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marktime1231 12:30

Is it time to buy? In other places the comment has been that RMG slipped back the last couple of days as a read across from a disappointing FedEx quarterly update with analyst focus on its poor European performance. Including the former TNT which has been difficult to integrate. Which is a bit daft, because as those commentators point out the volume of parcel and delivery business over Christmas is not shrinking is it, online ordering continuing to surge (NEXT announced today it does nearly as much business online as it does in its smart shops, where if anyone remembers you had to pay £2 just for a catalogue). FedEx were therefore losing out to what were described as better managed outfits exspecially DPD, UPS perhaps … and why not RMG? OK, lots of reasons why not RMG, but we are in serious bargain basement territory again below 250p. Even if they did have to trim the next dividend, even if they had to lop a third off, it would still be yielding over 6%. Sorely tempted.

marktime1231 14 Mar 2019

Is it time to buy? This has not been on my watchlist until alerted by a sudden upswing in RMG price today, a broker view that it was too cheap at 245p and could be valued conservatively at 270-280p. All sorts of potential problems including an underlying down trend in physical mail, but opportunities to cut costs and grow other business areas remain. Reduced earnings forecasts before exceptionals for the next couple of years at about £500M could still cover the current yield of 9%, and even a defensive 20% cut in payout would mean it is still an attractive income. A chance of a return to floatation level 330p would be a terrific reward. Or does the outlook without a successful cost savings programme outweigh the opportunity?

Gamesinvestor1 09 Oct 2018

Below float price Could be range bound for a long time, whilst there is doubt about the dividend being cut or frozen. Games

tynewalks 09 Oct 2018

Below float price RMG gapped down below 330 but has recovered slightly. The FTSE100 has closed down markedly for the last 3 sessions and the S&P500 has broken below a minor trendline, so not a positive background. There is also a gap above 351 which will be strong resistance.

Gamesinvestor1 09 Oct 2018

Below float price So apart from the divi, RMG is below it’s float price 5 years ago. Games

PXS_crazy 06 Oct 2018

Bought Back in! After 14 October, up to 10% RMG employee free shares will be flooded the market. MM and firms, like GLG partners, Eminence capital and etc, know that by selling now they can buy the shares back at a relatively lower price with a profit.

cashpharma 02 Oct 2018

Bought Back in! Never been invested in this or looked into doing so but the impression you get from the headlines is that you have got greedy mgmt trying to loot the place whilst implementing a whole series of initiatives that reduce the service and make it more expensive. I stopped using their parcel service when they insisted on trying to force my neighbours to take in stuff when i wasn’t there.

Uncle_Doug 02 Oct 2018

Bought Back in! Liberum have put out a “sell” note, cutting the price target to 250p.

Fusion98 02 Oct 2018

Bought Back in! Well i thought 440 was likely and 380 was possible but an outside chance. Guess i was sort of right Anyone got a barge pole to touch this with? Onewayticket, is the direction your referring to down? Fusion98

Gamesinvestor1 01 Oct 2018

20% down Ultimately the dividend will be under pressure, not in the short term if they decide to lower investment, but if that is the case, the dividend cuts will have to follow. No secure future here, best to wait for a bounce and then offload? Games

BlessMe1975 01 Oct 2018

20% down Unexpected Trading statement Royal Mail shares have fallen 14% in late trading after cutting its cost-savings target and forecasting lower full-year profit in an unscheduled trading statement. It said adjusted operating profit before transformation costs would be between £500m and £550m, compared with £694m last year. Cost savings in 2018-19 would come in at £100m, compared with its previous forecast of £230m, Royal Mail said.

BlessMe1975 01 Oct 2018

20% down 20% down, couldn’t find any news Initially I thought it was my broker messing up with the price ticker…

dannysuede 15 Aug 2018

Can anyone help

Fusion98 09 Jul 2018

Bought Back in! Down to 486 so it wont be long until i get my 440 entry level Good luck all

Fusion98 08 Jun 2018

Re: Bought Back in! Since November last year, 8 months ago, Really??Look again---------- ---------- ----I think you are dreaming personally with those levels as RMG has come on leaps and bounds since then.

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