Boring_Bernie 27 Jul 2019

Debt Restructuring + Suspension + Proposed Acquisition In many ways, I’ve never been a holder of Range, so this is nothing to do with me, but … By all means go along to Gordon Bowden’s presentation, but, if he, or his company start asking for funds at any time, at least consider the possibilities that either You’re being scammed or Gordon is a bit of a fruitcake in the David Icke / truther mould You could end up throwing good money after bad. BB

Shareshopper1 27 Jul 2019

Debt Restructuring + Suspension + Proposed Acquisition important message from GordonFri 11:54 Gordon has been inundated with emails from pi who want to join the action group and hasn’t been able to contact all the pi back so if you wish to attend the meetings could you please email Gordon your wish to attend the meetings. In order to help Gordon with the influx of emails if you wish to attend the meeting please note the date you wish to attend in the subjects box of your emails e.g 4th of aug or 1st of September . It is now important that you get your confirmations that you want to attend by closing date 28th July as Gordon will be preparing the forensic evidence for the first meeting. Those that haven’t received a reply as yet due to the large number of emails can you still email Gordon which meeting you want to attend. in gordons words - I have to get the presentation prepared for the 4th and have a huge surprise for those who turn up. ALL INTERESTED INVESTORS IN ATTENDING THE PRESENTATIONS PLEASE CONTACT Mr GORDON BOWDEN by email AND CONFIRM YOUR SEAT RESERVATIONS FOR THE DATES AS PUBLISHED.

Shareshopper1 01 Jul 2019

Debt Restructuring + Suspension + Proposed Acquisition Marshi,hi, how are you?..I remember you well. So you’ve contacted Gordon. What did you think and did you register your losses? Good on you if you did. We could just do with another 20 or so people and then I’d be happy.

Marshsi 30 Jun 2019

Debt Restructuring + Suspension + Proposed Acquisition Interesting developments regarding this investigation into Range. Personally i accepted my losses a long time ago and have found other ways of getting back on an even keel and Range is history. I have contacted Gordon briefly and will keep an eye on proceedings.

Shareshopper1 23 Jun 2019

Debt Restructuring + Suspension + Proposed Acquisition Cheers Baron. Will do. There’s hope for some of us yet then lol Atb

BarleyBaron 22 Jun 2019

Debt Restructuring + Suspension + Proposed Acquisition SS1. No problem at this end, crack on. Speculate away too, far too many people just sit back and moan and never get off their ar*e’s. I got ripped off 25 years ago by a certain company and it took me 8 years to just get my money back. Absolute peanuts compared to you but I wrote the same letter to them every fortnight for 8 years until they compensated me. They got quite cheesed off with me, but then again I am a Scotsman and a patient farmer. Don’t give up your account, its good to talk. Clears the head. Baron.

Shareshopper1 21 Jun 2019

Debt Restructuring + Suspension + Proposed Acquisition Hi Baron. Thank you for your kind words, it means a lot to me. You’re correct of course about AIM. There are so many companies on AIM with a similar MO to Range and it’s not morally right that they are allowed to operate the way they do. It’s ok saying ’ well its AIM, be aware of the risk’…cos that’s just a flimsy ‘clear conscience’ clause for the regulators imo. From what I have experienced, companies are just cash machines for anyone other than the likes of you and I. There is no regulation! No accountability. It’s all lip service. I could speculate why that is but it would probably get me in to trouble so I won’t. End if day, overhaul is well overdue. Too many people have lined their pockets at the expense of me and you. Time for it to stop. You had a lucky escape with RRL…but, as you’ve discovered, there are so many RRL’s keeping hold of your cash is like trying to dodge a bullet! I’m sorry to hear that. I wish you well for the future my friend. SS1 Are you ok if I paste your post on LSE. Can’t think of a better reason for folks to join us than the points you make. Don’t worry if you prefer me not to.

BarleyBaron 20 Jun 2019

Debt Restructuring + Suspension + Proposed Acquisition Shareshopper1. I used to be an avid reader of the RRL bb and many others years ago but decided not to invest here. I put my money into something just as bad as this (wont go there) and I feel your pain. It sounds like you have been through the ringer, along with many others. I just want to say it takes great courage to do what you are doing and saying to others in respect with getting in contact with Gordon Bowden. The more people who go through this process with you the better the chances that some sort of justice will prevail. You may not get your all your money back but you may end up changing the way the regulators act on companies like RRL. Things need to change, the whole system is morally bankrupt. I wish you all the best in your endeavours and keep your chin up, keep busy and trust me it will get better. All the best. Baron.

Shareshopper1 17 Jun 2019

Debt Restructuring + Suspension + Proposed Acquisition Hi Day_Tripper and all! Not sure if you remember me from the old days but I’ve just resurrected my old account for a very brief while. It’s taken nerves of steel to reopen this can of worms but I’ve done so to ask you all who have suffered substantial losses during the Landau reign to seriously consider getting in touch with Gordon Bowden as follows: Gordon Bowden at Pandora’s Box Investigations Limited (Company Number 09712633) as follows:- 7 Westleigh Avenue Derby DE22 3BY Tel: 07949 388908 E-mail: rafbowden@yahoo.co.uk Here’s a little snippet of what he is trying to achieve courtesy of LSE ""Message for RRL/RMP investors who have contacted Gordon Bowden . A power point presentation to enable recover of their losses in a joint action group will be presented at a venue to be arranged soon. Whoever attends will be shocked, amazed and very very angry when Gordon and the other Directors of PANDORAS BOX INVESTIGATIONS provide clear forensic document evidence as to HOW and WHO, Stole their hard earned Investment capital."" Here’s another insight also courtesy of LSE: ""message from Gordon We fully understand many of those who contacted me will not be able to attend, many from other Country’s or those with limited financial resources living in outer areas in the UK, however, it will be the chance of a lifetime to understand how their investments were pre designed to be stripped. We will allow individuals who attend the Power Point post on the BB limited information, information that will enlighten all investors of RANGE RESOURCES, RMP and their Spin Offs that will not forewarn or damage any action we are planning. Given what will be disclosed at the Power Point, we cannot risk loosing the advantage here and we will require signing letters of confidentiality to protect any criminal prosecution evidence we intend to forward provide to the Authorities. We will expose at the Power Point my forensic Documents and correspondence evidence, as secure protected material rights to: PANDORAS BOX INVESTIGATIONS LIMITED Clear evidence of the largest International criminal Asset Stripping syndicate, selected sequences at the power Point to be included in a film documentary, directly associated and NOT DISCLOSED in the recent BBC PANAMA Documentary on VASILE FRANK TIMIS to BP PLC This about full recovery of ALL Investors losses and Criminal JUSTICE."" Please all, take a look at the recent posts on LSE chat board and please just think about contacting Gordon. He’s a lovely guy who will be happy to answer any of your questions. All he needs from you is an email address and a note of your losses…I’ve already confessed mine, all £118k of them. Even if you have sold your holding for the remaining pittance like me. Seriously, if you can face your demons like I did, you have nothing to lose and maybe everything to gain?? Best wishes to you all. Shareshopper1

Shareshopper1 17 Jun 2019

Debt Restructuring + Suspension + Proposed Acquisition Hi All.

Day_Tripper 19 Mar 2019

Debt Restructuring + Suspension + Proposed Acquisition Final kick in the nuts for shareholders, all over now with the latest restructuring and acquisition. The Board has identified what it considers to be a transformational acquisition opportunity to acquire a 49% interest in a pre-school education business operating in China Welcome to Clown School.

DragonPhantom 05 Mar 2019

Touchstone Exploration & WD-8 well drilled by RRDSL @Marstonmoor ive been wandering the same thing. Looks like everyone has headed over to LSE discussion boards.

Marstonmoor 21 Jan 2019

Touchstone Exploration & WD-8 well drilled by RRDSL Does anyone know where everyone on these discussion boards have gone?